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Blake Lively’s Amazon Baby register is price looking



Blake Lively’s Amazon Baby register is price looking

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now the parents of three—though the exact timing of number three’s arrival is still shrouded in some mystery. We know lively gave birth recently, though, and a new tweet from Reynolds seems to confirm that another daughter has joined big sisters James and Inez.

Now Lively is joining the ranks of celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Jennifer Lawrence by sharing her registry (this one of the baby variety) on Amazon.

“I understand how overwhelming it is to be a new parent. What they don’t tell you is it never gets less overwhelming, but with each kid, I do learn more,” she says on the site. “Before I had my first, I was lucky enough to have the parents in my life who I trusted most share their ‘must-haves’ with me. I hope to do the same for you with my baby registry picks. Good luck!

You’re gonna would like it.” (Along with sharing her favorite products, the actress is also donating to Child Rescue Coalition, a nonprofit organization that helps save children from sexual abuse and is a cause she’s passionate about.)

Does Lively have an entire section of the registry devoted to sustainable on-the-go essentials? “I thought carrying around my cups and bowls, etc., would make my life more hectic. I was wrong,” she says on the site. “Not only did it organize and simplify everything I need for my babies and myself, but most significantly, it helps to teach my kids DAILY the importance of being thoughtful about our choices. They appreciate seeing easy ways they can participate in protecting our planet and their future. We don’t go anywhere without these pieces now.”

And not everything is just for baby.

Lively conjointly designated things that will facilitate fellow moms.

“It’s easier to take care of everyone else instead of ourselves. But it all starts with us mamas. Here are some basics, as well as some special treats,” she said.

A lively conjointly designated various array of books for small ones.