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Debunking the Most Common Restaurant Myths That Exist Today



Debunking the Most Common Restaurant Myths That Exist Today

Did you know that 163 million people eat out at least once a week? That’s a lot of people! It’s no wonder restaurants are so popular.

But many restaurant myths have taken hold and not just any myths. These are some of the most common, which means by now you may have accepted these myths as the truth.

This article will debunk the most common restaurant myths and set you on the path to being a smarter diner.

Myth: Restaurants Are Unsanitary

The restaurant industry is actually cleaner than you might think. Food handlers are required to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly, and they’re also not allowed to eat while handling food items. 

The same goes for the kitchen staff. Anyone who prepares your meal must wear gloves at all times. 

Also, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspects restaurants regularly, and violations or infractions can lead to serious penalties. 

Myth: You Need to Tip 20% on the Total Bill

There is no mandatory tip percentage for restaurants. The standard tip is 15%, but you can always give more if someone did an exceptional job or less if they didn’t do so well. 

However, if you’re not sure about what kind of tip to leave, just ask your server how much they would prefer. You can always leave cash or put it on your credit card.

Myth: Servers Make Most of Their Money From Tips

The most common myth about servers is that they make most of their money from tips, but this isn’t true. 

Servers only typically make 20 percent or less of their income from gratuity, according to Glassdoor’s research on tipping habits. The rest comes from their hourly wage, which is determined by their position and level of skill in that position.

Myth: Restaurants Are Expensive and Unprofitable

There’s a myth that restaurants are more expensive than other businesses, but in reality, they can be very profitable. 

If you want to start your restaurant, you should know that it takes quite a bit of money to get started. You need to buy equipment, hire staff, pay for insurance, and more. 

However, once you’ve got everything up and running, your business can be highly profitable. In fact, there are many restaurants out there that are making millions of dollars every year.

Myth: You Need a Reservation at a Fancy Restaurant

Fine dining restaurants often overbook their reservations because they know some people won’t show up or will cancel last minute. 

If this happens, it means there’s more space available than expected. Walk in without a reservation and enjoy your meal.

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Restaurant Myths: This Is What You Should Know

Restaurant myths are very common and can cause you to spend more money than necessary or make poor decisions. By reading this article, you learned some important information about how restaurants work and how to avoid being taken advantage of by them.

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