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How to choose a suitable and Pocket-Friendly Submersible Pump to fit your needs



How to choose a suitable and Pocket-Friendly Submersible Pump to fit your needs

A submersible pump is a kind of pump that is completely submerged in the medium required to extract the fluid. These pumps are often used in flooded areas and rising groundwater in basements and wells.

Due to technological improvements, submersible pumps are available even in Kenya at affordable prices. Thus, the article will discuss the various types of submersible pumps and their cost range.You can search for

These pumps have many benefits, such as energy sufficiency, no noise application, self-priming, and many others. There are around four types of submersible pumps, and all are suited to perform under different constraints and can perform a task that you are interested in. They include:

Water pump

This submersible pump type is used to push water particles with no small-sized contaminants. They tend to be used in moving water from one a certain point to another. They offer a great choice for systems that are meant for draining. The applications of these draining systems are swimming pools, utilities, and flooded lands. The price for this type of pump manufacturers and the specifications is drivers depending on the brand.

Sewage/ Effluent pumps

These pumps are submerged in fluids that have a range of particle sizes. They are designed to pump wastewater and have been built to handle that. They push sewage and water from a treatment facility or septic tank to another point, like a secondary treatment system or a draining field.

Since these pumps are required to pump water that has different-sized particles of water and other contaminants, they come in wide ranges of sizes to fit the working condition.

Dewatering pumps

As the name suggests, dewatering pumps have the task of pumping away flooded water, which fails to have a permanent draining remedy. Some of these sites are ongoing construction sites and agricultural fields. In this scenario, submersible dewatering pumps offer the best choice to get rid of the water and direct it to drainage holes, dams, and far-site areas. A submersible pump price in Kenya ranges depending on the type of pump and the work it is built to perform.

Sump pumps

These pumps move water out of a building and take it to a proper drainage area. Sump pumps prevent water collection, which could cause great damage and mold in commercial and residential facilities. Usually, they are mounted and then installed at the points which appear to be at the lowest parts of these facilities.

If runoff water, floodwater, and rain spillage collect at the lowest point of the basement, the water is directed to a sump in the floor, where the sump pump then pushes the water out of the facility to a drainage area. A sample image of a sump pump is down below.


The above four submersible pumps have their best-suited working areas, meaning they have been built to perform tasks under different conditions. Their availability in the Kenyan market and at fair and affordable prices makes these water pumps ideal for purchase.