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We have been tipped off that there is an exciting new thriller that is due to be released on Halloween 2020 directed by Ryan McGonagle called ‘Black Pumpkin’.

“On October 31, 2018, two preteens in a small town, accidentally awaken an evil that has lain dormant for decades. They are forced to survive through a terrifying Halloween night of cat-and-mouse, from the monster known as “Bloody Bobby.”

We caught up with Ellie Patrikios the lead actress in this exciting new film to tell us more information without the spoilers!

Hi Ellie, it’s really nice to meet you. Please tell us about ‘Black Pumpkin’ in your own words:

The film’s history goes back to 1988 in Fall Creek Valley. The town is turned upside down by the disappearance of 10 year-old Bobby Maxwell who disappeared the night of Halloween, and twenty years later, he seeks revenge on his tormentors, marking Halloween his day of ‘Purge’. The house that was once Bobby Maxwell’s childhood home now belongs to the Peterson family (my family in the film)… so of course with that and (in the film) with Halloween coming up what, “next week?” Next week!! Who knows what could happen?!
Scary thought…


Who do you play in the film?

I play teenage tomboy Laurie Peterson.

Tell us about that character:

Laurie’s is a 17 year old American teenager who lives with her Mum, a Medical Nurse, and her two siblings Regan and Elliot. Laurie’s popular amongst her friends at Fall Creek Valley High School, she’s in a tight clique; Britney (Jordyn Lucas – The Goldbergs), Phoebe (Malaak Hataab – Little Shrink, Meth Head)  and Ashley (Alix Lane – An Act Of Love, TV Series – Guidance) dating school hottie Flash played by (MTV’s Wild ‘N Out) Matt Rife, but also has a high school nemesis, Karolyi Osbourn played by Brittany Belt (Mother’s Day, Without A Trace, The Ex List) who used to be her old best friend.

What was it like playing somebody much younger than yourself?

Thankfully, I am still yet to outgrow my face. I can’t deny the fact it did take some work to convince the producers that I was able to play this role. Their main concern was my British Accent, and that this character was a US teenager. I’ve never worked so hard, so quickly, because I wanted this role so much.

How do you relate to Laurie Peterson’s character?

Not too long ago, I was also once a teenager, and I still remember the days being moody, emotional, and so upset about simple things -like not being able to attend some high school party. If that were to happen now, I would probably just be like “Ok” and carry on with the day.

So when finding how to relate to Laurie Peterson, it was simply to relocate me 7 years ago, but also the main focus was to fully take in my environment. This was never a challenge to do, because the set design, SFX, makeup, and wardrobe was always so well thought out and engineered to create a believable environment.

Where was ‘Black Pumpkin’ filmed?

A lot of it was filmed in Reseda CA, the high school scenes were filmed in San Pedro we filmed in the forest, and we also used a lot of neighborhood streets for driving and walking shots.

What was is like working with the director?

Working with Ryan McGonagle was awesome, he is big teddy bear family man, and very approachable –he made me feel part of the film and the moment instantaneously. It’s pretty much because of him, that I listened to The Eagles almost daily, from the set to this day.

I remember him telling me “Ellie, no to The Beatles and yes to the Eagles!” -as he was doing his best to keep my US accent consistent.

How did you get on with the rest of the cast?

It was like family, from the cast to the crew! Every day walking on set, hugging and greeting every one, commenting on their wild t-shirts (the crew always had the best t-shirts!!!) to being handed a coffee and taken to the Make-Up room where make-up artist Hannah Sherer would do her thing -and we’d be singing, catching up on life, to getting ready with costume designer Jacob Kosarian where I would give him new daily continuity challenges he would harness with love and wit (my character has a lot of action, so wardrobe sometimes would get  dismantled, especially fishnet tights!).

Producer Shaeda Moghaddam became my second mother. She provided so much care and attention for all the cast and crew, catering the most delicious Persian food for us! It was a real treat, and a joy to sit outside with all the cast and crew each day to enjoy it.

I absolutely adore my ‘film family’, Tasha Dixon as my Mum, Gemma Allen as my little sister and Dogen Eyeler as my younger brother. It was so easy and believable having them as my family, we had so much fun filming together, and in a weird way, it felt like I still had siblings when we wrapped.

