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Building Your Home From the Ground Up



Building Your Home From the Ground Up

If you’re in the market for a house and can’t find one suitable to your needs, sometimes the best answer is to build your own. While building your home from the ground up gives you complete control over its contents, it’s more involved than simply purchasing property from a realtor.

Buying a Plot

The first step in building your own house is buying a plot. Without adequate land for the designs you have in mind, your construction may fail before it starts. Your lot needs to be big enough for the home you plan to build, as well as any outbuildings or gardens you intend to have. 

You need to plan for the size of your lot, but you also need to plan for time. A land development project is no quick thing. It may take several months for just the main building to be finished, not counting any outbuildings or landscaping. Make sure you have somewhere to stay during that time.

Designing Your Home

The second step in building your own house is designing what you want it to look like. While the outside of the building may have HOA regulations you have to abide by, you get full control over the inside of your home. Whether your tastes run toward farmhouse chic or modern maximalism, you can use the building period to get the furniture and decor pieces you plan on using for your home. 

Moving In

Once your home is built and your decorations are in place, it’s time to move in. If your building project went according to plan, you have a brand new home that’s ready for you and your family. Depending on where you settled, you may be in a subdivision with more new homes around you or surrounded by nothing but open land. Either way, enjoy the house you have built and the dream you’re just starting.



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