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Comparison of Three Popular Thermal Cameras for Smartphones; infiray’s value is comparatively higher



Comparison of Three Popular Thermal Cameras for Smartphones; infiray's value is comparatively higher

Today I want to share a useful tool – thermal camera for smartphones. During circuit design or troubleshooting, thermal cameras can directly “see” the temperature distribution. So that it’s easy to find thermal issue during design. There are only a few brands of thermal cameras on the market. I have used Flir one pro and Seek compact pro before. Recently I got one Infiray T3S. Below is my test and comparison.

from left to right – Flir one pro,InfiRay T3S,Seek compact pro

Basic Comparison of Specifications

ModelResolutionFrame RateData RateTemperature Measurement RangeAccuracyPrice
Flir one pro160×120
8.7Hz< 170k-20–400℃±3℃ or ±5%$299-376
Seek compact pro320×240
< 9Hz< 700k-40–330℃±3-5℃$449
InfiRay T3S384×288
25Hz> 2700k-20℃–120℃±2℃ or ±2%$749

1.   Size, Weight and Material

a.    Size

Flir one pro is slightly bigger because it also contains a regular camera. InfiRay T3S has bigger lens. Seek compact pro is the smallest.

Size Scores

Flir one pro6
Seek compact pro8
InfiRay T3S7

Size of cameras

b.    Weight

All of the three models are light weighted.

  • Flir one pro – 38g
  • Seek compact pro – 15g
  • InfiRay T3S – 40g

Weight Scores

Flir one pro7
Seek compact pro8
InfiRay T3S7

c.    Material

Cover material affects camera’s ruggedness, weight and electro-magnetic radiation protection.

  • Seek compact pro – it feels like cheap plastic
  • InfiRay T3S – it has metal cover. That’s why it is heavier. It is also anodized. The metal cover not only protects internal circuit better but also has electromagnetic radiation protection. So that it can work properly under certain environment such as transformer stations.
  • Flir one pro – the cover is also plastic but feels soft, which provides protection in case it drops on the ground. The lens is not protruding which makes it less easy to damage.

Material Scores

Flir one pro7
Seek compact pro6
InfiRay T3S8

d.    Lens.

The working wavelength of thermal imaging is 7-14µm. The best lens material is Germanium. Some producers use less expensive synthetic materials. According to my investigation and directly consulting with manufactures. I got the lens materials are as follows:

  • Flir one pro – vulcanized synthetic material
  • Seek Compact pro – vulcanized synthetic material
  • InfiRay T3S – Germanium

Lens size- Flir one, Seek Compact Pro, InfiRay T3S

For infrared application, Germanium has best transmission of 95%. It can reach 99% with AR coating. Versus synthetic material can reach 95% with AR coating. Generally, cameras with better lens get clearer pictures and accurate temperature measurement.

Lens Scores

Flir one pro5
Seek Compact pro5
InfiRay T3S9.5

2.   Image Quality

The main functions of thermal cameras are imaging and temperature measurement.

Resolutions of the three models are:

  • Flir one pro       – 160×120,with regular camera 1440×1080 pixels
  • Seek Compact pro – 320×240
  • InfiRay T3S      – 384×288

Let’s compare the images.

a.    Close-up Image

­­After overlapping with visible light, images from Flir one pro improves a lot. The thermal image and regular image are matched pretty well.

Image from Seek compact pro looks similar to Flir one ‘s 160×120. Even it is 320×240.

Image from InfiRay T3S is much better. The 384×288 pixels gives more- detailed and rich, sharp image.

Close-up Image Scores

Flir one pro4 for thermal only 6 w/ visible overlap
Seek compact pro5
InfiRay T3S9

b.    Close-up Portrait

Images from Flir one pro are better than the one from Seek compact pro, even its resolution is lower. The overlapping needs improvement because the visible and thermal images don’t match very well.

I took many pictures with Seek compact pro but could not get good one. The lady’s hair and background almost mixed.

Image from InfiRay T3S is much clear. Even the lady’s face detail and hair can be seen.

Close-up Portrait Scores

Flir one pro5 for thermal only 6.5 for thermal and visible overlap
Seek compact pro4.5
InfiRay T3S9.5

c.    Medium Range Image

Above pictures were all taken at about twenty meters distance.

