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Changing Strides – Sandoz Bringing Back Indian Dining In The Era Of Fast Junk Food Service



Changing Strides – Sandoz Bringing Back Indian Dining In The Era Of Fast Junk Food Service

Fine dining is often considered a lost art in the age of junk food, fast delivery, and quick bites. At a time where ordering food has become as easy as a swipe and a click, there is still a growing market for the charming world of fine dining. Where food is prepared diligently and is a labor of love, where the head chef considers each customer like a personal guest and where the ambiance and decor of the restaurant matter as much as the taste of the food.

Delhi, which might also be the food capital of India, is celebrated for its diverse and colorful culinary palette. From street food to lounges, bars and popup restaurants, there is something for everyone in Delhi. But of late, there is a quiet resurgence of the good old tradition of fine dining with family and friends. Popular restaurant chain Sandoz is leading from the front with its luxurious and state-of-the-art restaurants, lounges and banquets.

Indian fine dining restaurants are now redefining luxury and comfort not only by serving age-old aromatic and authentic delicacies but also by setting new benchmarks of service and hospitality. Sandoz, that has its roots in a traditional Indian Dhaba has been around in Delhi since 1950. Then popular by the name of Calcutta Dhaba, Sandoz was launched in 1947 during the partition era when Sardar Jagir Singh Ji migrated to India from Pakistan and started his passion project.

The Dhaba served traditional, earthy cuisine from the heart of Punjab until the early 90s when Sardar Jagir Singh Ji’s son Gurmeet Singh took over the legacy of this business. It was then that Calcutta Dhaba became Sandoz and transformed into a luxurious multi-location restaurant chain.

And since then Sandoz has revived the charm of the original Indian culinary experience at numerous restaurants across Delhi. On the heels of the success of its legacy restaurant, Sandoz has launched restaurants in a dozen hot-spots of the city.  You can find a Sandoz restaurant in some of the prime locations whether it is Connaught Palace or Lajpat Nagar, D B Gupta Road, Paschim Vihar or Rajouri Garden.

It is the same commitment to the ultimate Indian dining experience that led the founders to launch banquets and lounges that are now synonymous with good times. In a time where the food scene is extremely vibrant and people are eating out and celebrating more than ever, there is a great pull towards authentic food and the rich taste of age-old recipes that have been passed down the generations.

The satisfaction and joy of eating out at a restaurant that brings a hint of nostalgia and connects you back to the roots is an experience worth savoring. And Sandoz understands this only too well.  Sandoz has been recently listed as one of the 21 Butter Chicken Places In Delhi-NCR You Shouldn’t Miss list of restaurants serving authentic North Indian fare. From its legacy restaurant in Karol Bagh to some of the premium locations in North and South Delhi, Sandoz has spread its wings and brings the best of the multi-cuisine dining experience, be it at their restaurants, lounges or banquets.