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Top 3 cities to buy real estate properties in India:

Umar Nisar



Top 3 cities to buy real estate properties in India:

This is another wrong thinking about the home loan process. As in the case of a good credit score, it does not guarantee the home loan approval’s success. Along with the CIBIL score, real estate market must be very dynamic in India. The real estate market is facing continuous fluctuation in markets due to various reasons like demonetization, corona-virus pandemic, and overall slack in the economy. The markets were left with a huge pile of inventories of unsold properties in the market, leading to a massive loss for the real estate industry. In the post-pandemic period, the government reduced the registration stamp duty charges on the properties, leading to a better sale of the post-pandemic properties. The Maharashtra Government reduced the stamp duty charges by 4%, bringing it down to 2% instead of 6%. This led to a big rise in the real estate markets. The registration of properties went up drastically.

The real estate sales in the top metro cities are high on demand in major metro markets like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata. etc. The migration in metros is huge due to plenty of opportunities in growing metros and a popular trend of nuclear families across India. Also, the high disposable income of the people amongst the metros leads to higher expenditure for the purchase of flats as well as for the interiors. The reasons for the higher demand for properties is due to IT center coming up in metros as well as large scale industrial units, corporate hubs, state and central government headquarters, educational hub.etc.y that the applicant has sufficient balance into the bank account and the borrower should have an appropriate salary to meet the eligibility criteria for opting for loans.

Following are the top preferred cities in India to buy properties:



  • he city of Mumbai is a financial hub of India, which has a huge number of corporate companies, government departments, IT companies, and the financial capital of India due to huge BFSI based industry in banking, financial services, securities and insurance companies. Thus due to the huge potential for the plenty of job opportunities in Mumbai is a very dynamic market for buying properties.
  • The Mumbai city has been a hub for the business center, and the infrastructure is developing very rapidly in Mumbai like the metro rail projects, monorail projects, flyovers, highways. etc.
  • The low-cost housing scheme is also available from the government like Maharashtra housing and area development authority [MHADA], which provides affordable housing to the poor.
  • Also, Mumbai city has the best connectivity like rail, road, airways to every nook and corner of the country. Also, through airline globally, Mumbai has better connectivity. The city has been growing very rapidly due to very high business activity being flourishing in Mumbai.
  • The facilities being provided by the government are quite good wherein the Mumbaikars receive 24×7 water supply, electricity supply. etc.
  • Property appreciation is very high thus leading to good returns on investment for property buyers as well as due to high demand selling the property is very easy.


  • The ready reckoner rates in Mumbai are very high. Thus it is tough to buy the property for a common man in the city of Mumbai.
  • The city of Mumbai has huge congestions and also popular for slum localities, poor quality infrastructure in some localities making it unpleasant for the property buyers to stay there.

Delhi City:


  •  Delhi is the national capital of India thus known for the best quality infrastructure as well as great connectivity to every part of the country and also an important major hub keeping in view the national importance as all the important strategic sectors like central government offices, key strategic important sectors like defense forces. etc.
  • Delhi city is also a major corporate hub and a major It hub in Delhi city and the adjoining region of Gurgaon, Noida, which is regarded as the national capital region NCR, which is also a hotspot for the booming realty sector.
  • Delhi has very good quality infrastructure, good roads, good transport connectivity. The Delhi metro is a lifeline of the union territory of Delhi, which is a speedy means of transport as well as Delhi transport corporation is a major bus transporter that connects to various parts of the city as well as in NCR.
  • The national building construction corporation [NBCC] constructs low-cost housing projects so as to provide affordable housing in the city.


  • Delhi city is very much un-affordable to buy properties as the prices are too high in most of the localities.

  • The traffic congestions in Delhi is too high.
  • Also, the city is very highly polluted, because of which many people suffer from chronic ailments related to the pollution.



  • Bangalore is known as the silicon valley hub of India as it is a major IT hub in India. The city has plenty of job opportunities in the IT sector and a major headquarter for start-up companies in India.
  • Bangalore has good greenery and also has the best quality town planning and infrastructure.
  • The bus transport of the BMTC department [bengaluru metropolitan transport corporation] connects all major locations of Bangalore city. Also, the network of metro is slowly developing in the city.
  • Bangalore has good spacious localities to stay with a nice scenic view, calm and quiet places thus making it an excellent place to stay.


  • The city’s population is growing very rapidly thus urban congestions are high. Also the traffic congestions are high in the city.
  • Also due to ever growing population there is an acute shortage of water in the city, making life difficult to most of the people in slum localities as well as people staying in the outskirts region.
  • The cost of living is very high in the city thus making it difficult for people to manage expenses especially people from low income and middle income group.