The environment was always fun, we had Grayson Throne Kilpatrick and his rubix cube that he could figure before I could blink my eyes playing Pork Chops, who in the film you’ll see is always at the Peterson’s house with Elliot, plotting, planning -who knows! I remember how excited I was to get to set each day, and how I cried my eyes out when we wrapped filming. I still connect with the cast and crew to date and love them very much.

Can you tell us what happens to Laurie’s character?

Laurie has to stay at home and babysit her brother and sister on Halloween, as Mum has to take on a longer shift at the hospital. The good news is, while Regan and Elliot are trick or treating with Pork Chops, I have the house to myself and can finally have Flash over for some undisturbed alone-time.


When will the film be released?

I have a spooking suspicion it’s going to be released Halloween 2020, but I’m not 100% sure.

Will there be a sequel? (You can say it’s part of a trilogy)!

It has been rumored as of now that there will be a sequel, ‘Black Pumpkin 2: Bloodline’. I did read the director’s treatment and my jaw-dropped! It’s too good of a storyline, with multi character driver narrative, drawing two into one into an epic conquest.

Have you been cast to play in the sequel?

Yes (smiling) it is rumored!

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Ellie and best of luck with everything!

Thank you as well!


Below are some links for the film:






Watch Ellie Patrikios’s show reel below:


Top 10 Weebly Responsive Themes




Top 10 Weebly Responsive Themes

Weebly hardly needs an introduction, as it’s one of the best website building platforms. No matter what kind of website you’re going for, it has all the right tools to help you. However, it lacks one important thing, which is Weebly themes.

You can find quality themes as well since Weebly doesn’t really offer much customization on its own platform. Whether you have a blog or an eCommerce website, there are plenty of themes to choose from. 

These themes are responsive, so they’ll work seamlessly on every kind of screen, ensuring your visitors get the best experience. Plus, they are very easy to work with, which is what Weebly is all about anyways.

Here we have ten such custom Weebly themes from Bamboo Studios that cover a wide range of business needs. Some are free while others are paid as they are premium templates. These templates are easy to customize, allowing you to shake up the things and have the website your way. 

Best Weebly Business Website Theme


The Infiniti template is all business. This professional-looking theme is ideal for businesses that offer services in industries such as finance, consultation, law, and construction. 

This premium template from Bamboo Studio is priced at $40. You can also utilize Weebly apps to add more functionalities to your branding website. Also, you can easily change the colors to match your company’s logo colors. 

Best Weebly Blog Theme


Lamentia is a great template for blogs that utilize a lot of imagery. This rich theme has more of a visual aesthetic with a minimal layout so that the focus is entirely on the images. If you’re a photographer, designer, or artist, this would be a perfect theme for your blog. 

This theme costs $27, which is a good bargain. You get all the basic features with the theme that make it very easy to use on your website. 

Best Weebly Portfolio Themes


The Linen theme has a clean aesthetic with a focus on design and media. It’s a great theme to showcase your craft to potential clients. Its responsive design means the website will show images fully optimized for the device your visitor is using, which can significantly improve the experience. 

This one is also for $40 and is best for artists, photographers, designers, and studios. 


No matter what type of freelancer you are, you can use the Craft theme to your advantage. With a bright and clean white backdrop, this theme is a blend of professionalism and creativity. It has a modern, minimalistic approach that focuses on the text and images, while also creating easy navigation. 

This is a free theme, which makes it ideal for freelancers who may not want to spend a lot of money to create their portfolio. 

Best Weebly eCommerce Themes


Bailey is a beautiful theme for online stores that helps grab the attention of the visitor. With very easy navigation, it ensures the visitor doesn’t have any difficulties moving through webpages. Plus, it has a minimalistic look, so the focus remains on the products. 

For $33, you can have this premium template and use apps to add even more shopping features to your store.


Vous is a versatile theme that can be tweaked for any kind of store. Whether you’re selling apparel or sports equipment, you can use this template to create a nice and clean website. This one is also priced at $33. 

