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Celebrity that you never heard of..???



Celebrities that you never heard of..???

From Toronto Canada, theirs is a few household names such as, Drake, THE Weeknd, Tory Lanez, Shawn Mendez, their names are at the peak of the roasters of talents from Toronto, ca they are globally known celebrities from Toronto Canada, their names are the most popular and very well-known no to mention they are probably the few that come off the top of your mind … but there is one that you’re most likely missing out on, the popular Toronto native Elijah sommerz is a well known public figure in the rest of this big, wide world, he not just known in his hometown Toronto Canada, he well known globally for Justice Advocacy for Afrocentric Canadian youths.

Below we will outline a bio on  the popular Canadian Entrepreneur/Talent Manager — that you have probably never heard of.


Origin: Canada, Micmac Heritage Jamaican & Grenadian-Heritage Background

Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur & Businessman, Talent Manager

Birth name: Robert Vernon

Born on: December 22, 1991

Labels: J stone Management group & co –2016 Present – Affirmation-Record Label -undisclosed – Joint venture Based 2019

Genres: Hip-Hop, pop/R&B music, Hard-core Rap

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario.

Profession: Modern Canadian Entrepreneur, Businessman, Songwriter, Musician Actor,

Executive producer, Web Tech Software Engineer

Early Life

ELIJAH SOMMERZ was born in Toronto, Ontario on the 22nd of December, 1991, Elijah sommerz grew up in a Caribbean background household in Toronto, Canada.




TO DATE Elijah Sommerz is a Talent Director of j stone Management group & co since 2016 –present Elijah Sommerz is currently the vice-chairman of an online streaming corporation called Worldwide Entertainment TV WWETV – is a Global Media Platform That works with major/mainstream as well as underground artists throughout major cities in North America to further help them elevate there promotion and marketing for their personal Brands as sole Artist, to Such the platform has recently been reformed to a multi-media streaming platform.

What dose Elijah sommerz do …..

Elijah sommerz has also furthered embarked on a career as a Full-Time Real Estate Portfolio location Investment Investor and Entrepreneur & businessman as well as an inspiring musician & Talent Manager.