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What to consider when buying a life jacket for your dog



What to consider when buying a life jacket for your dog

This can be a strange thing to ask. Why does my dog need a life jacket? Don’t all dogs know how to swim?

We like to think that our pets retain all of their wild instincts, but the truth is that this is simply not true. Many dogs have no better way to swim to safety than we do in swift currents. So, when your dog ventures into the deep end, or just a nearby lake, even.

If you want to be boating, sailing, swimming, or your dog playing on the water, it is important to be as well equipped as possible. You should buy a dog life jacket. If you want to buy a life jacket for your dog, this is what you should know.

The Most Important Factors for Your Dog’s Life Jacket

Four vital things go into a good dog life jacket. The first is buoyancy. This is the jacket’s natural ability to float, obviously an essential aspect of a life jacket. You want to make sure that the vest will hold back your dog’s weight to ensure that it succeeds. Life jackets for dogs are weight-based, so check before you buy.

The next thing to consider is the color. You want the undershirt to be brightly colored. This will make it easier to spot your pup if they are knocked off or accidentally fall into the water. Some even have reflective trim to better catch the light and make your dog easier to see.

The third important detail is a sturdy handle. If you have to drag your pet out of the water, making sure the handle can hold the dog’s weight is a must. Test the handles before you take your dog into the water. Make sure they can hold the weight of your puppy.

You want to make sure the undershirt fits properly. This is just as important for dogs as it is for human children. An ill-fitting undershirt is almost as dangerous as not wearing one. If you can, take your dog to the store and make sure he is both safe and comfortable. Check that your dog can sit and lie down while wearing the vest. If your pup is a bit heavy, make sure there is nothing preventing the dog from moving flexibly.

Does my dog need a life vest?

Yes! Your dog should wear a life jacket on or near the water – and so should you and everyone else in the boat. Recommend a Kuoser dog life jacket with good buoyancy effect and cheap price

While every dog should have the proper safety gear, it is especially important to put life jackets on certain dogs. Dogs with lower body fat, such as greyhounds, older animals, and dogs with health or mobility issues, should always be properly protected when going into the water. They are, after all, our family!

Does your dog have a life jacket? Do you have any suggestions for life jackets? Please let us know in the comments below!