Best Weebly One-Page Themes


The X theme makes a one-page website look like multiple pages with some color blocking. It makes navigation pretty simple, and the responsive design helps retain visitors. You can be even more creative and make the website richer, as it’s versatile enough to be simple or content-rich. 

The X theme costs $40 and comes with full-help documentation, in case you’re new at this. 


The Monarch theme is ideal for the restaurant and catering industry. Its design is specifically targeted to this particular industry. You can have text in a beautiful font with images of your food and menu. 

The white background is pretty universal, so will work with any type of restaurant, no matter what type of cuisine they offer. This theme costs $33. 


Finder is a one-page Weebly theme that highlights the images on the website. If your purpose is to showcase the images, this one-page theme should do the job well. It can be ideal for travel agents, hotels, restaurants, gyms, etc. 

Finder costs $33 as a premium template. 

Best Weebly Blank Pages Theme


Serene has a clean aesthetic and a Splash layout. You can create blank pages for announcements or limited time offers on your website. At $33, it’s versatile enough for portfolios, branding, and business websites. 

Bamboo Studios is your one-stop solution for themes. No matter what kind of theme you’re looking for, they’ll have something exciting. 

Beautiful Weebly Website Examples

I know sometime you might feel lost between so many options available out there, to save the headache, have a look at this collection of amazing Weebly website examples those have been created by Baamboo Studio’s Weebly themes. You could totally get inspired or pick the theme which built the most relevant websites that you like. 

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The Changing Face of Tarot Readings – From Obscurity to Ubiquity




Changing Face of Tarot Readings

Tarot cards

Tarot card was a playing card in the mid 14th century. It passes a long way to gain such popularity that you can find someone who can read tarot cards or offer services. But finding the best tarot card reading services or whom you can trust is hard work but not that challenging in this digital world. 

Current situations among people and law force institute

According to the recent survey, one out of seven in the united states is going to a fortune teller. Most people believe in them also reckon that this card will bring good to them by following its spirituality. 

Most of the time, this fortune teller does operate within themselves. They do not have to follow any certain rules and regulations. You can find out fortune teller in around every block in a new work city. With the growing popularity, some of the frauds are coming out. So govt is coming out to help innocent people by applying rules like registration and charging a bit to run this business.

According to the law in force agency, this is a trendy business and growing massively in the rescission time, so govt can not leave people open to fraud. Though it is tough to deter lousy practice but having some regulation will help massively.

To overcome this fraud issue, some parts of us and other countries have their spiritual groups and community to practice and underlines their own rules and regulations.

Reputation Within People and Its Spread All Over

Tarot is so trendy that now a day party is organized where a tarot reader will perform his performance. This is mostly free, or the fortune teller takes a minimal charge. Moreover, some of the corporates also arrange these sorts of parties where they offset card reader expenses.

This individual and official party have its ground, but with having a dotcom bubble up in recent years tarot is going further close to people’s hands. You can easily have free or paid access to a website that offers you tarot services or tips and tricks on how to read these cards. It is not stopped here; you can also use a smartphone to get instant messages or use some kind of app to get these services.

Moreover, satellite tv and the digital platform also dedicate individual channels to show programs related to tarot card reading.

Tarot Card History

Some believe that Tarot cards are originated in Egypt. They also refer to a book that survives from the great fire that occurred and burned Egyptian libraries. This is a belief for some groups of people.

The Tarot card was from the 14th century, but most establish origin starts from 1440, when the duke of Milan requests several decks of “triumph” cards to be used at a special event. Trump cards are also known as playing cards. It was like a bridge game, including 22 symbolic cards, not like any suit. They called this game tarocchi, which is the Italian version of the French word tarot.

In the year of 1781, a paradigm shift when french and English occult found tarot cards. They observe simple symbolic cards have more meaning than simple trump cards. This group remarked this as s divine tool and wrote about the tarot. After this, tarot became a part of the occult philosophy and gained popularity in spirituality.

As you know, how much tarot reach towards ordinary people. You would be more surprised to learn around 3 million posts with having hashtag tarot are on the Instagram platform. Besides, some of the world superstars also believe to visit regularly to psychics. Thus far, tarot reaches until now from its ancient origin.

