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Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Deck



Fire Pit

When we see things around us beyond our understanding, we tend to think there is more to these things, whereas most times, they are nothing more than the application of simple logic. Of course, there are various things like that in our homes, streets, and society. A typical example is seeing a fire burn on a wood deck without burning the wood deck or expanding to various parts of the building. It might seem impossible, but I am here to tell you it’s something you can do yourself. Now, I’m sure the next question popping into your head is, can you put a fire pit on a deck? Well, Yes! You can. How do you go about it? Where will you start? Rest assured, in this post, I will take you step by step through everything you need to know about putting a fire pit on the deck. In addition, you will also get to know how you can put a fire pit on your deck without much hassle. Therefore, to get the information properly once and for all, calm your mind and read carefully during this post.

How Can You Put A Fire Pit On Your Wood Deck

Things To Consider To Put A Fire Pit On Your Wood Deck

Putting a fire pit on your deck comes with various things to consider. It is essential to ensure it is protected and reasonable for use. To do this, you ought to think about a couple of variables:

  1. Material

Fire pits come in different materials. Some of these materials include metal, stone, cement, brick, and ceramic. And all these listed materials have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, metal fire pits are lightweight and compact, but due to their high conductivity, they can be excessively hot for the decking material if they are not used properly. Moreso, bricks and stone fire pits are heavier, but they give additional protection from heat. To cut it short, concrete fire pits are an extraordinary option since they stay cooler and are very strong.

  1. Size

The fire pit’s size is also of utmost importance when it comes to putting a fire deck on your wood deck. In this case, an excessively huge fire pit might cause distortion or breaking in the decking material, while an excessively little fire pit may not give sufficient intensity to keep you warm. Therefore, finding the right size fire pit for your deck can assist you with augmenting both security and solace.

  1. Shape

Like sizes, fire pits come in various shapes most especially the basic shapes. Examples of these shapes are; square, rectangle, round, etc. Same also, each shape has its advantages and disadvantages. Like the rectangular fire pits being used for bigger decks, so also the round and square fire pits are for smaller outside spaces.

  1. Ignition Type

Different types of ignition types are put in place for fire pits. The most widely recognized types are the manual start, push button and finally electronic ignition. The manual ignition being the least difficult requires a lighter or match to light the pit. The push button on the other hand creates a spark and finally, the full electronic being the most complicated gives the most safety features while lighting a fire in a fire pit.

  1. Fuel Type

Likewise, various substances are used to fuel the fire pits. They range from coal, wood, or propane/natural gas. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to choose the right fuel type when you need to put a fire pit on your deck. The wood burning fire pits tends to make a ton of smoke which can indirectly harm the decking material, so it is ideal to utilize a propane or natural gas fire pit. Propane fire pits consider greater mobility, while natural gas fire pits might be less expensive to run.

We hope we have answered the question stating can you put a fire pit on a deck, how to light a propane fire pit properly with the above information.

Propane and Natural Gas For Wood Decking

Below are a few examples of propane and natural gas fire pits that can be utilized on composite or wood decking safely.

  • Pyromania Millenia Fire Pit

For someone that wants a fire pit that is ignited with propane or natural gas which won’t generate smoke or sparkles that can damage the decking materials, one with an adjustable leg that will produce more stability, one with an added security that allows the fire pit to vent from under, and one also made from the Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete, the Pyromania Millenia Fire Pit is the right one for you.

  • Elementi Granville Fire Pit Table

The Elementi Granville fire pit table on the other hand is produced using Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete, making it impervious to climate, intensity, and rust. Weighing 176 lbs, it will not effectively be pushed over or moved. Also accompanying a CSA safety certificate gives peace of mind while utilizing this fire pit on your wood deck.

  • Pyromania Fire Tao Commercial Fire Pit

This type of fire pit is produced using Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete, tipping the scales at a durable 190 lbs and equipped for conveying up to 60,000 BTUs of intensity when controlled by propane or natural gas. The advanced square shape design making it more attractive changes the deck into an outside oasis.

  • Modeno Roca Fire Bowl

This type of fire pit is produced using sturdy glass fiber Reinforced concrete which in turn weighs 88 lbs. Incorporated with an easy to use electronic start can create up to 50,000 BTUs of intensity when controlled by propane or natural gas. This type of fire pit is ideal for maintaining comfortable weather on your deck and will most likely be the point of focus for numerous charming evenings.

  • Outdoor GreatRoom Havenwood Fire Pit Table

The Outdoor air GreatRoom Havenwood Fire Pit Table is an exquisite and current expansion to any deck. Just like others, it is energized by natural gas or propane and it features a white base that puts the fire pit up and off the deck for added security. The contemporary white base of this fire pit fits a secret propane tank, while its Driftwood Everblend textured substantial top gives it an exceptional look.

Best Surfaces for Your Fire Pit

Another important option to consider is the surface you will put your fire out on as there are various surfaces. When some can accommodate fire out safely, some while utilizing a fire pit, it is vital to consider the sort of surface it will be put on. While it is safe to put fire pits on many surfaces. It can be unsafe for some surfaces. Below are types of surfaces to consider followed by their examples:

  1. Safe Surfaces

Since the fire pit will be emitting heat, it is of safety procedure to use surfaces that can endure high temperatures and also prevent the spreading of the heat to the room. Examples of these surfaces include concrete, brick, and stone.

  1. Unsafe Surfaces

In contrast to safe surfaces, unsafe surfaces are surfaces that can endure high temperatures and will likewise not be able to prevent the spreading of the heat generated from the fire out to the surroundings. Examples of these surfaces include wood, plastic, and composite decking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I  Put A Fire Pit On A Trex Deck Safely?

Of course yes. Although, it requires you to use a barrier between the fire pit and the deck surface. Irrespective of the type of material you use to ignite your fire, it is fundamental to make an actual barrier between the heat source and the composite material of your deck as this will stop any form of discoloration, and damage.

Is Propane Or Natural Gas Fire Pit Feasible On A Wood Deck?

Likewise, you can also use a propane or natural gas fire pit on a wood deck. These fire pits are known to produce less intensity and are more secure than wood burning fires. However, to be on the safe side, you are still required to create a barrier between the fire and the deck’s surface to prevent heat damage.

What Are The Local Fire Regulations For Using A Fire Pit On A Deck?

The local fire regulations differ in all areas. To be sure, take a look at your nearby fire or municipal codes to figure out what guidelines cover outdoor fires on wood decks. Some of the times, these guidelines might

Final Words

Just like how fire pits can be safe, so also it can be hazardous if the proper materials and proper precautions are not considered. I hope I have answered every question you might have concerning fire pits on wood decks and have put a stop to any doubt that can make you ask yourself if you can put a fire pit on a debackyard” again. Without beating around the bush, I wish you a safe and memorable experience with your friends and family after using the tips and precautions we mentioned in putting a fire pit on your deck. Enjoy!