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We have been tipped off that there is an exciting new thriller that is due to be released on Halloween 2020 directed by Ryan McGonagle called ‘Black Pumpkin’.

“On October 31, 2018, two preteens in a small town, accidentally awaken an evil that has lain dormant for decades. They are forced to survive through a terrifying Halloween night of cat-and-mouse, from the monster known as “Bloody Bobby.”

We caught up with Ellie Patrikios the lead actress in this exciting new film to tell us more information without the spoilers!

Hi Ellie, it’s really nice to meet you. Please tell us about ‘Black Pumpkin’ in your own words:

The film’s history goes back to 1988 in Fall Creek Valley. The town is turned upside down by the disappearance of 10 year-old Bobby Maxwell who disappeared the night of Halloween, and twenty years later, he seeks revenge on his tormentors, marking Halloween his day of ‘Purge’. The house that was once Bobby Maxwell’s childhood home now belongs to the Peterson family (my family in the film)… so of course with that and (in the film) with Halloween coming up what, “next week?” Next week!! Who knows what could happen?!
Scary thought…


Who do you play in the film?

I play teenage tomboy Laurie Peterson.

Tell us about that character:

Laurie’s is a 17 year old American teenager who lives with her Mum, a Medical Nurse, and her two siblings Regan and Elliot. Laurie’s popular amongst her friends at Fall Creek Valley High School, she’s in a tight clique; Britney (Jordyn Lucas – The Goldbergs), Phoebe (Malaak Hataab – Little Shrink, Meth Head)  and Ashley (Alix Lane – An Act Of Love, TV Series – Guidance) dating school hottie Flash played by (MTV’s Wild ‘N Out) Matt Rife, but also has a high school nemesis, Karolyi Osbourn played by Brittany Belt (Mother’s Day, Without A Trace, The Ex List) who used to be her old best friend.

What was it like playing somebody much younger than yourself?

Thankfully, I am still yet to outgrow my face. I can’t deny the fact it did take some work to convince the producers that I was able to play this role. Their main concern was my British Accent, and that this character was a US teenager. I’ve never worked so hard, so quickly, because I wanted this role so much.

How do you relate to Laurie Peterson’s character?

Not too long ago, I was also once a teenager, and I still remember the days being moody, emotional, and so upset about simple things -like not being able to attend some high school party. If that were to happen now, I would probably just be like “Ok” and carry on with the day.

So when finding how to relate to Laurie Peterson, it was simply to relocate me 7 years ago, but also the main focus was to fully take in my environment. This was never a challenge to do, because the set design, SFX, makeup, and wardrobe was always so well thought out and engineered to create a believable environment.

Where was ‘Black Pumpkin’ filmed?

A lot of it was filmed in Reseda CA, the high school scenes were filmed in San Pedro we filmed in the forest, and we also used a lot of neighborhood streets for driving and walking shots.

What was is like working with the director?

Working with Ryan McGonagle was awesome, he is big teddy bear family man, and very approachable –he made me feel part of the film and the moment instantaneously. It’s pretty much because of him, that I listened to The Eagles almost daily, from the set to this day.

I remember him telling me “Ellie, no to The Beatles and yes to the Eagles!” -as he was doing his best to keep my US accent consistent.

How did you get on with the rest of the cast?

It was like family, from the cast to the crew! Every day walking on set, hugging and greeting every one, commenting on their wild t-shirts (the crew always had the best t-shirts!!!) to being handed a coffee and taken to the Make-Up room where make-up artist Hannah Sherer would do her thing -and we’d be singing, catching up on life, to getting ready with costume designer Jacob Kosarian where I would give him new daily continuity challenges he would harness with love and wit (my character has a lot of action, so wardrobe sometimes would get  dismantled, especially fishnet tights!).

Producer Shaeda Moghaddam became my second mother. She provided so much care and attention for all the cast and crew, catering the most delicious Persian food for us! It was a real treat, and a joy to sit outside with all the cast and crew each day to enjoy it.

