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Comparison of Three Popular Thermal Cameras for Smartphones; infiray’s value is comparatively higher



Comparison of Three Popular Thermal Cameras for Smartphones; infiray's value is comparatively higher

Today I want to share a useful tool – thermal camera for smartphones. During circuit design or troubleshooting, thermal cameras can directly “see” the temperature distribution. So that it’s easy to find thermal issue during design. There are only a few brands of thermal cameras on the market. I have used Flir one pro and Seek compact pro before. Recently I got one Infiray T3S. Below is my test and comparison.

from left to right – Flir one pro,InfiRay T3S,Seek compact pro

Basic Comparison of Specifications

ModelResolutionFrame RateData RateTemperature Measurement RangeAccuracyPrice
Flir one pro160×120
8.7Hz< 170k-20–400℃±3℃ or ±5%$299-376
Seek compact pro320×240
< 9Hz< 700k-40–330℃±3-5℃$449
InfiRay T3S384×288
25Hz> 2700k-20℃–120℃±2℃ or ±2%$749

1.   Size, Weight and Material

a.    Size

Flir one pro is slightly bigger because it also contains a regular camera. InfiRay T3S has bigger lens. Seek compact pro is the smallest.

Size Scores

Flir one pro6
Seek compact pro8
InfiRay T3S7

Size of cameras

b.    Weight

All of the three models are light weighted.

  • Flir one pro – 38g
  • Seek compact pro – 15g
  • InfiRay T3S – 40g

Weight Scores

Flir one pro7
Seek compact pro8
InfiRay T3S7

c.    Material

Cover material affects camera’s ruggedness, weight and electro-magnetic radiation protection.

  • Seek compact pro – it feels like cheap plastic
  • InfiRay T3S – it has metal cover. That’s why it is heavier. It is also anodized. The metal cover not only protects internal circuit better but also has electromagnetic radiation protection. So that it can work properly under certain environment such as transformer stations.
  • Flir one pro – the cover is also plastic but feels soft, which provides protection in case it drops on the ground. The lens is not protruding which makes it less easy to damage.

Material Scores

Flir one pro7
Seek compact pro6
InfiRay T3S8

d.    Lens.

The working wavelength of thermal imaging is 7-14µm. The best lens material is Germanium. Some producers use less expensive synthetic materials. According to my investigation and directly consulting with manufactures. I got the lens materials are as follows:

  • Flir one pro – vulcanized synthetic material
  • Seek Compact pro – vulcanized synthetic material
  • InfiRay T3S – Germanium

Lens size- Flir one, Seek Compact Pro, InfiRay T3S

For infrared application, Germanium has best transmission of 95%. It can reach 99% with AR coating. Versus synthetic material can reach 95% with AR coating. Generally, cameras with better lens get clearer pictures and accurate temperature measurement.

Lens Scores

Flir one pro5
Seek Compact pro5
InfiRay T3S9.5

2.   Image Quality

The main functions of thermal cameras are imaging and temperature measurement.

Resolutions of the three models are:

  • Flir one pro       – 160×120,with regular camera 1440×1080 pixels
  • Seek Compact pro – 320×240
  • InfiRay T3S      – 384×288

Let’s compare the images.

a.    Close-up Image

­­After overlapping with visible light, images from Flir one pro improves a lot. The thermal image and regular image are matched pretty well.

Image from Seek compact pro looks similar to Flir one ‘s 160×120. Even it is 320×240.

Image from InfiRay T3S is much better. The 384×288 pixels gives more- detailed and rich, sharp image.

Close-up Image Scores

Flir one pro4 for thermal only 6 w/ visible overlap
Seek compact pro5
InfiRay T3S9

b.    Close-up Portrait

Images from Flir one pro are better than the one from Seek compact pro, even its resolution is lower. The overlapping needs improvement because the visible and thermal images don’t match very well.

I took many pictures with Seek compact pro but could not get good one. The lady’s hair and background almost mixed.

Image from InfiRay T3S is much clear. Even the lady’s face detail and hair can be seen.

Close-up Portrait Scores

Flir one pro5 for thermal only 6.5 for thermal and visible overlap
Seek compact pro4.5
InfiRay T3S9.5

c.    Medium Range Image

Above pictures were all taken at about twenty meters distance.

The images of Flir one can hardly distinguish subject and the reflection from floor. And the thermal and visible image overlap matching problem is more obvious.

Seek compact pro is better than Flir one pro on details. The person and its reflections can be distinguished.

Image from InfiRay T3S is the best. The person’s head, arms, legs can be seen clearly.

