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We have been tipped off that there is an exciting new thriller that is due to be released on Halloween 2020 directed by Ryan McGonagle called ‘Black Pumpkin’.

“On October 31, 2018, two preteens in a small town, accidentally awaken an evil that has lain dormant for decades. They are forced to survive through a terrifying Halloween night of cat-and-mouse, from the monster known as “Bloody Bobby.”

We caught up with Ellie Patrikios the lead actress in this exciting new film to tell us more information without the spoilers!

Hi Ellie, it’s really nice to meet you. Please tell us about ‘Black Pumpkin’ in your own words:

The film’s history goes back to 1988 in Fall Creek Valley. The town is turned upside down by the disappearance of 10 year-old Bobby Maxwell who disappeared the night of Halloween, and twenty years later, he seeks revenge on his tormentors, marking Halloween his day of ‘Purge’. The house that was once Bobby Maxwell’s childhood home now belongs to the Peterson family (my family in the film)… so of course with that and (in the film) with Halloween coming up what, “next week?” Next week!! Who knows what could happen?!
Scary thought…


Who do you play in the film?

I play teenage tomboy Laurie Peterson.

Tell us about that character:

Laurie’s is a 17 year old American teenager who lives with her Mum, a Medical Nurse, and her two siblings Regan and Elliot. Laurie’s popular amongst her friends at Fall Creek Valley High School, she’s in a tight clique; Britney (Jordyn Lucas – The Goldbergs), Phoebe (Malaak Hataab – Little Shrink, Meth Head)  and Ashley (Alix Lane – An Act Of Love, TV Series – Guidance) dating school hottie Flash played by (MTV’s Wild ‘N Out) Matt Rife, but also has a high school nemesis, Karolyi Osbourn played by Brittany Belt (Mother’s Day, Without A Trace, The Ex List) who used to be her old best friend.

What was it like playing somebody much younger than yourself?

Thankfully, I am still yet to outgrow my face. I can’t deny the fact it did take some work to convince the producers that I was able to play this role. Their main concern was my British Accent, and that this character was a US teenager. I’ve never worked so hard, so quickly, because I wanted this role so much.

How do you relate to Laurie Peterson’s character?

Not too long ago, I was also once a teenager, and I still remember the days being moody, emotional, and so upset about simple things -like not being able to attend some high school party. If that were to happen now, I would probably just be like “Ok” and carry on with the day.

So when finding how to relate to Laurie Peterson, it was simply to relocate me 7 years ago, but also the main focus was to fully take in my environment. This was never a challenge to do, because the set design, SFX, makeup, and wardrobe was always so well thought out and engineered to create a believable environment.

Where was ‘Black Pumpkin’ filmed?

A lot of it was filmed in Reseda CA, the high school scenes were filmed in San Pedro we filmed in the forest, and we also used a lot of neighborhood streets for driving and walking shots.

What was is like working with the director?

Working with Ryan McGonagle was awesome, he is big teddy bear family man, and very approachable –he made me feel part of the film and the moment instantaneously. It’s pretty much because of him, that I listened to The Eagles almost daily, from the set to this day.

I remember him telling me “Ellie, no to The Beatles and yes to the Eagles!” -as he was doing his best to keep my US accent consistent.

How did you get on with the rest of the cast?

It was like family, from the cast to the crew! Every day walking on set, hugging and greeting every one, commenting on their wild t-shirts (the crew always had the best t-shirts!!!) to being handed a coffee and taken to the Make-Up room where make-up artist Hannah Sherer would do her thing -and we’d be singing, catching up on life, to getting ready with costume designer Jacob Kosarian where I would give him new daily continuity challenges he would harness with love and wit (my character has a lot of action, so wardrobe sometimes would get  dismantled, especially fishnet tights!).

Producer Shaeda Moghaddam became my second mother. She provided so much care and attention for all the cast and crew, catering the most delicious Persian food for us! It was a real treat, and a joy to sit outside with all the cast and crew each day to enjoy it.