I absolutely adore my ‘film family’, Tasha Dixon as my Mum, Gemma Allen as my little sister and Dogen Eyeler as my younger brother. It was so easy and believable having them as my family, we had so much fun filming together, and in a weird way, it felt like I still had siblings when we wrapped.

The environment was always fun, we had Grayson Throne Kilpatrick and his rubix cube that he could figure before I could blink my eyes playing Pork Chops, who in the film you’ll see is always at the Peterson’s house with Elliot, plotting, planning -who knows! I remember how excited I was to get to set each day, and how I cried my eyes out when we wrapped filming. I still connect with the cast and crew to date and love them very much.

Can you tell us what happens to Laurie’s character?

Laurie has to stay at home and babysit her brother and sister on Halloween, as Mum has to take on a longer shift at the hospital. The good news is, while Regan and Elliot are trick or treating with Pork Chops, I have the house to myself and can finally have Flash over for some undisturbed alone-time.


When will the film be released?

I have a spooking suspicion it’s going to be released Halloween 2020, but I’m not 100% sure.

Will there be a sequel? (You can say it’s part of a trilogy)!

It has been rumored as of now that there will be a sequel, ‘Black Pumpkin 2: Bloodline’. I did read the director’s treatment and my jaw-dropped! It’s too good of a storyline, with multi character driver narrative, drawing two into one into an epic conquest.

Have you been cast to play in the sequel?

Yes (smiling) it is rumored!

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Ellie and best of luck with everything!

Thank you as well!


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SEO Checklist-12 Steps For Content Ranking

Bobby Jansson



content marketing

If you are looking into content marketing, you have probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO). Content ranking within the search engine result pages is the place where the people can find the relevant content, this is known as SEO. Majority of people think that SEO is an easy task but that’s not the case. If you are going to write a piece of content as per the SEO rule, then you need to be familiar with the important points while writing the content.

Here we will go through a simple on-page SEO checklist that you can use each time you write a piece of content.

Introductory SEO-content checklist

To optimize your content, the steps you can take are fairly simple to implement. Following the on-page SEO checklist will tell you the 12 steps you should follow for every piece of content you write.

1. Choose a target keyword

When you are ready to write a piece of content, start by figuring out a targeted keyword. The first step should be a target keyword because content keywords tell us what the content is about. Make sure the keyword you choose is one you can rank for — rather a long-tail keyword with adequate to low competition — and that you do not already have a content ranking for. 

2.  Find some related keywords

When you are going to write a piece of content, then you should have your primary target, these are important to be added within your content. You can easily do this by using tools like Google Keyword Planner. Choose a tool and then search for your primary keyword. Then select 3–5 related keywords from the results.

3. Determine search intent

Now, look at the list of keywords you have, particularly your target keyword, and determine their user search intent. In other words, what information are the users looking for? When they search for those keywords, what are they expecting to find in the search engine results? Google’s algorithms are too smart to judge how well pages’ match search intent, so it’s important to understand this before you start writing your content.

If you are not able to do it on your own, then you should get the SEO services from the skilled agency to get the things done as per your needs.

4. Research your topic

Now that you know what the users are searching for when they look up your target keyword, now all you have to do is write content that provides that. Before you start writing on a topic do some research for unique content. Make sure you look at what’s already ranking for that keyword. That will tell you what you can imitate and what you can build on with your topic.

5. Write your content

Now you are ready to start writing. As you draw a draft of your content, Keep search intent in mind. Try to make a unique piece of content that’s better than what is already out there.

You should not write in huge blocks of text, for readability writes in normal fonts. Include your content keywords throughout the piece at different places. Implement each of your keywords at least a few times. If it’s possible, try to include some keywords in your headings also.

6. Optimize your title tag and URL

Our SEO content checklist doesn’t stop at writing content. You can still do several things if you want to improve your content. Your content itself is not the only place you should include your target keyword. You can also include it in your title tag and URL for that page to further improve your SEO. The URL should be short.

