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BISE Abbottabad 10th Result 2023, Matric Result 2023



BISE Abbottabad 10th Result 2023, Matric Result 2023

The Abbottabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education will announce the BISE Abbottabad 10th Result 2023 on August 2023. The Abbottabad Board 10th Class Result 2023 will be made publicly available at, and candidates who took the Secondary School Certificate should be aware of this. The direct link to download or check the results will be enabled as soon as they are officially announced, and candidates who participated in this test are notified. If you were one of the students who took the Class 10 Exam from May 19 to May 23, 2023, you must check the results at 10 A.M.

BISE Abbottabad 10th Result 2023

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Abbottabad, a renowned educational institution in Pakistan, recently announced the much-awaited 10th-class examination results for the year 2023. This momentous occasion marks the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and perseverance demonstrated by the students who appeared for the exams. The BISE Abbottabad 10th Result 2023 is not only a reflection of individual efforts but also a testament to the quality of education and examination processes upheld by the board.

The announcement of the BISE Abbottabad 10th Result 2023 is met with a blend of excitement and nervousness. Students anxiously await their results, understanding that these scores could shape their future academic and career paths. Family members and educators also eagerly await the results, as they have been part of the student’s journey and are equally invested in their success.

BISE Abbottabad 10th Result 2023 Date

Exam NameBISE Abbottabad SSC Exam 2023
Organization(BISE)Board Of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Abbottabad
Exam Date19 to 23 May 2023
Result DateAugust 2023
Official Website 10th Class Result 2023 Link

The BISE Abbottabad 10th Result 2023 is not just about numbers; it symbolizes the culmination of hard work and determination. High achievers are rightfully celebrated for their outstanding performance, and their success stories become an inspiration for others. These students showcase that with the right approach, dedication, and guidance, excellence can be achieved.

Check Result: Bise Abbottabad 9th Class Result

The BISE Abbottabad’s 10th Result 2023 is a snapshot of a student’s performance on a particular day, but it’s crucial to recognize that education is a continuous process. Continuous assessments, projects, practicals, and classroom participation collectively contribute to a student’s overall understanding of a subject.

How to Check the Abbottabad Board Class 10 Result 2023?

  • Visit BISE Abbottabad’s webpage at
  • Find “Results” or “Examinations” on the homepage.
  • Choose “10th Class” and the year “2023” from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter your unique roll number as provided on your admit card.
  • After inputting your roll number, click “Submit” or “View Result”.
  • The screen will show BISE Abbottabad Class 10 Result 2023. Your subject-wise and total grades are shown.
  • Print or save the result page as a PDF for future reference.

BISE Abbottabad Matric Result 2023 by Name

  • Visit’s main website.
  • Enter your name here after clicking the link to the BISE Abbottabad results.
  • On the homepage of, type your father’s name.
  • Look at the BISE 10th Grade Result and store it for later.

Abbottabad Board 10th Class Scorecard 2023 by SMS

  • In the mobile SMS, enter your BISE Abbottabad 10th Roll Number.
  • Please input the code 9818 to send it.
  • You will get an SMS with your BISE Abbottabad 10th-grade results.

Position Holders and Toppers of Abbottabad Board SSC Result

The BISE Abbottabad SSC Result 2023 has produced remarkable position-holders and toppers who have excelled in their examinations. These students have demonstrated exceptional dedication and academic prowess. Their achievements serve as an inspiration for their peers and future aspirants. The board takes pride in recognizing their outstanding performance, which reflects the quality education and rigorous preparation that BISE Abbottabad fosters among its students.

Download PDF 9th class result Abbottabad

Download PDF 10th class result Abbottabad

Details mentioned on BISE Abbottabad Metric Marksheet 2023

  • Student Information
  • Examination Details
  • Subject-wise Marks
  • Grades and GPA
  • Result Status
  • Division/Position
  • Board Information
  • Signatures
  • Remarks
  • Security Features

What After the BISE Abbottabad SSC / Matric Result 2023?

A large number of candidates who took part in the matriculation examination need to be aware of the fact that after the declaration of the result, each individual is going to get a physical copy of the mark sheet from the respective institution. 

The result for Class 10 will be officially released by the Board Of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Abbottabad as a marksheet.


10 Key Principles for Effective eLearning Content Development



10 Key Principles for Effective eLearning Content Development

The rise in popularity of eLearning has been unprecedented over the past few years. It’s a powerful tool that’s being used to facilitate learning in various fields, from healthcare to finance, and more.

However, creating effective eLearning content can be a challenging task. That’s why in this blog, we’ll look at the ten key principles for effective eLearning content development.

1. Keep the Content Engaging

Effective eLearning content should be engaging, interactive, and immersive. Students tend to learn better when the content is visually appealing, interactive, and able to capture their attention. Find out at these kinds of content when you try one of their eLearning courses.

2. Ensure the Course Content Is Relevant

The course content that you create needs to be relevant to the learners. Ensure that it addresses their needs, interests, and pain points. This relevance will keep them motivated to learn and retain the information.

3. Use Multimedia Content

Multimedia content is a crucial element in online education. It includes images, videos, simulations, and animations. It helps to enhance learners’ engagement, increase retention, and make learning more interactive.

4. Make It Accessible

Ensure that the eLearning content you create is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. This principle considers web accessibility standards to make it accessible to all learners, including those with visual and auditory difficulties.

5. Use a Variety of Assessment Methods

To evaluate the learning outcomes of eLearning content, use a variety of assessment methods. These methods can include quizzes, case studies, simulations, and role-playing exercises. A variety of assessment methods will ensure that you cater to all the learners’ needs.

6. Create User-Friendly Content

User experience is critical when it comes to eLearning. Ensure that the content is easy to navigate, and learners can find what they are looking for quickly. Design an interface that is user-friendly and intuitive.

7. Use Instructional Design Principles

Instructional design is the science and art of creating instructional material that facilitates learning. Ensure that you use instructional design principles to guide your content development. These principles include the ADDIE model, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and the ARCS model.

8. Make It Interactive

Interactivity engages learners and enhances learning outcomes. Effective eLearning has interactive elements that provide opportunities for learners to engage with the content directly. These elements include simulations, quizzes, and assessments.

9. Make It Mobile-Friendly

The world is moving towards mobile devices, and so should eLearning. Ensure that your content is mobile-friendly, meaning it’s viewable on any mobile device. This feature will provide learners with increased flexibility, allowing them to learn wherever and whenever they want.

10. Develop Measurable Learning Objectives

Learning objectives help learners understand what they will achieve at the end of the course. Ensure that the learning objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

Developing measurable objectives will help you track the progress of the learners. You will also measure the impact of the eLearning content.

Use These Key Principles for Effective eLearning Content Development

Effective eLearning content development is a continuous process. It requires a lot of effort, creativity, and a variety of design and development principles. In summary, learners benefit from eLearning content when it’s engaging, relevant, and accessible.

Learning is easier when the program is interactive and easy to use on mobile devices. It should also have clear learning goals. Students learn better when instructional design principles and various assessment methods are used.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more like this, check out the rest of our blog page right now.

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