Medium Range Image Scores

Flir one pro3 for thermal only 5.5 for thermal and visible overlap
Seek Compact pro4.5
InfiRay T3S9.5

d.    Long Range Image

The image from Flir one pro without visible overlap is very blur. With visible overlap the different floors can be seen.

Seek Compact pro is better. Windows can be distinguished.

InfiRay T3S can “see” windows more clearly, and other details such as logo on the building, street lights and trees.

Long Range Image Scores

Flir one pro3 for thermal only 5.5 for thermal with visible overlapping
Seek Compact pro5
InfiRay T3S9.5

From all images mentioned above, InfiRay has best image quality. It provides more detail and rich display.

3.   Temperature measurement

  • Flir one pro       range -20–400℃, accuracy ±3℃ or ±5%
  • Seek compact pro       range -40–330℃, accuracy unknown.
  • InfiRay T3S      range -20–120℃, accuracy ±2℃ or ±2%

InfiRay T3S doesn’t have widest range but has best accuracy. ±2℃ or ±2% is the industry standard so it can be directly used on professional industries such as electric power industry. As for circuit design, since people could get burned with PCBA that is above 60℃, -20–120℃ is more than enough.

a.    Body Temperature Measurement

  • Flir one pro – 35.5℃
  • Seek Compact pro – 33℃
  • Infiray T3S – 36.13℃

The measurements from Flir one pro and InfiRay T3s are close. And they match with normal body temperature. The measurement from Seek compact is quite off.

Body Temperature Measurement Scores

Flir one pro7
Seek Compact pro5
InfiRay T3S8

b.    PCBA Temperature Measurement

Flir one pro, with the help of visible overlap, can see positions of components, however the problem is that the thermal and visible images not match well.

Seek compact pro is hard to find positions of components. Just could barely see PCBA itself.

InfiRay T3S got a clear image and easy to locate the components that has highest temperature.

PCBA Temperature Measurement Scores

Flir one pro7
Seek Compact pro4
InfiRay T3S9

c.    Parameter Settings

Parameter settings affect measurement accuracy. All three models have emissivity setting. Flir one pro and Seek compact pro both provide a few fixed options. It’s easy for regular users, however, advanced users are not able to set emissivity for specific material to get accurate measurement. InfiRay T3S has emissivity, ambient temperature, humidity, distance settings to fine-tune the measurement. This function is very helpful for hardware engineers to get accurate temperature measurement.

Parameter Settings Scores

Flir one pro3
Seek Compact pro3
InfiRay T3S9

4.   Battery Lifetime

Flir one pro equipped with battery that needs to be charged before use. Seek compact and InfiRay T3S are powered by smartphones through USB connection.

The battery lifetime of Flir one is very short. It only lasted about thirty minutes when I used it. When ambient temperature is lower, the battery lifetime is even shorter.

Battery Life Scores

Flir one pro3
Seek Compact pro8.5
InfiRay T3S8

5.   Conclusion

Comprehensive Scores

  Flir one proSeek compact proInfiRay T3sNotes
Frame rate3.53.510 
appearance material lenssize687 
Image qualityNear subject659Flir thermal ony (4)
Near portrait6.54.59.5Flir thermal only (5)
Medium range5.54.59.5Flir thermal only (3)
Long range5.559.5Flir thermal only (1)
video 329Flir thermal only (1)
Temperature measurementBody758 
Parameter correction339 
Battery life 38.58 
Total 88.786.4140.5 
 Price-Performance ratio55.7202.5493.7 

Considering materials, image quality, temperature measurement accuracy, InfiRay T3S is the best and highly recommended. (All rights reserved. Please indicate the source if repost)


Apricot Kernels – Some Work, Some Don’t



Apricot Kernels - Some Work, Some Don't

I’d first wish to stress that apricot kernels must be used intelligently and safely. It’s possible to overwhelm our natural capacities to process amygdalin safely and without adverse reactions. We do not want these reactions, and that we can avoid them treading carefully. The variation in amygdalin concentrations from one kernel to subsequent makes it necessary to be particularly cautious and dismissive of general dosage recommendations organic dried figs.

I had some electronic message with a private who had been purchasing his kernels from a supplier in Australia. Following a short-lived ban of their kernels and closure of their site, this individual was forced to get his apricot seed from another supplier, as were many others. Having made the idea that each bitter apricot seed is an equivalent, this individual continued to use these kernels at an equivalent rate he had been using the first kernels. What he didn’t realize was that the first apricot kernels had a way higher concentration of amygdalin, which meant that he had slashed his dosage by a big margin. The result was a significant decline in his state of wellness. Fortunately, he connected this downturn and, therefore, the quality of those replacement apricot seeds. By this stage, the first supplier was copy and running. He later became aware that this other vendor was selling away inferior, imported kernel from India.

