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Can All Dogs Swim? How to Teach a Dog to Swim



Can All Dogs Swim

Does your dog run excitedly to every water in sight? If your pup isn’t diving into the water, you may not be able to walk across the creek or pond. Or your dog may treat the water like an enemy and will do anything to stay dry. Every dog is different, and not all dogs are born with a penchant for getting wet. But do all dogs know how to swim?

Depending on the breed, your dog may be natural in the water, or swimming may be challenging. However, whether your dog likes adventure or prefers to stay on land, it’s vital that your dog learns to feel comfortable in and around water for safety. You may want to go boating together, go to the beach or enjoy a cabin vacation. You may even have a backyard pool or visit someone who does. Read on for tips on training your dog in swimming techniques and water safety tips.

Not every breed is a natural swimmer

If you consider a breed for traditional purposes, it’s clear that some will be attracted to the water. Certain breeds are natural swimmers because they were developed for water work. Consider the Labrador Retriever or Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. These dogs were bred to retrieve waterfowl for hunters. Some breeds even have water in their name, such as the Portuguese Water Spaniel, which was developed to be in the water as a fisherman’s helper or the Irish Water Spaniel, with its unique curly and waterproof coat. These dogs have the body structure of excellent swimmers, most of whom just love to play in the water.

According to Michele Godlevski, NADD dock dive judge, certified professional dog trainer, certified dog behavior consultant and owner of Teamworks Dog Training in Raleigh, N.C., some breeds seem to know how to swim from the moment they see a body of water, while others just don’t see the point of swimming. “There are also breeds that have such a weight distribution (like bulldogs) that they can’t swim very well without a life jacket.” Short-legged, long-bodied breeds like Dachshunds can also struggle in the water. So, can all dogs swim? While it’s a myth that all dogs are natural swimmers, you’ll wear a life jacket and some dog swimming lessons, but every breed should be able to swim in the water.

The importance of dog life jackets

Godlevski says life jackets are always a good idea. Buying and fitting a dog floatation device is the first step in her dog swimming lessons. She recommends, “Get a dog life jacket that fits your dog comfortably. No matter what breed you own, you always want the first experience to be fun, not scary.”

That means never throwing your dog in the water and letting him work things out on his own. According to Godlevski, “Not only is throwing a puppy or young dog into the water a scary idea, but it can actually damage a dog’s lifelong swimming courage.” Having taught many dogs to swim over the years, Godlevski is a firm believer that dog swimming is all about courage. Here’s another reason for life jackets. People who swim in a life jacket for the first time will be more confident and therefore braver than those who don’t wear one.

Even seemingly confident dogs, such as those who run into the water while chasing a toy or another dog, can get into trouble, says Godlevski: “They often just chase that dog into the water without realizing that the water has changed.” You don’t want your dog to panic when it realizes the ground has disappeared.

Godlevski says, “In my experience, the first time a dog runs into the water, it’s like a cartoon character running off a cliff. In other words, the descent is a complete surprise.” Dogs wearing life jackets will simply float on their bearings and realize they can paddle with their feet. But a dog without a floatation device may panic, gulp water and drown within seconds of the paddle reflex kicking in.

Another reason for life jackets for novice dog swimmers is what Godrevsky calls “front-wheel drive. In other words, dogs learning to swim use only their front feet to paddle, while their hind legs usually drop down to try to find the bottom. “On the other hand, if you put a life jacket on a dog, the dog’s back will be level with the water. When the dog’s back is level, the dog will think that they actually do have “four-wheel drive” and that all four paws can paddle. Without realizing it, your dog is moving smoothly and confidently through the water.”

Choosing a dog floatation device

Whether your dog is a beginning swimmer or a breed that needs extra buoyancy, be sure to choose the most appropriate style of life jacket. Even experienced swimmers should have a well-fitting life jacket. Your dog may become tired or disoriented and the extra buoyancy will help with safety and confidence. Finally, a puppy floatation device is essential for boating. If your dog falls into the water, there may be a rough current or strong currents and that life jacket may be a lifesaver.