The images of Flir one can hardly distinguish subject and the reflection from floor. And the thermal and visible image overlap matching problem is more obvious.

Seek compact pro is better than Flir one pro on details. The person and its reflections can be distinguished.

Image from InfiRay T3S is the best. The person’s head, arms, legs can be seen clearly.

Medium Range Image Scores

Flir one pro3 for thermal only 5.5 for thermal and visible overlap
Seek Compact pro4.5
InfiRay T3S9.5

d.    Long Range Image

The image from Flir one pro without visible overlap is very blur. With visible overlap the different floors can be seen.

Seek Compact pro is better. Windows can be distinguished.

InfiRay T3S can “see” windows more clearly, and other details such as logo on the building, street lights and trees.

Long Range Image Scores

Flir one pro3 for thermal only 5.5 for thermal with visible overlapping
Seek Compact pro5
InfiRay T3S9.5

From all images mentioned above, InfiRay has best image quality. It provides more detail and rich display.

3.   Temperature measurement

  • Flir one pro       range -20–400℃, accuracy ±3℃ or ±5%
  • Seek compact pro       range -40–330℃, accuracy unknown.
  • InfiRay T3S      range -20–120℃, accuracy ±2℃ or ±2%

InfiRay T3S doesn’t have widest range but has best accuracy. ±2℃ or ±2% is the industry standard so it can be directly used on professional industries such as electric power industry. As for circuit design, since people could get burned with PCBA that is above 60℃, -20–120℃ is more than enough.

a.    Body Temperature Measurement

  • Flir one pro – 35.5℃
  • Seek Compact pro – 33℃
  • Infiray T3S – 36.13℃

The measurements from Flir one pro and InfiRay T3s are close. And they match with normal body temperature. The measurement from Seek compact is quite off.

Body Temperature Measurement Scores

Flir one pro7
Seek Compact pro5
InfiRay T3S8

b.    PCBA Temperature Measurement

Flir one pro, with the help of visible overlap, can see positions of components, however the problem is that the thermal and visible images not match well.

Seek compact pro is hard to find positions of components. Just could barely see PCBA itself.

InfiRay T3S got a clear image and easy to locate the components that has highest temperature.

PCBA Temperature Measurement Scores

Flir one pro7
Seek Compact pro4
InfiRay T3S9

c.    Parameter Settings

Parameter settings affect measurement accuracy. All three models have emissivity setting. Flir one pro and Seek compact pro both provide a few fixed options. It’s easy for regular users, however, advanced users are not able to set emissivity for specific material to get accurate measurement. InfiRay T3S has emissivity, ambient temperature, humidity, distance settings to fine-tune the measurement. This function is very helpful for hardware engineers to get accurate temperature measurement.

Parameter Settings Scores

Flir one pro3
Seek Compact pro3
InfiRay T3S9

4.   Battery Lifetime

Flir one pro equipped with battery that needs to be charged before use. Seek compact and InfiRay T3S are powered by smartphones through USB connection.

The battery lifetime of Flir one is very short. It only lasted about thirty minutes when I used it. When ambient temperature is lower, the battery lifetime is even shorter.

Battery Life Scores

Flir one pro3
Seek Compact pro8.5
InfiRay T3S8

5.   Conclusion

Comprehensive Scores

  Flir one proSeek compact proInfiRay T3sNotes
Frame rate3.53.510 
appearance material lenssize687 
Image qualityNear subject659Flir thermal ony (4)
Near portrait6.54.59.5Flir thermal only (5)
Medium range5.54.59.5Flir thermal only (3)
Long range5.559.5Flir thermal only (1)
video 329Flir thermal only (1)
Temperature measurementBody758 
Parameter correction339 
Battery life 38.58 
Total 88.786.4140.5 
 Price-Performance ratio55.7202.5493.7 

Considering materials, image quality, temperature measurement accuracy, InfiRay T3S is the best and highly recommended. (All rights reserved. Please indicate the source if repost)


Abdullah Al-Antari – A Young magician amazing people with his crazy tricks-2022



Abdullah Al-Antari - A Young magician amazing people with his crazy tricks-2022

The world is full of people as a walking piece of art. One of such people is musicians who succeed with entertaining their viewers and audiences with their exceptional performance and unmatchable material manipulating skills. Frankly speaking, a magician allows us to forget our daily life problems for a moment by taking us to another world by fascinating us with their magic tricks. To explore the thing in more detail and see it from a closer point of view, we had some amazing minutes of joy spent with the most inspiring IMS certifies young magician of 2022, namely Abdullah. So why not share with you the amazing conversation.

