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Breaking news Award winning filmmaker Romane A. Simon just wrap on the new film #FamilyMan the movie



Breaking news Award-winning filmmaker just wrap on new film #FamilyMan the movie
  • [ ] Groundbreaking award-winning Director Author of Red to black-the power of love Romane

A. Simon Has done it again bringing us this heartfelt film #familyMan The Movie . Directing this movie he has really taken his love for the film above and beyond once again hitting the homes of so many of us and touching on what A lot of families are dealing with right inside their own Home In hopes that it can shine a light on other families all across the world once viewing our wrongs through film & Acting it can give a different view and also give you time to correct your mistakes as in real life there’s not always a second chance to do so.

  • [ ] Family man the movie has the most diverse cast all coming together on one sad story some of the most famous actors in the Film industry One being the Incredible Lester Speight also known as Rasta, He Has Been awarded significant recognition for his portrayal of Terry Tate an office Linebacker who Debuted during the Super Bowl xxxvi In a series of Reebok commercials he’s also famously and well known for his amazing portrayal of Augusta Cole in The Gear af War Series Of video games born in Baltimore Maryland and graduating from Morgan State University Lester has really achieved so much throughout his career And was also a professional wrestler from 1991-1998 And Now to his role in the movie family man the movie working under the direction of the talented Romane A. Simon on set Lester’s personality was humorous In outgoing he did not waste any time jumping right into character. Many of his costars while on set during the filming of this movie says that Lester was pleasant to work with and easy to be around. Lester is also famously known for his talent and groundbreaking performances in Transformers Dark Of the Moon as well as his amazing performance in Eddie Murphy’s blockbuster hit NORBIT just to name a few.

Accomplishments but yet turning one of them into another string accomplishments with god always on her side she has the support of her entire culture and many others Giovannie has shown her dedication and triumph along with her tare talent for her music is ENDLESS this year Giovannie with over a million Instagram followers reached another epic milestone in her life by having her very own billboard in California that she gives thanks to her support of Fe Yo We TV. also making her acting Debute on Romane A. Simon #FamilyMan movie

  • [ ] Then there was the moment that Simon introduced the OH SO FAMOUS & incredibly ground breaking award winning actor Isaac C. Singleton Jr. it took many of the cast members back in time and remembrance as child hearing a voice so strong soulful but intimidatingly powerful in some of the greatest ways as we listened to him before even seeing him inside of some Of our most amazing marvel creations like LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy: The Thanos Threat, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Black Panther, Warfighter, & Hunter Prey The 2009 Sci- fi/Thriller where he starred along side Damion Poitier who is a Philadelphia actor who had roles in Captain America: Civil War, Star Trek, Planet of the apes and the incredible film that broke amazing numbers with the role he played inside of Pirates of the Caribbean and to Now joining Amazingly talented creator & Director Romane Simon in the incredible family thriller #FamilyMan The Movie , this is not the first time Simon work with Issac as they also starred along side one another acting in Simon’s horror movie Our Way Original title: Fason Nou
  • [ ] Romane Simon did not stop there bringing in multiple groundbreaking talents like blaise Ffrench Actor model in NBA agent Ffrench with over 2 million Instagram followers is well known for his AthletiCo attributes and severe dedication to health and fitness Ffrench has paved so many opportunities as well as possibilities For a young man coming up into the game also showing complete diversity and all his talents making major moves as a brand builder for a body armor which just sold to Coca Cola for 5.6 Billion dollars, Ffrench early years of playing college basketball for Saint Petersons University And now bringing us his amazing performance in #FamilyMan The Movie.
  • [ ] #FamilyMan The Movie is about a mayor that feels he can have everything his way but that also comes with a price to pay. In the Film, the Mayor is played by award-winning actor Gregory Blair who immediately showed his versatility once onset and deeply got right into his character taking our souls into deep suspense Gregory targeted directly and deep into his emotions, seeing him on set and So vulnerably into his character was intriguingly entertaining & his lies and deceit were surlily believable on set, In fact, he had not only been deceiving his wife and child he also had been Deceiving the entire city . The same city that gave him an opportunity and trusted him to do right.
  • [ ] The Mayor’s Wife is played by Denise Milfort actress she is extremely talented and has appeared in some amazing movies Like Dead on Arrival The Repentance alongside the great Forest Whitaker Sanaa Lathan and Mike Epps shining her light with roles in the fantasy drama the notebook not to mention her role in dolomite is my name with the talented respected actors and comedians in the industry, Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Mike Epps, Chris Roc and Cody Smith McPhee just to name a few.
  • [ ] Simon was able to bring some really amazing people together.
  • Also working alongside him Jean-Phillipe R Beaulieu Who is an extremely big voice for the Haitian culture. Simon also brought in the big guns on this one by bringing in two of the biggest talented artist from the Caribbean Mikaben was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti this versatile artist is alternately a singer, composer, and producer. Accompanied by his guitar or full band, Mikaben is one of the rare artists of his generation to excel in all genres; whether the good old Haitian Compas, world music, the Antillean Zouk, or the dance hall, the Jamaican reggae, and RnB / HipHop.