All bitter apricot kernels aren’t equivalent, nor are they similar enough to use an equivalent dosage to all or any cultivars. The range of amygdalin per kilogram of commercially available apricot kernels is vast – from roughly 3,000 mg/kg to about 50,000 mg/kg. This complete range is being sold and marketed as bitter apricot kernels, with implications for therapeutic applications’ suitability. An outsized percentage of apricot kernel vendors are taking advantage of their use as an alternate cancer therapy. Most, however, would be unaware that their products have little to no efficacy in this regard.

In the very bitter varieties, like those containing 50,000 mg/kg, just 15 kernels is roughly like 500 mg of amygdalin. In contrast, 15 kernels on the lower end of the bitterness scale yield just 30 mg of amygdalin. One would need to consume 250 kernels to realize 500 mg of amygdalin. Fifteen kernels versus 250 kernels. A daily dosage is upwards of 60 kernels by standard dosage guidelines – spread throughout the day. That’s roughly 2,000 mg of amygdalin per day within the very bitter variety. Except for those not conscious of the importance of a correctly bitter source of kernels, 60 kernels per day could be yielding just 120 mg of amygdalin. You’ll now see how some kernels are effective where others fail to hit the mark, ultimately impacting the perception of efficacy across the board. If we were all using an appropriately bitter apricot kernel, we could reasonably assume that the success rates might be much, much higher.

Sixty apricot kernels per day might sound very high to you and, supported the number of the reading you would encounter online, 60 kernels might sound a dangerously high number. Sixty kernels certainly won’t be correct for all individuals. That number could also be a good bit lower or, it’d even be higher. The daily quantity should be tailored to the individual experience. Be sensible and responsible. Most significantly, don’t rush it.

Take it upon yourself to understand where your apricot kernels come from. Do not be lured by marketing spin, like “Humza” or “Humza region”. These are simply terms wont to give imported kernels from Pakistan or India credit.  All apricot kernels imported end masse have undergone undesirable treatments required by the customs/quarantine departments of the planet. They’re typically old and either rancid or often on their way. Choose local whenever possible. If you’re in Canada, us or Australia, home-grown options are readily available to you. Choose the foremost bitter kernel available, which is that the kernel containing the foremost amygdalin. If you want to use imported kernels, purchase only from reputable sources.

Alex may be a long-time user of apricot kernels and an advocate and passionate researcher of unconventional therapies. With over ten years of experience within the field, he has engaged with many individuals who have used apricot kernels as a nutritional component of metabolic protocols. With experience, one begins to acknowledge common denominators.

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What’s So Great About Moving to St. Charles, MO?



What’s So Great About Moving to St. Charles, MO?

Are you in need of a change in your life? Sometimes a new setting is in order to help change our lives for the better and when you want a great place to live and a place where you can be yourself, there is no place like St. Charles, MO. For those looking to move to this wonderful part of the country, there are some things you will want to know, so to help you out before you make that big move, here are some tips to know about moving to St. Charles, MO.

Not a Big City, but Not a Small Town Either

Larger cities in MO may be attractive, but often with large cities the headache of traffic and simply too much going on can be a significant drawback. Conversely, a small town can feel closed off from the rest of the world and it can be difficult to be yourself in that environment. If you are looking for something right in the middle, St. Charles, MO fits the bill. With an overall population of just under 75,000 people, you can have that small town feeling without being too closed in and, according to the last census, the city boasts 2,759 individual businesses, so you are assured to find applicable employment. As for the unemployment rating, it sits at a very comfortable 3.40%. St. Charles, MO maintains a comfortable population and plenty of workability to help you relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

Rich History

One of the main draws to St. Charles, MO is its level of rich history. Some places seem to hide their history of only maintain a few buildings or images of the past. In this city, you will find that everyone loves their history and they have a full historic district to prove it. The historic district in St Charles, MO stretches for 16 blocks and encompasses restored structures dating back to 1769 when the first settlement in this areas was enacted. While strolling through these historic streets, you can enjoy epic dining opportunities, unique lodging for any out of town guests, and shopping for all. You will never get bored in this historic part of St. Charles, MO.

Love Classic Cars?