Hi Abdullah, how are you doing? You are already the talk of the town especially for magic lovers; would you like to tell people more about yourself and your journey towards magic?

“Hi, my name is Abdullah Al-Antari, 22. I live in Germany. I started learning about magic three years ago.

So what about your academic career Abdullah Al-Antari? Are you pursuing both things simultaneously?

“Yeah, I went to high school in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and now I am managing to carry out my further studies in Germany.”

What do you like to do in your free time, what more precisely are your hobbies Abdullah?

“Amm well, my hobbies are football and table tennis and that’s what love doing in my spare time. It feels great.”

Tell us about lovely family Abdullah Al-Antari-

“I have a kind of big family of 6 who I love love love love!!! They make my life even better with their insane support and love for me. Their affection encourages me to love my life do my love job and keep growing. They are my better half I must say.”

Abdullah Al-Antari your fans wonder a lot where did you learn magic from? And also you are an International Magicians Society certified. That’s great to know. How did you make it?

“Ahh, well I am a self-trained magician, I learned magic from books, I learned it From Expert card technique and I did it from some paid websites out there. I love what I do. I love my job. Your dedication and commitment earn you a lot more than just fame and appreciation, people would eventually recognize you for your love job.”

Abdullah Al-Antari, you have carved yourself into a real piece of art that is truly fascinating to so many people around you. How do you feel while performing tricks and amazing youngsters? Also, we wonder if you teach any tricks-

“Yeah it is always time-demanding to reach your goals and it takes a lot of patience to get there. I feel great while doing tricks. Magic is much more for me. It is close to my heart. I love when people get amazed by my tricks. I love when people spread the word and more appreciation comes out. I love it even more doing more and more tricks and showing them amazing content over time. And yeah, I don’t teach tricks but I do love doing them.”

It was lovely knowing you from even closer Abdullah, what message would you like to give to young people and how can your fans and new viewers reach out to you on social media?

“My fans can stay in touch on Instagram with me where I post a lot of my fresh videos. And yes the message I would like to give to young people is that they should develop the skills they have to enjoy an exciting and interesting life.

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MeatSpady: An artist by the people and for the people



MeatSpady: An artist by the people and for the people

We make a living by what we get but, we make a life by what we give. Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. There is no denying the fact that people who keep the passion of serving the community by giving back are the true leaders and beacons of hope. One such community servant and philanthropist is MeatSpady. A musician by occupation; by nature, a care giver to others. MeatSpady is the owner of the clothing brand, The Beautiful Letdown Store. Through his brand he has been consistently involved with his community by providing those less fortunate with food and free t-shirts bearing The Beautiful Letdown logo. The brand also offers two scholarships and two grants for qualifying families in the city of Philadelphia.

MeatSpady is a hip-hop artist, born and raised in North Philadelphia, whose deep real-life lyrics speaks to the very people he serves in his community. The Beautiful Letdown Store is an online store where the customers can buy a vast variety of quality apparel for a low price. The products range from t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, sweatpants, sea moss and more. The brand came about after the 2018 release of The Beautiful Letdown mixtape. The project reflected MeatSpady taking full accountability for who he is as a human being. When the brand was created the objective was to convey the concept of having acceptance of self. Something he considers to be the highest form of self-love.

Through his brand, MeatSpady is striving to become a staple in his community. Leading by example he makes monthly visits into the community to provide food and clothing to the people, sponsoring the For The Love Basketball events throughout the city of Philadelphia and finding various  ways to give back to others.

