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Your Guide to choosing the best Indoor tanning lotion for yourself




Your Guide to choosing the best Indoor tanning lotion for yourself

Indoor tanning lotion

Having a golden glow is absolutely stunning and is everyone’s dream to have beautiful golden skin. And yeah! We need sun for that, but unfortunately, the sun doesn’t shine every day of the year. So, what’s the alternate for this!? Indoor tanning lotion can be helpful in achieving a stunning golden skin that too in your home.

What is an Indoor tanning lotion?

So, what is an Indoor tanning lotion? Indoor tanning lotion increases the effect of the tanning process. Increasing blood flow to the skin is a proposed mechanism, which as a result stimulates the production of melanin by melanocytes. Some of the tanning lotions come with no sunscreen and as a result, they provide no protection from the sun. However, most of the sunless tanning lotions nowadays contain sunscreen. They are different from sunless tanning lotions because these are designed to use with an ultraviolet source for example a tanning bed or booth. If you want gorgeous golden skin then using the tanning lotion can be extremely helpful for you. In this article, we are going to tell you about what you need to know before buying an indoor tanning lotion so that you can choose the right tanning lotion for yourself.

Picking the right one:

There are many tanning lotions out there and it can be quite difficult to decide which one to buy for yourself. They have a huge range which can be a little bit overwhelming sometimes. Each of these tanning lotions is important in itself because they are offering different effects. Some of this indoor tanning lotion gives moisturizing properties that help you to have a fresh look. Are you confused about buying the best tanning lotion for yourself? Don’t worry we know some of the best tanning lotions which is really helpful in providing tanned skin at home.

Most of the Indoor tanning lotions come with a very important ingredient known as Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which helps you to give a golden look. If you want to experience tanning that will last for the whole day then you should try tanning lotions that come with DHA bronzer. As every product has its advantages and disadvantages, tanning lotions also has its pros and some cons. For example, by using an indoor tanning lotion, you will experience a natural and fresh look. One of its disadvantages is that it can add unwanted difficulty to the activity because you will need to be cautious with washing your hands to prevent staining from occurring if you don’t use a tanning mitt. So, be cautious!

When you get more familiar with some of the basic types of tanning lotions think about the type of tanning lotion you need, the one that will suit you because it’s all about your personal preference. The experience varies from person to person, some people like tingly lotions because of the tingly sensation they offer on the other hand some the people like the lotions that provide the cooling sensation.

To help you in choosing the best Indoor tanning lotion here’s a list of some of the best tanning lotions you can get:

  1. Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator
  2. Jwoww tanning lotion
  3. Black Raspberry
  4. Australian Gold Sinfully Black
  5. Brown Sugar Black Chocolate Coconut Cream

The tanning lotion you need:

Now, to help you in choosing the best Indoor tanning lotion for you, there are some really good tanning lotions that you must try. For example, Jwoww tanning lotion might be the right choice for you. These tanning lotions will provide the long-lasting tan that you want. There are very few brands that are renowned and provide remarkable tanning results. They are one of the few brands that are trusted and provide the skincare treatment that you deserve. One of the main reasons for choosing Jwoww tanning lotion is that they provide the ultimate surety which makes it really natural. These tanning lotions come with the finest herbal. This natural source will give your skin a healthy look after tanning. So, with all these amazing benefits Jwoww tanning lotion stands out amongst the best Indoor tanning lotions out there, and that’s why choosing Jwoww tanning lotion will be highly beneficial for you.



What To Do With an Empty Journal Notebook

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What To Do With an Empty Journal Notebook

Notebooks shall never go out of style even in this digital world. When you buy stationery online, you can’t help but be tempted to purchase beautifully designed notebooks with different covers, patterns, and grid lines. So many people hem and haw over pretty notebooks with blank pages, as this clean slate offers a truckload of creative possibilities. When it comes to empty notebooks, you can unleash your creative juices and use it for so many purposes. Put your pen to good use and mark the crisp, clean paper. Consider the following ideas for your notebooks.

Use it as Classic Diary

What could be more traditional and classic than a diary? Though you can certainly make notes in your phone, nothing beats keeping a journal of your thoughts on paper. The act of writing down what transpired in your day helps in keeping you motivated. Taking note of your routines can help you check if you’re productive throughout the day. Should you fall short in some areas, you can readily see the pattern and tweak what you can to make things better. If you make this a habit, you can always feel inspired to live your best life. You can even use your notebook to record your dreams, as these fascinating visions are so terribly fleeting. 

Take Notes For School or Work

Even if you are no longer in school, you are a student of life. After all, no one should ever stop learning. When you buy stationery online, include notebooks as the top of your shopping list because they can serve you well for note-taking. Studies show that you learn concepts faster, the more senses you use. The act of writing things down will actually help you remember details better. Use different coloured pens to organize your notes. The colour coordination will also help you retain information. 

Utilize it as a Planner

An empty notebook can be crafted into a cute planner. Just add your own rows and columns, then include the dates. You have the freedom to design and organize it however you want. You can include little to-do lists, water intake charts, savings guides, and more. There are so many ways to set up a planner to suit your lifestyle. You can do a daily, weekly, and even monthly calendar to keep everything in your life organized. Remember, a goal without a plan stays but a mere wish. 

Keep it Handy in a Purse

Keeping an empty notebook inside your purse will always come handy. Use it as a catch-all for your random sparks of ideas, questions, or even inspiring quotes that you see throughout the day. You can easily buy a small notebook and pen to keep inside your bag so that you won’t forget your nifty ideas. Sometimes, when you don’t write your thoughts, they slip through the cracks, and you won’t remember them at all. 