I absolutely adore my ‘film family’, Tasha Dixon as my Mum, Gemma Allen as my little sister and Dogen Eyeler as my younger brother. It was so easy and believable having them as my family, we had so much fun filming together, and in a weird way, it felt like I still had siblings when we wrapped.

The environment was always fun, we had Grayson Throne Kilpatrick and his rubix cube that he could figure before I could blink my eyes playing Pork Chops, who in the film you’ll see is always at the Peterson’s house with Elliot, plotting, planning -who knows! I remember how excited I was to get to set each day, and how I cried my eyes out when we wrapped filming. I still connect with the cast and crew to date and love them very much.

Can you tell us what happens to Laurie’s character?

Laurie has to stay at home and babysit her brother and sister on Halloween, as Mum has to take on a longer shift at the hospital. The good news is, while Regan and Elliot are trick or treating with Pork Chops, I have the house to myself and can finally have Flash over for some undisturbed alone-time.


When will the film be released?

I have a spooking suspicion it’s going to be released Halloween 2020, but I’m not 100% sure.

Will there be a sequel? (You can say it’s part of a trilogy)!

It has been rumored as of now that there will be a sequel, ‘Black Pumpkin 2: Bloodline’. I did read the director’s treatment and my jaw-dropped! It’s too good of a storyline, with multi character driver narrative, drawing two into one into an epic conquest.

Have you been cast to play in the sequel?

Yes (smiling) it is rumored!

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Ellie and best of luck with everything!

Thank you as well!


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Why you should hire a top appeal lawyer




hire a top appeal lawyer

The trial attorneys should not deal with the appeal as they may find them underpaying. This underestimation is usually the result of several factors. Prosecuting counsel often takes more time than appealing counsel because the procedures governing appeals are not familiar to the proceeding and have no experience in the development of efficient methods of dealing with an appeal.

The challenge can be overcome by a competent Robert Sirianni top appeal lawyer at Brownstone Law. Effective advocacy of appeals involves long experiences. This skill is supported by regular expertise as an appellate lawyer. There is no alternative for a consistent learning experience in properly digesting and summarization of records, isolating issues from records, writing appropriate briefs, and making convincing oral arguments.

An appeal lawyer can add a new perspective.

The lawyer understands the evidence as a part of their experiences. It has its benefits, but it’s also inconvenient since no matter how good a lawyer can be, this immersion level generates blind spots. A good lawyer develops and gives the court a core theory. The lawyer must, therefore, choose a few paths compared with others.

The court present concerns regarding the documents or issues which are not yet addressed by any parties. The lawyers from both sides are so busy in their fights that the Court of Appeal takes care of the concerns where they had no issue or portions of the record.

The toughest questions against lawyers are about those issues they had never taken into account. In their approaches to their cases, they had tunnel vision.

An appeal lawyer examines the case freshly and is in the same position as an appeal judge in this respect. This perspective can enable the team to correct its course when needed, and develop a core theory of appeal based on the actual record, and not the expected record. The appeal lawyer must look at the whole thing more honestly and thoroughly than the prosecutor.

An appeal lawyer understands the appeal judges.

Judges of all trials and appeals follow orders to enforce the rules fairly and correctly. But they address problems from different places: a trial court reflects views on the evidence and has developments based on the level of the event.

In contrast, an appeal court usually sees the case for the first time as the judge begins reading the briefs. The parties have one or two briefs and then an argument to prove their points. An appeal lawyer has the expertise and knowledge to help leverage these resources and utilize this time and space.

However, just as importantly, the attorney at appeal understands the importance of implementing the correct standard of review properly by the appellant judges, effectively developing the law in the circle of appeals and creating no precedent that would stifle proceedings.

To explore the third point, appeal judges are careful, to consider whether or not their judgments open the door for frivolous cases and create fact-intensive questions. It may drain future litigants’ resources from the courts or mislead the issue of law in ways that prevent parties from resolving disputations without a dispute.

An appeal lawyer knows how to highlight the record and construct the case on appeal.

An appeal attorney may identify and define the mistakes of the court of appeal with the most efficiency. Simultaneously, an appellate lawyer has little involvement in the subsequent case and may take a more cautious view on whether to reject — which is necessary for having a successful appellate. Experience with appeals also helps the attorney to measure the arguments more than hurt.

