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Birthstone Colors Through the Ages: Which Ones Have Changed



Birthstone Colors Through the Ages: Which Ones Have Changed

Birthstone Colors

Are you wondering what birthstone colors are in style this year?

While most of us like to select certain jewelry because of its style or looks, one of the most important factors to consider is the birthstone associated with each piece of jewelry and the mood of jewelry lovers.

Learn more about birthstone colors and the possible explanations for why people color their jewelry.

Red Birthstones: Rubies and Garnets

Birthstone colors have changed through the ages has been particularly popular. Two of the most popular red birthstones are rubies and garnets. Rubies are considered a classic symbol of love and passion. A ruby in one’s possession can bring peace, courage, and wisdom.

Garnets represent constancy and faithfulness. It can heal emotional wounds. Rubies and garnets are durable gems, lending them to being used in jewelry styles. They both have a deep red hue.

Garnets are typically lighter and brighter, while rubies are darker. Both gemstones are and make excellent accent stones in any jewelry.

Blue Birthstones: Sapphires and Aquamarines

Blue birthstone sapphires and this aquamarine for sale have been throughout the ages. Both of these stunning stones have been by many different cultures throughout history. Sapphires have been since antiquity, with many ancient cultures treasuring them for their mesmerizing hues.

Aquamarine, often found in shades of light blue, has been treasured since it was in the Indian Ocean. It was believed to connect people to the divine feminine and is sacred in Hinduism. There are many myths and legends associated with both of these blue stones. This gives them an added cachet of mysticism.

Green Birthstones: Emerald and Jade

Green birthstones embody serenity, prosperity, hope, and life. Emeralds and jade have been valued throughout history. They were painted on the walls of ancient Egypt and worn by royalty from many cultures. In India, these two emeralds and jade as talismans of good fortune.

These emerald and jade birthstones also became symbols of everlasting love. The color green of both crystals is more compassionate. Emerald represents Venus and faith while serving as the bridge between Heaven and Earth. It is said to attract abundance and bring earthly treasures.

White Birthstones: Diamonds and Pearls

White birthstones such as diamonds and pearls have power, wealth, and purity. The color of white, seen through these birthstones, can hold connotations of:

  • innocence
  • clarity
  • spirituality

For centuries, diamonds have been a symbol of strength, courage, and eternity, argued to be the hardest substance on earth.

Pearls, made of calcium carbonate, have been known to represent wisdom, “divine love,” eternal youth timeless symbols of luxury. These two gems have been and still are part of exquisite jewelry, from rings and necklaces to earrings and brooches. The symbolism and beauty of white birthstones and pearls are timeless.

Multi-Colored Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline

Throughout history, many cultures have treasured opals and tourmalines for their vivid colors and expressive properties. The ancient Egyptians, in particular, opal and tourmaline these two stones had the power to ward off evil.

Opals are known for their beauty with soft hues of blues and greens, while tourmaline features striking flashes of pink and red. Together, these two stones represent a timeless beauty in jewelry and take on varied meanings depending on the culture.

Explore These Birthstone Colors Today

From ancient cultures to religious symbols to modern-day customs, birthstone colors and meanings have evolved in fascinating ways throughout history.

Today, birthstone colors remain a charming way to celebrate life’s birthdays. Whether you believe in their traditions or enjoy their beauty, the perfect gem is just a few clicks away.

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