Record Interesting Travelogues

Finally, a notebook is a great companion when you travel. You can jot down your notes, paste tickets, or draw simple illustrations of what you saw. When you record the places you visit, the things you ate, or your thoughts on a new culture, you build priceless mementos that no amount of money can ever buy. This travel notebook will serve as the best souvenir of your trip.

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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing Clothing with Bold Styles and Fun Prints

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4 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing Clothing with Bold Styles and Fun Prints

The clothing that you wear is a perfect reflection of your personality and who you are. Most women carefully choose their outfits every day because it enables them to show their sense of fashion and style. However, nowadays, most women resort to choosing mainstream clothing that is worn by the majority. Thus, forgetting about this aspect called uniqueness.

The clothing that you choose tells your story and creates a non-verbal means of communication and expression. This is why wearing unique clothes, such as augustine clothing that has bold styles and fun prints, has recently become a trend. Here are four compelling reasons why you too must start wearing them.

Make a Statement

Having a sense of style is more than just wearing the appropriate clothing. A sense of style means you are aware of yourself, and you can express yourself through clothing. This is why wearing expensive dresses made by designer brands does not guarantee that you will become stylish. Fortunately, wearing dresses with bold styles offer a better alternative.

According to an article by College Fashion, wearing dresses that come in colourful designs and styles will set you apart from everybody else. This is because these types of dresses allow you to make a fashion statement that can easily catch other people’s attention. If you want clothing that channels your personality with style, choose dresses with this kind of design.

Attract Attention

According to experts, colour is often the primary reason why people are attracted to something. This is because colour helps in creating an emotional connection, which leads to better attraction. Colourful dresses made by companies, such as augustine clothing, can better capture a person’s interest because bright clothing is easily distinctive and recognisable.

If you want to improve your aesthetic appeal and attract more attention, you should consider wearing more colourful dresses. You will instantly become more attractive when you choose to wear distinct clothing compared to plain-coloured clothes.

Be Unique

Most women resort to wearing classic outfits or mainstream clothing to easily fit in with other people. However, women with good fashion sense don’t settle for what is common; instead, they are courageous with their style and are not afraid to wear unique clothing.

Wearing dresses with fun prints and bold styles ensures that you stand out among everyone else because you are unique. You will be looked up to by your friends and peers because you are brave enough to wear something daring that is out of the norm.

Look More Creative

If being creative is an important trait that you need to display, there is no better clothing to choose from than colourful dresses. When you wear colourful dresses, you will avoid getting into a colour rut, which creatives should avoid.

By wearing colourful clothing, you continually change up your style and outfit. This way, you won’t be labelled as the person who always wears one-dimensional clothing. You wouldn’t want to be someone who only wears dark and muted colours.


From the reasons mentioned above, clothing that has fun prints and bold designs, are, without a doubt, beneficial. If you are looking for clothes that you can add to your wardrobe collection, these are worth considering. Check out a reputable provider of these types of clothing, and look good every day.

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6 Best Rooftop Bar Layouts

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Almost every local or tourist who frequents the land of Oz knows a good rooftop Sydney bar. Whenever you visit Sydney, marvelling at the beautiful night sky is one of the best ways to enjoy the place. Albeit originally known for its natural parks and beaches, there is also more to explore in New South Wales’ metropolitan capital.

Sydney has the highest number of residents in Australia and is not prone to extreme weather or climates. During the summer, the people are embraced by the warm and sunny atmosphere while during winter, the temperature does not go overboard with its chilly breeze. And since it is surrounded by mountain ranges, lush parks, and white sand beaches, visitors have the luxury of basking themselves in a breathtaking view from day to night.

That said, if you have plans to open a bar in the so-called “Emerald City”, why not try these layout suggestions for a rooftop bar?

  1. Open Garden Terraces

An open terrace perfectly combines comfort with aesthetics. It creates a relaxing venue by maximizing the openness of a rooftop area and adorning it with plants and greenery. Guests will surely love sipping their coffee or glass of wine while immersing themselves in the calming company of nature. You may also add flowers to make the surroundings brighter or use it as your bar’s centrepiece.

  1. ‘Magical’ Furniture

Play with dimensions and shapes by playing with geometric lines and shapes on the furniture and frames. Have chairs custom-built to be shaped or structured so that it visibly appears to be defying gravity. Check out this chair design for reference. Playing with shapes and dimensions adds depth and a unique edge to your bar.

  1. Steel and Glass Canopy

Although scenic, open rooftop bars are also prone to direct sunlight exposure and rain. For a more convenient layout, you can opt to install a dome to provide permanent shelter for your customers no matter the weather. Use glass to allow enough light to enter the area and reflect the starlit sky at night.

  1. Swim in the Sky

Installing a jacuzzi or a pool on a rooftop bar screams chill and laid back. You can easily convert your bar into a reception or venue for big or intimate social events with a pool. It is also an effective tactic to entice visitors during the summer, since people will prefer to spend time outdoors while also trying new places to hang out.

  1. Cozy and Cute

People will always go for comfort and a distinct experience. Thus, when you pair it with an open and eye-catching view, then you are sure to have old and new customers come back for more. Take advantage of the sunset and sunrise views by ditching the typical chairs and tables. Use soft and comfortable pillows and fuzzy mats for your guests to sit on. Add low-standing grazing tables for that casual yet stylish and exquisite dining experience.

  1. Through the Looking Glass

Are you someone who loves injecting adventure and thrill in your interior and exterior designs? Perhaps creating a rooftop bar made entirely of glass will add a heart-racing experience for your customers. Whether you want glass floors, tables, or porches, the visual appeal of a bright and transparent dining place effortlessly impresses new customers and loyal patrons alike.

Rooftop Sydney bars are an ingenious way to explore and witness the one-of-a-kind beauty Australia offers. Use these layout suggestions as inspiration for your upcoming resto or bar.

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