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Four steps to buying online skills testing software



Four steps to buying online skills testing software

Many recruitment firms have found candidate skills testing to be useful and efficient in the search for the best in the market. Many more are now implementing online skills testing during the hiring process. This software has been integrated into the recruitment process of a large number of agencies.

However, there is no single best software solution to assess candidates. Recruitment firms choose their skills testing software according to the needs of their business. There is no solution that fits all answers. Recruiters who have previously used the software will state that finding the right candidate skills assessment software is essential. Depending on the structure and needs of the company, the perfect software will enable the recruiter to work smarter and better.

Having said that, there are certain things to note when recruiters begin their search for the right skills testing software.

  • Always ask for a live demonstration

Good research will lead to quality products. It is vital to explore this and ask for live demos because it is not just about how good a product is but how useful everyone on the team finds it. A demo allows recruiters to observe how suitable the software is, its functionality according to their workflow, and whether they can afford to ignore the limitations. Only a demo can provide clear insight into the nitty-gritty of using a software.

  • Using free products does not always pay

There are a few software solutions that are available for free to recruitment firms. This can seem like an attractive offer but recruiters should be aware of drawbacks of these kinds of skills testing software solutions. Usually, they offer very limited and basic assessments. Such assessments might not have the capability of appraising a more proficient skill level.

A good software delivers comprehensive reports on each candidate taking the test. These reports indicate what an individual’s strengths and weaknesses are, and their potential to perform satisfactorily in the job role. If a recruiter relies on a free software, it is possible they will not be benefiting from a detailed report.

  • Prioritise usability when making final decision

It should be easy to access, use and navigate the software. If recruiters find their software solution difficult to use, it is not unusual for them to abandon skills testing altogether. Hence, in order to encourage the team to utilise the software and to continue to skills test their candidates, those with the responsibility of making buying decisions should make usability a priority.

Service providers offer training packages during the onboarding process. Users will be given detailed instructions during the training which should prove to be very useful.

  • Always read the reviews

There are a myriad of ways to find product reviews these days. It is possible to discreetly reach out to the software companies’ customers and ask for their experience. Service providers will also offer to connect prospective buyers with current clients but the risk here is of one-sided positive reviews. To mitigate biased reviews, starting with Trustpilot can be helpful as there are objectives views from numerous users. Reading both positive and negative user experiences can provide an objective view of the product to the buyer.

It is of utmost importance to carefully consider all aspects of the reviews whether they are focused on the product itself or the quality of support provided by the service provider. The points raised by the reviewers can be noted and brought to the attention of the software provider. If they have reasonable answers then it is worth considering that skills testing software.