Look for a life jacket that is durable and made of waterproof material. It should also be adjustable so you can make sure your dog fits comfortably. If you are planning any nighttime water activities, consider reflective trim. Again, brightly colored fabric is a bonus for visibility. If this extra support is needed, you can also look for an extra float under the chin to help keep your dog’s head above the water.

Also, make sure the device has a handle. This can help you lift your dog out of the water, grab him if he’s struggling, and guide him as he learns to swim. However, Godlewski suggests that the handle should be strong enough to actually lift the dog out of the water. You may also be looking for a D-ring that will allow you to attach the leash. This may be useful at a public beach, for example.

Teaching your dog to swim

When you start dog swimming lessons, the key is that you draw your floating device into the water. Whether it’s playing with you or a toy, create an environment that encourages your dog to get in the water on his own. godlevski suggests, “Bring a toy or ball. If your dog will come to you from the shore or the edge, you can take your dog in the water, hold the handles of the life jacket and let your dog paddle.” Don’t pull your dog into the water; always put on your own life jacket. If your dog panics, he may climb on top of you and escape, especially for a large dog, which can put your safety at risk. 8 Steps to Learn to Swim.

Another method Godlevski recommends is to find a friend who is already a strong swimmer with a dog. “Schedule a time for your dog to watch another dog swim. If the two dogs are friendly, have your dog follow the other dog, wearing a life jacket.” Using this technique, your dog can watch and learn, but more importantly, see how much fun the water can be.

If possible, start in shallow water, close to your dog. Get your dog used to simply getting wet feet. Don’t leave the shallow water until your dog looks like he’s having fun. Encourage gradual movement to deeper water and use lots of praise and positive reinforcement – if you reward your dog for being in the water, your dog will want to get in again. Whenever your dog seems overwhelmed, move to shallower water or dry land and allow your dog to calm down before trying again.

It is also important to teach your dog how to get out of the water. godlevski recommends pointing your dog toward the shore or pool ramp while you are swimming together. If you can’t get in the water with your dog, she says it’s important that you stay near the exit to help your dog find his way. Keep repeating these steps until your dog knows how to get out of the water.

There are plenty of places to teach your dog to swim, from lakes to pools, but Godlevski suggests that a gradual incline in the water definitely helps. Plus, she says the bright blue water in a pool may look unnatural to dogs, which may discourage them from entering. (Another reason to get in with them!) However, she stresses, “Often ponds or lakes look like they are a little more natural for dogs, but water is water. If they don’t like to get wet, it doesn’t matter what color the water is!”



5 Simple Ways to Get a (Mood And) Energy Boost



5 Simple Ways to Get a (Mood And) Energy Boost

Have you hit a slump or crashed on your mood? Many things, from stress to illness and cold weather or fatigue, can sap your energy.

When these are low, it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of down thinking. That’s why it’s important to put a stop to low energy and bring back that motivation, fast.

Don’t wait to feel better, because you have the power to be in control. By applying a few tricks, you’ll set the tone for an overall better mindset and more positive energy.

Read on and learn 5 simple ways to boost mood and energy.

1. Get Moving

There are natural ways to boost mood and energy. Start your day by drinking a glass of cold water with fresh lemon juice and eating breakfast within an hour of waking up.

Just a few minutes of exercise can help to increase your energy levels and endorphins. Taking a brisk walk or running outside in nature while listening to upbeat music are all great ways to lift your spirits and get your energy level up.

2. Take Some Time for Yourself

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. When you are well-rested, you are more likely to have the energy you need to take on the day. Make sure to schedule some “me” time to relax. This is your time to think about nothing but what makes you happy.

Cooking and eating healthy foods that boost your mood and energy can also help tremendously. Take health supplements as well. Check out Kratom and how it helped others through the reviews. 