7. Optimize your images

If your content consists of any images, make sure you optimize them for SEO. For this, firstly you should not upload oversized image files. Compress your images where you can. Secondly, use alt text to give the images matchless descriptions. It will let Google read your images so they can contribute to your rankings, and it helps with accessibility and creates a better user experience.

8. Include internal links

SEO linking is an important practice in the process. It is important for you to link pages with each other as this will help your user to spend more time on the website by viewing other relevant stuff as well. Whenever you have an opportunity to link to other pieces of content, avail of it.

9. Pursue backlinks

Internal links are valuable but backlinks are perhaps even better. If you get enough reputable websites to link with your site, Google will reward your content. You can get these backlinks in multiple ways, one way is to post on other websites and link to your content from there.

content markting

The second way is to contact them directly and ask them to link their website to you.

10. Use responsive design

Google ranks pages not based on desktop format; it is based on the mobile format. It means that if you don’t use responsive design everything else on this SEO content checklist will be in vain. Check the content in both formats to see whether it looks good or not.

11. Ensure fast load speeds

Make sure your page loads quickly. Most users expect pages to load within two seconds, so you want your page to be one of them. You can optimize this in different ways. As we describe above, make sure you compress your images. You can also put script references at the end.

12. Analyze your page with Google tools

Without having a means of analyzing it can be hard to know if your page is optimized. Fortunately, Google provides you some free analyzing tools that allow you to do this.

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Lighthouse are some Google tools that allow you to view various sites related to website traffic, page speed, and more. You can use an online SEO Checker to audit your website’s on-page and off-page SEO in under a minute.

Technical SEO Checklist

Technical SEO helps you to ensure that your site can be crawled and indexed and helps to create a solid foundation. The following are the most common areas of best-practice that you need to pay attention to.

Make Sure You Are Using HTTPS

It’s 2020, from 2014 HTTPS has been known as a ranking factor. Not using HTTPS encryption on your site is inexcusable. It is time to migrate if you are still running on HTTP. By taking a look at your browser, you can really easily confirm that your site sits on HTTPS.

Check Duplicate Versions Of Your Site In Google index. It is important to allow Google to only index one of your sites. All these are versions of your site and should all point to a single one.

Find and Fix Crawl Errors

Through Google Search Console you can quickly or easily identify any crawl errors. In the coverage report, you will see both errors and excluded pages and also with warnings and those which are valid.


This checklist can be helpful for both beginners and also for advanced SEO. All the above points and information surely make your piece of content different and unique from others. You will be able to rank your content in no time. With the help of all these tricks and information, you can achieve great results with SEO. Hire a professional SEO company like Brawon to get  satisfactory results.

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What Do I Need To Know About Buying Second-Hand Equipment?




What Do I Need To Know About Buying Second-Hand Equipment?

You should know that any second-hand equipment bought for use at work might not be safe. Beware of the intended use of the equipment and get the operator’s handbook, especially for complex machines such as potato harvesters, telescopic handlers, and tractors.

Here is a checklist of what to look for when buying industrial parts. With this checklist, you should be able to identify any of the common defects on agricultural machines.

•           Are there any defective or missing guards for the dangerous parts such as chopping mechanisms, cutters, pulleys, belts, rotating shafts or sprockets?

•           Are there defective or missing stand-off guards for tines, pick-ups or blades?

•           Are the guard fastenings unsuitable or poorly maintained especially those covering power transmission parts such as PTO shafts?

•           Are the safety devices such as emergency stops damaged or working poorly?

•           Are the controls and their functions poorly labelled?

•           Is there lack of proper access to the operator’s position?

•           Are the instructions, decals and warning signs hard to read or poorly translated in foreign languages?

Some of the health and safety concerns on agricultural machinery include the following.