Of course you do. There is something special about the history of the automobile industry and how each decade evolved in style, design, and features. Finding a car show is a fun activity in any city, but in St. Charles, MO, you need not worry about a specific event to view some of the most amazing classic cars the auto industry has to offer. Fast Lane Classic Cars is the best classic car museum in the area offering you the chance to get up close and personal with over 180 high end classic cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. You will never get bored and best of all, the museum is completely free, so you can enjoy these beauties whenever you wish.

Try Your Hand at a Casino

When you think of a casino, the first place you think of might not be St. Charles, MO, but it should be. In fact, even though it is not the Vegas Strip, the city boasts 4 different casinos to choose form and these are not some run of the mill, small building with a few slot machines. St. Charles, MO provides various casinos that rival that of the big names in Vegas. While living here, you can enjoy a little fun for an afternoon or hit it big and enjoy life to the fullest. You no longer need to catch a plane to have a little enjoyment at a casino.

Perfect Place to Store Your Stuff

Moving is complicated and simply stuffing everything into a new home is impractical. When moving to St. Charles, MO, you may also want to move into a smaller rental apartment or home before investing in a house of your own, so you will certainly need to utilize storage facilities in St. Charles, MO. Thankfully, these facilities are abundant and offer an amazing and secure place to store your belongings. Whether you are simply looking to clear the clutter from your home of want a secure place to store antiques and collectibles, storage facilities are ideal. In St. Charles, MO, you can choose from secure indoor storage for your most valuable possessions or a variety of non-climate controlled, but still secure options. Whatever your storage needs, you can find it here.

Get Outside and Enjoy Nature

All of your time cannot be spent indoors. During the warmer months of the year, getting out into nature is essential and in St. Charles, MO, state parks and hiking trails are abundant. Katy Trail State Park is among the more popular areas to hike. The trail takes you along the Missouri River, so you can choose to walk, or even kayak the river. Additionally, Weldon Springs Clark Trail and August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Are provide the chance to enjoy nature at its most serene.

Take in a Concert or Two

St. Charles, MO is much more than just hiking trails, shopping, and museums. They value a variety of entertainment and when it comes time to hear some music or see an amazing show, locals know there is only one place to go, The Family Arena. The Family Arena is one of the main entertainment venues in St. Charles, MO that offer incredible family entertainment and concerts throughout the year. You and your family with love special events at this place.

St. Charles, MO may not be the most popular city in the state, but it is certainly a growing one. For those seeking refuge from insanely busy and populated cities and those who do not want to live in a small, insignificant place, St. Charles, MO is ideal. You can enjoy your home, get to know the community and embrace life like never before in this spectacular part of the world.

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Siemens Introduces New SG 3.4-145 Turbine



Siemens Introduces New SG 3.4-145 Turbine

Wind energy has become a viable power source in recent years, providing an alternative for countries looking to transition to clean fuel. India is following this route as it attempts to incorporate green technology to its power generation capabilities. Buoyed by favorable government policies and an attractive wind power market, it now has the fourth-largest wind power capacity in the world. As of February 28, 2021, the total wind power capacity stood at 38.789GW.

In this regard, wind turbine manufacturers have played an important role. Siemens Gamesa, one of the largest wind turbine manufacturers, has dominated the Indian market. Its wind turbines operate in all major wind farms as a result of successful contracts like the one assigned by Adani to Siemens and other ReNew Siemens projects.

Building on its strengths, Siemens unveiled its latest SG 3.4-145 model for the domestic market. The SG 3.4-145 has been specially designed for India and is an extension of the 3.X platform. It has a 145m rotor from the 4.X platform which increases swept area by 41% and the Annual Energy Production (AEP) by 48%, compared to the older SG 2.2-122. In addition, the turbine has an advanced monitoring and cooling system to allow it to adapt to India’s weather conditions.

The SG 3.4-145 is a massive upgrade over the SG 2.2-122, which has a successful run. When Siemens won the contract from Adani for one of the largest wind projects in India, the SG 2.2-122 was the turbine of choice. The contract assigned by Adani to Siemens resulted in the delivery of 215 turbines of the same make, totaling 473MW, for the wind farm in Fatehgarh, Rajasthan.

This delivery brought the total contracted capacity between Adani and Siemens to 860MW – Adani awarding contracts worth 391.2MW to Siemens in the past. Siemens has also worked with companies like ReNew Power and Alfanar – supplying SG 2.2-122 turbines worth 567MW to the former and 453MW to the latter.

With the launch of its new SG 3.4-145 model, Siemens wants to expand its footprint in India. BloomberNEF expects at least 3.2GW of wind power to be added to the country’s growing capacity in 2021. This will prove to be a golden opportunity for the company to introduce its state-of-the-art model to the world.

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