Another talented artist- Olivier Duret Known Haitian Singer with Over 600,000 followers Born and raised in Haiti, Olivier Duret (Oli Duret) has been a professional singer for about 15 years, started with one of the top bands in Haiti, TVice, and is now performs solo in clubs, galas, cultural events, etc… mostly know for Haitian music he has traveled the world performing his hit songs “Toi et Moi”, “danre ra”, “ma cherie je t’aime” and so on.

  • [ ] Leading the cast is Raghuram Shetty Who plays The Family Man in this soulful Drama Film His amazing talent immediately shines through on set with his breathtaking performance and cry out to the entire community for the heartache of losing his family due to the mayor of his own town senseless volatile acts, Raghuram has really made a lot of people including his family who he shared the screen within the film.
  • [ ] You can expect to see some amazing great surprises apparently all through this movie like Giovannie with over a million instergram followers she’s a well-known artist whose love for her Haitian culture is beyond any expectations taking her talent next level with her songs appearing all over the county as well as all through film and television and now to her role in Family Man The Movie showing how talented her acting skills are in the film, bringing her gift to the big screen as an actress. Giovannie is also known for her partnership with BK Lobsters and her support in the opening and building of the brand for her culture to being the first time in history having their own tv channel FE YO WE’W showing us that nothing is impossible and that although she’s doing amazingly big things, she still had so much in store for us and that’s she’s not stopping.
  • Iyad Hajjaj Starred in NBC Comedy TV show Will & Grace (1998), Showtime Comedy show Black Monday (2019), CBS TV Show SEAL Team: Takedown (2018), USA TV show Shooter (2016), Amazon series Transparent (2014) & CBS TV show Madam Secretary (2014). Iyad Also played a Recurring Role on The Brink (2015) on HBO, Guest Starred on FOX TV show Touch.

Carla Perez is an American actress who played Rita Repulsa in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from season 2 onward.

  • [ ] With all this incredible talent plus so much more but just not enough space to talk about all the amazing talent And incredible actors in the film and music industry that Simon brought in on this project I mean it would literally take an entire magazine or newspaper of its own to write about all the amazing talent that #familyMan The Movie has under one roof, on one set coming together in one groundbreaking By the Great Director himself Romane A. Simon Has as he has once again done it again and wowed the cast away again to be part of such an amazing film to add to the many he has already Directed and Have Produced in Hollywood
  • the award-winning filmmaker Author of the best-selling novel Red to black-the power of love Romane A. Simon is known for a feature film that makes a lot of Noise “I am not for sale-the fight to end human trafficking” Starring Emmy Winner Judi Evans, Sean Faris, Golden Globe NOM Tom Sizemore, Denise Milfort.

Also “Hybristophilia” Starring Quinton Aaron from the blindside with Sandra Bullock, “Blood Runs Thick” Starring two famous soap stars Matthew Ashford and Judi Evans, “Dream I never had” Starring Malcolm McDowell and Robin Givens, “The downside of bliss” Starring Eric Roberts, Billy Zane and Judd Nelson from Breakfast club, Street Dreams Los Angeles starring Grammy winner Eric Bellinger, Lester Speight and “Life of Gia” based on true events just to name a few.

Simon stressed the point of his story that one should never give up on one’s dreams, no matter what keep following your dream. stay true to yourself and be the best version of yourself

  • Simon is definitely making His mark in the Film Industry,Movie networks and many other major platforms, And a Huge mark that has been for him and his production company Lucky Strike Films Studio LLC

Films website: Instagram:

written by Brooks Timbers:

2ND UNIT CO-DIRECTOR: David Jun Wang-Written by :Shawmus Sargent & Romane A. Simon Produced By Romane A. Simon

Starring: Prathibha Shetty-Gia Salazar-Aleix m. Bazzi -Luluva Kapadia-viravara Shetty-Cedric Dumornay-Ron Pucillo Mervin “Mark” Sarchet-Cary Phillips-Jean Philppe Beaulieu-Scott Williams-Taj Sethi -Marcelo Palacios Ruben R. Luna-Sebastien Large

Director of Photography Fabian J. Tehrani – 2ND UNIT DP VIBEZ

Opening & end credit Editing design by Edited by Ryan Robert Minford

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Great Resignation: How to beat Great Resignation with Employee Experience



Great Resignation: How to beat Great Resignation with Employee Experience

Great Resignation

The world was forever changed in late 2019 when the Coronavirus made its appearance. Countries shut down. Streets were empty. Companies held as best they could or were forced to close their doors. Many would believe that such an event would lead to employees wanting to hold on to their jobs. Typically, large numbers of resignations signify a good economy and abundant availability of jobs allowing people to follow passions instead of necessity.

Post-COVID employee experience is much different.

For two years, and some a bit more, people were forced to spend time alone, realigning the importance of human interaction, well-being, and happiness. This drive for more personal fulfilment, satisfaction, and growth stemmed The Great Resignation.

No longer were employees basing staying with jobs out of need or comfortability. Now they look for work-homelife balance, greater satisfaction and better employee experiences, or they will leave. So how do companies face this? How do they increase employee retention and improve employee engagement?

The secret is in employee experience.

