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City Life vs Rural Life in Canada



City Life vs Rural Life in Canada

Trying to decide exactly where to live when making a move can be difficult, especially if you’re moving from another country, but as Canada is so vast, even if you’re already living in one of its 10 provinces and three territories, it’s likely to be tough. One of the first things you might think about is whether you should live in the city or a more rural area. 

Taking a look at the pros and cons of city life vs rural life in Canada can help you make the best decision.

City Life Pros

There are many benefits of living in the city, whether you choose to buy one of the Calgary homes for sale, move to Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, or any larger Canadian city. There will be a lot more diversity and a larger population bringing numerous opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. With so many people, you won’t stand out as a newcomer, it’s easy to blend in and enjoy a bit more privacy if you want it, too.

Big cities often serve as a cultural hub for their province or region, so you’ll find no shortage of attractions and events, while the nightlife is likely to be buzzing. There are usually more job opportunities, and when you land the one you want, you’ll probably earn more too.

If you want to ditch your car, saving money and lessening your impact on the environment, most Canadian cities have great public transport options and are highly walkable and bikeable. 

City Life Cons

While there are plenty of upsides when it comes to city living, there are a few downsides. If you’re used to a quiet, rural area it may be difficult to adjust to the noise. That tends to be one of the most challenging aspects for those who aren’t used to it.

The traffic is likely to be congested and you’ll have to contend with crowds. The cost of living in the city is higher as there is more competition for housing which drives up the prices whether you plan to rent or buy.

Rural Life Pros

As mentioned, one of the biggest challenges of city living is the noise. In rural areas, you’re more likely to enjoy a peaceful setting with fewer people, less traffic, and solace from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Cities tend to have higher crime rates although it can vary depending on the location. Generally, rural areas provide a safer environment. Housing is usually more affordable too, again, depending on the particular place. While you may only be able to afford a small apartment in the city, for the same amount you might be able to get a three-bedroom home in a rural town.

Another big benefit is that a rural area is likely to be closer to a wide range of recreational activities that can be enjoyed among the great outdoors. 

Rural Life Cons

There aren’t as many jobs in rural areas as there are in the city which means it may be difficult to land one close to home. That could mean a long commute of an hour or more each way which takes up valuable personal time.

Public transport is likely to be limited so you’ll probably have to have your own vehicle too. When you want to dine out or shop you won’t have as many options and cultural attractions, particularly major events, which may require a drive to the nearest big city.