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Why the car owners should get the car serviced regularly?




car owners

car owners

Servicing is very much important for every owner of the car because many times the owners are highly dependent upon the cars at the time of traveling from one place to another. In case any of the unwanted things happen in the car then it can break down. So, to reduce this particular intensity of the loss it is highly recommended for the individuals to indulge themselves into proper and regular servicing of the car so that everything can be insured in terms of condition and quality.

Following are some of the points that are the reasons why one should get car regularly serviced:

-It will help in ensuring the safety and security of everybody: The basic and most important reason for regularly servicing the car is that it will help in providing complete security to the people traveling on the road in that particular ca_r. There are several kinds of reasons for car accidents as the most common one is car neglect.

In case the car is not serviced properly then it can lead to several kinds of issues, for example, faulty steering wheel and issues with braking systems. So, the car should be regularly serviced, and taking care of the car is a very important point to be considered at the end of the car owner so that all such issues can be avoided before arising.

-The individuals should go for service because it will help in preventing the malfunctioning: In case a car will be regularly serviced then all the roadside emergencies will not be there or the chances of being there will significantly reduce and the car owners can very easily avoid all the unnecessary things. The unnecessary things here mean the cost of towing a car, hiring the mechanics, and finding a temporary car on the highway in case any of the issues occur.

So, to avoid all these kinds of malfunctions it is highly preferable and advisable for all the car owners to get their car regularly serviced. Whenever the car will be sent to check up all the potential problems can be found very easily and they will be fixed before they become bigger which will help in saving a lot of money and the efforts of the car owner.

-It will help in increasing the car performance: Whenever there will be a regular check on the car health and all other things associated for example car fluids, oil, and other things then the wear and tear will significantly reduce and it will have a direct impact on the performance of the car.

Hence, there is no doubt in believing that a well-maintained car is always considered to be more protective and helps to provide a very smooth ride to the individuals. So, to get the most out of the car the individuals must get it regularly serviced.

-It will help in ensuring proper fuel efficiency: Another most important thing associated with the car owners and their cars is the mileage aspect and fuel usage of the car. A car that is very low in terms of fuel efficiency will always use more of the fuel and will lead to more expenses for the car owner.

So, all the car owners should get their cars regularly serviced and checked by the professionals so that all changes can be done on a regular basis and smoothness the whole journey of the car will be ensured all the time.

-It is considered to be a great way of prolonging the life of the car: Whenever any of the cars will be maintained periodically then malfunctioning of the car will be significantly prevented and it will have a direct impact on the performance and fuel efficiency of the car which will ultimately strengthen and prolong its life. So, regular servicing will always help to make sure that the car is always in the top-notch condition and it will always help in adding longer years of usage for the car owner. So, the stress levels of the car owners will significantly reduce with a well maintained and regularly serviced car.

-The pollution levels will significantly reduce: Whenever a particular car will be regularly serviced and checked by the professionals then the carbon emission of that particular car will be significantly reduced in the atmosphere because all the cars which are improperly serviced are not paid proper attention in terms of maintenance and services will produce poisonous emissions into the environment that can cause several kinds of issues other than harming the environment.

-It will lead to a lower cost of the operation: Whenever any of the cars are considered to be well serviced or well-maintained then the cost of driving and dealing with all the operations will be significantly lower because it will lead to no extra money to the individual.

Any car in the case is broke down then can lead to several kinds of issues and can even lead to wastage of valuable time of the individuals. So, it is highly advisable to get the car regularly checked and serviced by the professionals to achieve the overall goals of the lower cost of operation.

-The individuals should also create a maintenance record: The maintenance record will always help in making sure that the car is significantly improved in terms of services and it will also help in ensuring a good resale value. Warranties will also help in keeping a service check that will help in ensuring the validity of the car. So, scheduling the maintenance will also help in keeping an automatic record of car maintenance to avail of several kinds of benefits associated with it.

Hence, in case any of the individuals want to get the car regularly serviced and checked by the professionals then one must go with the option of availing the services of so that everything is being undertaken by the most professional people and the owners of the car have complete peace of mind throughout the whole scenario.

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