•           Tractors with damaged/missing cabs or those lacking rollover protective structures

•           Potato harvesters with poorly guarded haulm and cleaning rollers

•           Power harrows with damaged, inadequate or missing stand-off guards

•           Sprayers lacking chemical induction systems, protective clothing lockers or emergency clean water containers

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5 Effective Strategies to Get Your Music Noticed




5 Effective Strategies to Get Your Music Noticed

With so many talented and famous musicians around, it is not easy to make the name of oneself in the music industry. Writing lyrics, composing music, and giving a final touch to the song sounds like an easy task, but the real challenge comes when you need to promote it. The musicians begin each song is with the several questions in their mind, will I be able to make my music heard? Can my song track be the next hit in the music industry? Making music is an emotional and personal activity; therefore, sharing with others and promoting it seems like a foreign and forced concept. Unless you plan to keep it secret, it’s okay not to market it, but if you want to stand out in the music industry, then you have to sell it at any cost.

As much of a daunting task promotion appears to be internet has made it pretty easier. This, however, goes without saying your primary focus must be on creating terrific music. Even if your marketing is quintessential, if your music is not up to the mark, you will not be able to stick out. Marketing your music is essential, especially if you wish to get your name out there or you like getting recognized and famous. If you are one of those who loves attention and waiting for the time when your audience comes to you for a selfie, then it’s crucial to promote your work first. Doing nothing will not get you anywhere, and your music will stay with you only. So it’s time you take matters in your hand and follow these effective strategies of music promotion to get your music heard. Let’s make you famous!

1.Social Media Presence

As a music artist, all you want is the utmost spotlight on our work, and social media is the best source of promoting your work for free of cost. Your social media’s smart presence is undoubtedly the best way to nurture your audience and fill your gigs.  Make the best use of the pinned posts on your twitter account.

Your header is the first thing that your visitors notice when they stalk your profile, so why not take advantage of this free space? Put up a genteel and striking post to keep your visitors entertained and hooked on your profile. Apart from your gorgeous face, your Instagram stories and posts must cabaret your music talent as well. To enhance your post engagements, make sure you are making the right use of all the hashtags as they are the best source of attracting the audience. Take the full advantage of the sound cloud and other musical applications as well; put up your music videos and audios on your social media to attract the most audience.

2.Take advantage of radio

As basic and hoary the medium of communication radio is, consulting hip hop radio promotion companies like Caliboy Music is still one the best source of promoting your music. It is all about audio calls and music, and people always look for the radio jockey recommendations when they are in search of new music. Radio will help you reach a new wave of fans and maybe some fans can lead you to the sponsor of your next track as well.

Pro tip: prior to sending your song for promotion, be sure you have attained the copyright of your song and get your music registered with the right performance organization. It will help you get paid gigs, what more do we want than getting paid for something we love to do? It’s like a dream come true.

3.Blog posts

Get your music featured in the top music blog posts. The blog post reviews of your music can get you a timely and massive range of the audience. Reach out to the famous bloggers for the music review by writing them a precise yet comprehensive email. Once you have gotten it reviewed, make sure you appreciate their help and thank them for their support, as you may need their service in the future as well.

On the other hand, you can start a blog post as well. Narrate your music journey and the scuffles that you faced up till now. It will not only help you grow, but you will be able to motivate a struggling artist as well. Or maybe some renowned music artist stumble upon your post and contact you for his next duet? 

4.Do not be a musician only

The key to excelling in this world is to be a multi-tasker; being a musician alone means you have to take third party help for your promotional activities. It is a costly procedure, and you have to rely entirely on someone else for your job, which is quite risky. If you want more exposure, be more than a musician, be a writer for your blog posts, and marketer for your promotion. Being a complete package today is what gets you to the highest stage of your career.

Do not just make music, but inspire others through your music journey. Talk more about social issues and how you, as a musician, can contribute to society’s betterment. As a musician, you have a huge social responsibility. So it is advisable to take advantage of your public presence and contribute to the CSR activities.

5.Share behind the screen stories

The best way to create a hype among your fans and get instant fame is to share your backstage pictures and videos. As creepy as it sounds, fans are more interested in their favorite celebrities’ personal life than their art. So make sure you share your own but not to private or controversial stories on your social media. The musicians must realize their fans will not think for a second before canceling them if they mess up so they should a little cautious.


Access to the audience has become much easier today. However, the competition out there is pretty fierce, so make sure you develop eye-catching strategies to move up in the world.

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