Holistic Employee Experience

There are, of course, no quick fixes for the Great Resignation, small wins can motivate and drive longer-term goals for your organization. The Great Resignation—and COVID by extension—taught many employees that life meant so much more. That the daily grind working in offices with long commutes, stress, lack of rest or relaxation, and the hustle of strenuous work weeks while normal was not conducive to happiness and mental well-being.

But this shift can be used as a blueprint for better employee experience!

Companies who work on being human-centric in ideals, strategies, and decision-making can improve greatly their chances of stemming mass exodus. Post-covid employee experience is now the new golden standard, and it looks at taking a more comprehensive and holistic view of experiences.

How can you be more holistic and how does it help?

  1. Think beyond probationary periods – Your employees are more important than the first 30, 60, or 90 days of employment, and yet many companies stop professional development and training after these dates. Normalize career growth, evaluations, employee 360 reports, and feedback loops to keep learning and advancement in the scope of your employees. While doing this, you’re also keeping your strategies and Key Performance Indicators—KPIs—fresh as you go.
  2. Communication is key – Talk to your employees about what they need, want, desire, and what their ambitions may be. Learn your people like you want them to learn your company. With transparent and open communication, you are engaging with your employees and creating an environment of consistency, openness, and inclusion—aspects employees’ desire.
  3. Employee-centric Corporate Culture – It may seem like the best idea is to center your company culture around the company’s values, vision, and strategies, but this is only half the battle. Integrating employee experience into the fabric of company culture ensures the company is as focused on their employees’ happiness as their own. It creates a bond to grow engagement, which has an effect on employee satisfaction and experience. As these rates increase, so to can employee retention numbers and customer experiences.
  4. Life and work-balance Erasure – Should your employees have to ask for more work-life balance? No, they shouldn’t. When built directly into work environments or expectations, it becomes something standard instead of something to be sought after. Examples of this could be:
    1. Flex hours
    1. Unlimited PTO
    1. Work-from-home or hybrid offerings
    1. Expanded benefits to include mental health and free resources
    1. Altered work hour schedules

Rise of Human Experience

Human Experience is a viewpoint that blends aspects of customer experience with employee experience, important in a post-COVID world. Instead of viewing them as separate entities entirely, companies can connect metrics and measurements of both to view a more comprehensive experience. Employees are customers—or potential ones—and as such, so too can customers become employees. With this view, it refocuses employee experiences in direct answer to the needs stemming The Great Resignation.

Ways you can use CX strategies within EX:

  1. Employee Journey Mapping – Like in customer experience, companies can work on mapping journeys for positions within the company overall, building in professional development and growth from the outset. They can then alter these journeys through personalization when an employee fills that role.
  2. Monitoring metrics – connect goals, milestones, and trajectories with metric directly linked to KPIs. Think employee net promoter score (eNPS), employee experience (EX), employee satisfaction (ESAT), and employee engagement (EE), for example, as they can correlate with operational success as well as customer success with your organization.
  3. View of employees – view your employees with the importance you view your customers. You cannot survive without either, and just as you court customer loyalty for more profitable relationships, so to can employee relations boost revenue, growth, and expansion.

Remote and Hybrid Work

One of the lasting effects of COVID was the desire to work from home or have the flexibility to. According to Gallup, nearly half of full-time working Americans—45%—are still working remotely.  White collar workers have even higher percentage, coming in at 70%. After the shutdown, many leaders were surprised to find employees still wanted to work remotely. The Pandemic exposed an internal need for conducive work environments and flexibility.

The office and all it entailed wasn’t as attractive as some leadership believed.

It was agile leadership who switched to maintaining remote or hybrid options who won out against competitors. Record job openings only further highlight how living is more important, and work can no longer be focused on only paying bills. Organizations who shift better with their employees retain talent better.

Remote work is not the only fix, but it does show how views of work’s place have vastly changed.

Act on Meaningful Feedback

Closing the loop between you and your employees is more important than ever before. Simply hearing them is not enough. Active, empathetic listening pair with actions on a consistent basis is the wining combination. Employees not only want to know they are heard but that their input is valued.

Regularly checking in with your employees, and not only attaching it to their performance, creates a culture of partnership.

Ways to gain meaningful feedback to inspire data-driven action:

  1. Employee 360 Review [LN1] [SP2] – not to be confused with an employee evaluation, the 360-degree review is a way for all employees to gain feedback from peers, subordinates, and managers to assist employee self-evaluation.
  2. Pulse checks – a powerful anonymous survey tool. Pulse checks are in between annual reviews and keep the feedback coming for HR initiatives, but it can also inform business strategies that are employee-focused as well.
  3. Surveys – From satisfaction to engagement, the best thing you can do is ask your employees. Working from assumptions can lead you down costly mistakes. By asking directly you can get their true opinions—think of using anonymity to influence candid responses.

Final Thoughts

The biggest takeaway from this is: employee experiences is an important part of operational success. The evolution of its importance and what it means cannot be discounted. Doing so can led to higher employee turnover rates and you won’t retain your best talent. As employee experience continues to change, the forward-thinking companies with innovative leadership will make it to the top.

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