3. Connect with Others

When we interact with other people, we release feel-good chemicals in our brain that help us feel happy and relaxed. So take some time to reach out to friends and family, or even just strike up a conversation with a stranger. You may be surprised at how good you feel afterward.

4. Do Something You Enjoy

This can be anything from reading a favorite book, going for a walk in nature, or playing with a pet. Doing something that brings joy can help to increase positive emotions and energy levels. Whatever it is that makes you happy and healthy, do it! 

5. Boost Mood and Energy Through Your Thoughts 

Spend time with positive people. Pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking and make a conscious effort to think positively. If you are thinking positive thoughts, you are more likely to feel positive emotions.

Consider trying yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises. These practices can help you to focus on the present moment and let go of any stressful thoughts or worries. Even just a few minutes can leave you feeling calmer and focused.

Take Charge and Be in Control of Your Mood and Energy

Just a few of these simple changes can make a big difference and boost mood and energy levels. These things will help you feel better mentally and physically. So don’t be afraid to get moving, eat well, and get enough sleep. 

Whatever you do, make sure you’re taking care of yourself and listening to your body. 

Visit our blog for more tips for your happiness project!

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All About the Ready-to-Eat Meals:



All About the Ready-to-Eat Meals:

Eat Meals

Ready-to-eat food is food that you don’t need to cook any further to eat. You can consume it as such because it is precooked. You also don’t need to worry about its safety as it is pre-cleaned and is packaged to help you eat it without any cooking.

So, if you are looking for food that is ready for consumption, you can opt for Simply Sufi Deals. Opting for ready-to-eat food can help you get different benefits. For instance, it can help you continue with your life chores without worrying about taking special time to cook food.

With ready-to-eat food, you can manage your life quite easily and conveniently. So, if you have a busy life but you don’t want to compromise the quality of your food, you need to go for ready-to-eat food.

Moreover, this will also help you get healthy and nutritious food to eat. So, you don’t have to compromise your health when you can have ready-to-eat food. So, if you find it difficult to prepare healthy meals every other day, opting for ready-to-eat food can help you in the best way ever.

You can also find ready-to-eat food to be tasty and mouth-watering. So, if you want to have balanced, healthy, tasty, and different types of dishes, opting for ready-to-eat food serves to be the right choice.

Moreover, this will also help you get multiple conveniences at the same time. So, if you want to add more to your comfort and relaxation, you need to go for ready-to-eat food. Because of the multiple benefits offered by ready-to-eat food, more and more people are opting for it.

This is also helping the ready-to-eat food market grow and improve in the best way. That’s why different food businesses are opting for these services.

How can you Benefit from Ready-to-Eat Food?

Opting for ready-to-eat food can help you get the following advantages:

·         It appears to be a Convenient Option:

This is the most obvious benefit offered by ready-to-eat food. As you don’t have to cook food but you can enjoy good quality food every day with the help of ready-to-eat food, you can have different benefits in your routine life.

So, if you want to save your energy and time, opting for ready-to-eat food serves as the right option. This will help you stay relaxed, and you can utilize your saved time in activities that might help you add more to your comfort.

So, you can go for ready-to-eat food because of the multiple conveniences offered by them.

·         It appears to be a Cost-Effective Option:

Here is another promising benefit offered by ready-to-eat food. Yes, opting for ready-to-eat food appears to be a cost-effective option as it helps you save money. With ready-to-eat food, you don’t have to buy groceries separately.

This not only helps you save money but time too. Moreover, you can also buy ready-to-eat food with the help of the Savyour app. This will help you get ready-to-eat food at reasonable pricing. Moreover, you can also have cashback and other services like exclusive discounts.

So, if you want to save your money, you need to opt for ready-to-eat food.