Thus we can conclude that the real estate market in the city of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore is best suited and are amongst the hot-spots for the property buyers. Also these three cities are having one of the best quality infrastructure and plenty of opportunities for job seekers and a great educational hub as well.


Lunch Catering Services




Lunch Catering Services

Lunch catering is one of the increasing food businesses that give for the necessities of people for elegant meals in the middle of the day. It can provide stress-free lunch, particularly for a group of people on a full day’s meeting and don’t have any time to run out and eat. It is also great when there are particular occasions and gathering is kept at lunchtime which could be the only time possible for busy people to eat.

Types Of Catering Service

There are two main kinds of هوريكا services. The 1st is on-premise. Here, food preparing, cooking, and serving are completed at the same venue where the event will be held. The other kind is the off-premise. Food is made and cooked in another place by the caterer, and it is served according to where the people desire to eat.

Another typology of catering service involves special event catering, business catering, mobile catering, and industrial catering. Unique event catering serves food in large-scale functions. Business catering targets the preparation of food for business meetings, conferences, and practice sessions. On the other hand, Mobile catering is contract-free, and the caterers move from one area to another selling their cooked food. In contrast, industrial catering supplies the everyday meals for academies, hospitals, schools, and all other institutions.

What Caterers Consider

Caterers always anticipate everything from cooking the chosen food during serving and when individuals are already eating. They also get in charge of the table organizations as well as the equipment required for the event. Much care is given to the menu, which is the essential factor in the catering business.

Caterers also think about the style of serving. The technique depends on the variety of meals requested by the customers and the venue where food is served. Lunch catering service as best as catering for another occasion may be in a sit-down style or a counter. The sit-down style is respected when the venue is too short for a significant number of guests. Others would prefer this catering technique as food is served in front of them, and some individuals consider this is classy. However, since there will be servers to attend to the customers and guests, such catering can be slightly more costly.

The buffet technique is recognized when the venue is spacious or when individuals have time to rise and fall in line. In this manner, the guests can pick from a kind of menu on the table, and they will be the ones to decide the amount they can spend. The price of catering using the buffet style is cheaper compared to the sit-down meal.

Catering is a great help for almost all events. It permits for a hassle-free arrangement and presentation of food. It also gives a swift escape from the mess a case may bring, for the caterers are the ones who will pick the venue properly after the event. Busy people in these busy times want their food necessities to play their roles in the school and the other workplace. Lunch catering services reply to this requirement and save everyone from the hassles while enjoying their food with their friends, office mates and classmates, and others.

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Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Tips

Umar Nisar



Escape from Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Tips

Make efficient use of the bitcoin farm

As all EFT players know, the bitcoins Tarkov holds are actually quite rare. Some players might’ve even been playing without encountering one in raids. Aside from their rarity, they’re also quite small and hard to see. At any rate, players now have the chance to farm this rare form of currency in-game. One of the upgrades to the Hideout is a Bitcoin Farm.

How to Make the Bitcoin Farm

Making one requires the following:

  • An Electric Drill
  • 10 Powercords
  • 10 Power Supply Units
  • 15 CPU Fans
  • At least level 2 Intelligence Center

It will take 30 hours to construct. After that, as long as your generator is active it will produce a physical bitcoin Tarkov every few hours. The amount of time the farm produces a unit of the currency depends on how many Graphics Cards the farm holds. With one GPU, it’ll take 20 hours to get a physical bitcoin.

Upgrades and Time

Upgrading the farm makes more slots to hold more GPUs. At level 2, it can hold 25, and level 3 can hold 50. Going by normal conventions, using more cards makes the production faster. Having 50 cards will produce a bitcoin Tarkov every 5 hours.

Here are the projected times:

10 GPUs – 12 hrs 50 mins

20 GPUs – 9 hrs 15 mins

30 GPUs – 7 hrs 12 mins

40 GPUs – 5 hrs 54 mins

50 GPUs – 5 hrs

As you can see, adding more and more GPUs result in diminishing returns. The difference in production time between 10 and 20 GPUs is about 3 hours, while 20 to 30 is only 2 hours. Plus, how are you even going to find 50 cards to get that 5 hours production time?

In this case, it’s more worth it to keep production at about 20-30 cards. You have to think about the fuel costs as well. The generator has to be running for the Bitcoin Farm to produce bitcoins.