Every problem or argument they will add to your briefing has a considerable cost. Using weak claims dilutes and takes away the good points from the trial. Effective briefs and the preparation at an appeal level for oral argument are unique competencies that do not entirely overlap with the competence of a trial lawyer. Thus it can add considerable value if you include an attorney with appeal experience in your team.


The judges can quickly find out whether the attorney is a talented individual, his legal competencies, and how much the lawyer can be counted upon. The competent appellant can give this kind of knowledge of the judges to the court, which the trial practitioner cannot have in most of the instances. It does not always mean that the appeal practitioner always wins. However, it does mean that the well-deserved practicing appeal lawyer captivates the courts’ attention and sincere interest.

An experienced appeal lawyer will understand what the court believes. Instead of any factual issues, those are of no interest to the bench. The experienced practitioner will know how to write the statement of the case and what type of writing will catch the attention of the judges. They also correctly understand how to frame issues so that the appeal court can be impressed and increases the chances of winning the case.

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Look, it is very important for us to understand the value of an optical comparator because when we work in a lab or industrial environment, we need to use the optical comparators so that we can have the close look at even the small parts of the machines and devices. Optical comparators are literally the best devices in the optics world and yes, they have created a big difference in the usual testing and measurement processes. Optical comparators are easy to operate devices. They give accurate results and authentic views.

The use of optical comparators is so significant. In order to do the material testing in the laboratories, the researchers use the optical comparators as they give them a clear picture of the object that they want to see in the magnified form. The most important use of the optical comparators is in the industries where the machines are made and are utilized for carrying out the processes.

With the help of an optical comparator, this becomes much feasible for the examiner to see if the part is perfect to be fixed in the machine. The lenses are exceptionally great as they show the image in the wider form which makes it easy for the viewer to see the diameter, length, radius, and circumference of the smallest screws, nuts, bolts, etc. This blog is here that can let you know about the uses of the optical comparators. Read this out and see what you understand.


The optical comparators that are used in industries are of the next level. Yes, they are reliable and have the most incredible resolution. The magnification power is absolutely amazing. Optical comparators are of high significance as they keep the viewer aware of the structure of the part of the machine that he wants to check. The magnitude of the usage of the device is just outstanding. You cannot find anything like that of an optical comparator as this device is totally exceptional.

This was not possible once, for anyone, to see the smallest objects for accurate measurement and inspection, but with the help of this device, it became easy. The optical comparator is the best invention in the history of optics, indeed. Knowing the fact that an optical comparator is used in the large set-ups where the machines are manufactured and are operated, we must first check if the operator is facing any difficulty while handling the device or while observing the view. This can give us a clear picture.

For the sake of getting information about the best quality optical comparators, you must read about the companies that are known for making the advance and durable optical comparators. The cost may vary from company to company and features to features.


All in all, the quality of the lenses and other parts of the optical comparators are always good but yes, in some cases the compromise is seen in the quality which is, of course, an unignorable thing. If you are planning to buy an optical comparator that can be with you in the long run, then you must look for the companies that are highly rated in this regard. Approaching them will not disappoint you at all.

The average optical comparators are not reliable and nobody should use them. Optical comparators are no doubt the best devices that should be used in every industrial or lab set-up and hence, investing in them is absolutely fine. Optical comparators are worth-having especially if they are having all the advanced features and upgraded properties. However, the basic function remains simple and facile.

There are different qualities of the optical comparators that one must consider before buying. It is the decision that should be made very smartly. Optical comparators are available even online. You can buy an optical comparator from the company through online means. This is one of the easiest ways that you can follow.


For sure, talking about the handling, the results, the operation, and the accuracy of the optical comparators is certainly very important. In almost every industry where machines are made, the optical comparators are used excessively because of the unbelievable suitability it offers to the users and the highest level of accuracy it gives to the results.

All the advantages of the optical comparators can be summed up in the statement that without an optical comparator, it was impossible to even make a watch that is there resting on your wrist right at the moment. So, this is the reason that the optical comparators have always been the number 1 choice among all the other optical instruments.