The brand plans to offer two scholarships to Philadelphia high school graduates this year, as well as two grants to families who deal with the everyday effects of the health issues that their children are faced with. The Beautiful Letdown Store is always looking to sponsor events in the community that can help bring positive change to the people in it. “This is my way of giving back to my community until I can do so on a larger scale” says MeatSpady. When asked about the significance of the variety of colorways the brand offers, he stated “We believe everybody has a story and every story has a color. What color is your story?.

Being a musician and operating a brand to help the community is really an inspiring and appreciable action of MeatSpady. He is determined to continue to impact the lives of others as time progresses. With the continued support of his listener, fans, and customers the future is bright for MeatSpady and all his endeavors.

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How to Set up a Cardano Node?



How to Set up a Cardano Node?

The constant evolution of the blockchain has made it a more mainstream technology. Such improvement contributes to its rapid market growth. Blockchain technology came along with Bitcoin in 2008, the first-generation blockchain that can facilitate only cryptocurrency transactions. Later, when Ethereum (second-generation blockchain) entered the blockchain space, it set a new definition of how blockchain technology can power enterprise-grade solutions and eliminate the need for third-party authentications.

Amidst the blockchain advancement and the advent of new protocols, scalability continued to create challenges for the first and second-generation blockchain users. Besides, lack of interoperability is another reason that disrupts the global utilization of diverse blockchain use cases. Blockchain experts realized the potential adverse impact of these short flaws, and thus we had the third generation blockchain, Cardano, in 2017. This article will explore Cardano, its diverse use cases and discover how to set up Cardano node. So, let’s start.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a third-generation proof-of-stake blockchain platform designed to be open-source and decentralized. It addresses the challenges of first and second-generation blockchains. In addition, it eliminates the flaws of POS (proof-of-work) consensus mechanism such as high transaction cost, slow transaction processing, high energy consumption, etc.

Due to its open-source nature, the platform offers a range of Cardano development opportunities for worldwide developers. One can easily participate in the Cardano ecosystem and contribute to its sustainability by developing innovative solutions like a Stake pool, smart contracts, Cardano exchanges, and even a unique ecosystem.

What is a Cardano node, and how it works?

A node is the core component of the Cardano ecosystem that underpins the whole network. Ultimately, every blockchain network consists of various interconnected nodes to validate transactions and blocks via a consensus mechanism. Specifically, in Cardano, users are required to run Cardano node if they wish to join the platform and contribute to the open-source project.

So, how does a Cardano node work?

A Cardano node is a service node that imparts complete transparency across the network by validating how the pool interacts inside the network. The nodes further hold and manage the combined stake in a single entity.

Other core responsibilities:

Production of blocks

Cardano produces independently verifiable blocks across a peer-to-peer protocol through a robust block-producing system. It further adds security layers to decide which blocks should be added to extend the chain.

Validation of transactions

Nodes validate the transaction by appointing slot leaders who determine if the sender has enough funds to meet transaction parameters. Once confirmed, the slot leaders record data and assume it as an active block after the complete verification process.

How to set up a Cardano node?

We will discuss the step-by-step process of setting up the Cardano node from the source node and running the node into multiple operating systems.

For that, you need the following component setup for node installation:

  • The latest operating system- Windows, Linux, or macOS.
  • Dual-core CPU with 8GB RAM and 10GB disk space.

For Linux

Step1: Install operating system dependencies on the Linux system.

Step:2: Install GHC and Cabal using ghcup.

Step3: Download and compile a working directory to store source code and builds.

Step4: Configure the build option.

Step5: Build up and install the node.

For macOS Operating system

Here, we will explain the download, compilation, and installation process for the node.

Step1: Install operating system (OS) dependencies for MacOS.

Step2: Install homebrew packages.

The rest of the steps are the same as the node installation in Windows operating system (from step 3 to step 5).

For Windows operating system

Node installation for Windows is the same as macOS and Linux, but you need WSL (windows subsystem for Linx) that changes the windows environment into Linux.


With a highly mutative nature and the ability to embrace modern technologies, Cardano has brought significant change to the blockchain and its real-world implementations. Such overwhelming popularity has also empowered Cardano-based development & deployment services since this protocol supports scalable, interoperable, and sustainable enterprise-wide solutions at a reasonable cost.

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