Fuel Efficiency

At the most ideal, the Expeditionary Fuel Tank (henceforth called blue fuel) will power the hideout for a day and a half. In contrast, the Metal Fuel Tank (metal fuel) can run the generator for about two and a half days.

Ideal conditions include having a Solar Power Module and the Elite Hideout Management Skill. Both of these increase the time the fuel can power the generator. So, let’s calculate the possible number of bitcoins Tarkov that can be produced with the metal fuel.

10 GPUs: about 5

20 GPUs: about 6

30 GPUs: about 8

40 GPUs: about 10

50 GPUs: about 12

Now, the farm can only hold 3 bitcoins before it stops production. That means you have to pick up the physical bitcoins so it continues production. You can’t expect to have 8 bitcoins waiting for you after leaving it for hours on end.

Supposing you have the recommended 30 GPUs in your Bitcoin Farm. Rounding up the production time to 8, you can be sure to get 3 coins every day (24/8=3). When you’re playing every day, you can get the farm’s maximum number of coins if you leave your generator on. That’s an efficient use of fuel.

Of course, schedules are different for every player. Take someone who can manage to find 50 GPUs and plays for say, 10 hours a day as an example. They can turn off the generator when they’re not playing, and still, get 2 bitcoins Tarkov every day.

For those who want to leave their generators on, it’s better to have a longer production period. Making it too fast will fill the farm’s storage too fast unless you have the opportunity to log in and get it. The point is to adjust the production time with your playing schedule to get the most efficient farm.


To be productive and efficient, it’s not necessary to have the most number of GPUs for your Bitcoin Tarkov Farm. You just need to adjust the production speed to your playing schedule, and not leave the farm’s storage full.

Bitcoins are a big source of euros. It depends on the real-world situation of the currency, but either way, it’s still a valuable resource. Sure, there’s also the regular server wipe to deal with, but you can at least enjoy your riches before it happens. You can use it to trade for useful objects such as weapons, containers (Lucky Scav Junkbox, secure containers), or materials for upgrading your hideout.

So, take advantage of your Hideout’s Bitcoin Farm and create a stockpile of this currency. Enjoy Escape from Tarkov!

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Digital Marketing Training




Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing raises both products and services using digital technologies, like the Internet, mobile phones, and many different digital mediums. Students that finish the course and get certified will have skills learned that help them shape their plan for the competition.

Here are few classes of marketing methods by which promoting takes place – Your website, blog posts, ebooks and white papers, Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Earned online coverage Online brochures, Branding assets like logos, fonts, etc.

Marketing Automation, Email Marketing. The most satisfying part about Digital marketing training is that it can work for any business in any industry. However, marketing still includes building out buyer personas to identify your audience’s demands and creating valuable online content of what companies are selling.

Digital-Marketing training is an “Evergreen” career choice. The marketing technology is constantly growing, hence the need for re-skilling is a must these days. Mix your future with a fantastic digital job.

Search Engines

Since most people start the web using a search engine, knowing how it operates and learning how to make oneself visible through a search engine is supreme. Within search engine marketing, you can create a brand behavior, or make a sale, or get a customer lead that can later stop through direct marketing channels.

Knowing all possible choices for branding and marketing through search engines is sure to be a good promoter for a company.

There are five strategies for search engine marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Contextually Targeted Text Ads

Paid Inclusion and

Digital Asset Optimization

Companies that utilize SEO the highest.

Facebook and other Social Media Marketing

One must understand the complex dynamics of people’s communication on social media. People communicate with a brand while on social media either by seeing an advertisement, a Facebook page, a picture, etc. They comment on the product or share or give feedback to other friends and relatives. Drawing on this social behavior is a part of digital marketing.

Email Marketing

They provide a consumer a choice to receive emails about the product, discounts, offers, and events. They must be relevant and interesting and stimulate the consumer to go to the business website or purchase.


Building a website with a logical authority in its navigation based on the website’s goal is an important skill to get. The website can be HTML, PHP, or WordPress, depending on our interests.

Mobile Media

Since most of our population gives more time on mobile phones than on desktops and computers, one must read how to adapt ads, webpages, and social media images to the mobile phone.

Many companies have a mobile app for buying a product, and that too drops under the purview of digital marketing.

To be a specialist in digital marketing, one must know how to make together a campaign on all platforms together—learning how to link email to Facebook, Instagram, tweeter and your web page.

Digital Marketing is a large and exciting field that is progressing fast. Companies are forever on a quest to find experienced digital media personnel to help grow their business. This is the only way companies can stay before their competition.

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