·         It Helps you Avoid Stress:

As cooking food and then feeding the whole family is not an easy task, it might bring a lot of stress. Sometimes, dealing with this type of stress is not easy, and it becomes difficult for one to bear this stress in routine.

So, if you want to avoid this stress, you can benefit from ready-to-eat food. This will help you get prepared food without putting your energy, time, and effort into it. This plays an important role in helping you reduce your stress significantly.

Moreover, this will also help you deal with different tastes and preferences of people regarding food in your home. So, opting for ready-to-eat food will not only help you avoid the stress that comes from cooking food, but you can also earn the pleasure of your loved ones.

·         It is a Safe Option:

When you are opting for ready-to-eat food, you don’t need to worry about its safety. That’s because it is prepared in well-prepared and safe conditions. Moreover, it is also manufactured by considering the government’s safety standards and rules and regulations.

Moreover, ready-to-eat food is also prepared by following high-quality safety standards. Thus, you don’t have to compromise safety when it comes to ready-to-eat food. You can easily go for it without worrying about its safety as it is highly safe and hygienically clean.

Opting for ready-to-eat food is perfectly healthy and safe for you as it passes all the safety inspection tests before being sold. Ready-to-eat food is qualified to be sold if it passes all the safety checks.

So, it is completely safe for consumption and possesses no health risks at all.


Going for ready-to-eat food can help you enjoy different benefits at the same time. So, if you want to make your life easy, you need to opt for ready-to-eat food.

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Bring Nature in With a Vertical Garden Wall



Bring Nature in With a Vertical Garden Wall

Vertical Garden Wall

Did you know that being outdoors is beneficial to your mental health? It turns out that being around and seeing plants often has a calming effect on people. In Japan, there’s even a practice called “forest bathing” that’s demonstrably reduced people’s heart rate and blood pressure. 

But, what if there was a way to bring the outdoors indoors? If you think that sounds crazy, think again!

You can do this by planting an indoor vertical garden. Vertical gardens use containers to grow fruits, flowers, and other plants from the ground up.

You can use this technique to grow an indoor vertical garden wall! This way, you can reap the benefits of outdoor life from inside your house. We’ll explain how this works in the guide below. 

How To Grow an Indoor Vertical Garden

The first step in growing a vertical green wall is to decide what plants you want to grow. This step helps you find containers that can hold these plants. 

We recommend using houseplants for your garden. These plants can naturally do well indoors, making them the perfect choice for an indoor garden.

Once you know what plants to grow, you can figure out if you have a room with enough sun exposure for the garden. We’ll discuss this further in the next section.

Find the Right Amount of Sun  

First, decide where to place your garden wall. If your houseplants require more sun, find a room with a window that gets more direct sun throughout the day. If your plants need more indirect sun, you can find another room near a window with less sun. 

What if you live in an area that doesn’t get the amount of sun you need? Another option is to install grow lights. This way, you can ensure your plants get the light you need. 

Vertical Garden Ideas 

Finally, the last step of this process is to design your garden wall. There are several options for this.

One step is to use a classic shelving system. For instance, you can secure or mount shelves to your wall. Then, you can place pots and planters in your garden.

Some people prefer to build their shelving units. Others like to buy decorative shelves designed to hold several planters. 

These shelves may also have a bar to hang baskets from. Another option is to install hanging pot holders. 

These options work excellently for flowers, herbs, and plants with vines. Feel free to hang your plants wherever you want!

Finally, another option is to use stackable planters. These come in several styles, making it easy to build your garden from the ground up!

Start Your Vertical Garden Wall Today

A vertical garden can add a beautiful touch to any interior. It can also benefit your mental health, giving you a sense of serenity throughout the day.

So, start building your vertical garden today. Remember, first choose what types of plants to use.

Then, find the best location and design for your garden! Soon, you’ll have a garden you can enjoy at any time of year. 

We hope you enjoyed this article! Gardens can be tricky for people to navigate. Check out our other content today for more gardening tips today.

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