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New technologies in the family in 2020




In the last years of the 20th century and the first years of the 21st century, we are witnessing unprecedented new technologies advances in the framework of the so-called «Digital Revolution», which means that many of our sons and daughters spend many hours in front of screens; television, video game monitor, mobile, computer …

From this starting point, we should not prohibit our children from using these advances, but we must be careful with them and control their use, know what our children are doing, achieve a rational use of television, the Internet, video games … being In these cases, the family is a direct supervisor of the contents of the programs, games, or websites that our children frequent … Next, we will make a few brief comments on the different technological means and some precautions that can be taken in this regard.

 Television :

Today television is a fully integrated element in homes and contributes to occupy the leisure time of the whole family. Television content can often be criticized, both in its programming and in the advertising it includes, and although we may be critical in its reception, our children are not so critical. In this sense, it is important that we know what our children are seeing, perhaps watch a series with them, talk about what is happening … With this, we intend to make them have their feet on the ground so that they know how to differentiate between the real and the fantastic, and the dangerous. and the accessible.

Therefore, it will be important that television occupies your space in a commonplace and not in children’s rooms. It should be borne in mind that the rooms must be intended for rest and study, with television being an element of distraction.

Videogames :

Currently, there are a large number of students who have a video game console in their homes with games that on many occasions we do not even know what they are about. As in the previous case, we have to protect our children from certain junk games that educate in values ​​different from those we want to transmit. When it comes to selecting games, let’s not let them decide for themselves.

We must favor a rational use of them. To achieve this, the following tips can be taken into account:

Choose a game that allows you to record the part of the game that has been played.

Choose games that allow more than one player to intervene, which favors playing collectively.

Avoid games that have an endless number of screens (they generate anxiety by not seeing the moment to reach the end).

Avoid games that encourage violence and destruction.

If possible, we should also encourage our children to use educational, simulation, sports, or adventure games that meet the above characteristics, can serve as a distraction, and at the same time train and develop their intelligence.

It should be noted here, that you will not only have to have some control over the type of game-used, but also the time spent on it. There are children who do not “get hooked” on these types of devices, but others find it very difficult to stop playing at any given time, half-leave a game, not play for a whole day … To avoid this type of ” addiction »to games, it will be useful for us to delimit a time in their use, that they cannot access it whenever they want and in an unlimited way, sometimes their use could be subject to the proper completion of tasks.

 Mobile :

As we pointed out before, the improvement of technologies has had a significant impact also on communications. Today many of our students have their own mobile to communicate with their friends. Control in this area seems clearer due to the expense that it can entail if its use is excessive, but it can also lead to important risks to take into account:

Excessively frequent contacts with almost unknown people, if your son or daughter gives the phone to people they only know for a day or even through contacts from the Internet.

Obsession with the mobile that sometimes makes them shut themselves up in their world of communications with equals from a virtual point of view.

New technologies

Internet on the mobile: some of them have the option to connect from their own mobile to the network, this can lead to the same risks that I will pose in the case of the Internet but with fewer limitations when having access to it at any time and time. (note, keep in mind that although our son does not have an internet contract, there are mobiles that can be connected through the wi-fi connection in certain places.


It is clear that the network offers innumerable advantages for knowledge and is a useful tool with easy accessibility, but misuse can generate family risks:

boys and girls who isolate themselves from the world in front of the computer, people who base their personal relationships on cyber contacts … in addition to the accessibility that all violent content, pornography also have … With all this, we should not be scared, but be prudent and take into account certain tips in its use:

Talk to our sons and daughters about what they do and find on the Internet.

I agree with them that they do not provide personal or family information through the network, calmly explaining the risks that these actions entail.

Be careful with mail and attachments from unknown people.

To be interested in the friendships of your sons and daughters online, especially in the chat systems, instant messaging (Messenger) and social networks (tuenti, Facebook …), we must know with whom our children are communicating and warn them of the lies that there may be in that sense in the network.

Set aside a generous time for your children to use the internet but for a specific time, it is appropriate that the computer, as in the case of television, be placed in a common area.

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