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4 Best Tactical Wristwatches You Should Get In 2021



4 Best Tactical Wristwatches You Should Get In 2021

Tactical Wristwatches

Tactical or Military watches are beneficial if you participate in many physical activities. Whether you’re training in the military or you’re on an adventure in the Australian bushes, you’ll need a watch that can be up to the challenge. Military watches can brace the element and remain functional despite harsh conditions. 

Military watches are one of the most popular watches in the market today. If you want to purchase one, then you must select a good watch so that you wouldn’t have your watch die on you in crucial moments. These watches are designed in such a way so that they can perform well in all situations and provide you with a stylish and elegant look at the same time. When buying your next tactical wrist watch, here are brands that should be at the top of your list. 

  1. Omega Seamaster 

The Omega Seamaster has a typical bond-style bracelet and stainless steel clasps. It is the ultimate tactical wrist watch with a screw-in crown and case and 1200m water resistance. Other watches’ features also include a luminescent hand and black dial with an orange accent. 

Omega wristwatches are known all over the world for their quality timepieces. This brand of watches has been around since 1848. The Omega wristwatches can be found in many shapes, colors, and sizes as well as with a variety of features. 

You can choose from various military-inspired and diversified watches that you can wear with everything from casual to uniform attire. This watch also has a military-inspired range of wristwatches that come in both gold and stainless steel varieties. It adds to the diversity and helps Omega stand out amongst other watches from Switzerland that also manufacture wristwatches.

In addition to the great-looking watches, Omega also uses some interesting features, such as the unidirectional bezel. The Seamaster is one such watch that features both water-resistant and shock-proof features. The water resistance level of about 1200m is an accurate representation of Omega’s status as one of the most prestigious names in the industry. 

These watches use the latest technology by using a special water-tight seal which reduces the leakage of water and keeps it safe from damage while diving. The Omega Seamaster Wristwatch is made available at all Omega Retail outlets as well as through authorized dealers and stores online. 

  1. Casio Pro Trek 

The Casio PRG270 uses Casio’s TripleSensor Version 3 engine, which has a reputation for accuracy and efficiency. This model of tactical watch is powered by solar energy and has a solar panel incorporated into the watch’s face. Without exposure to sunlight, this watch can function for up to twenty-three hours. 

Casio watches are well known for being fun, modem, and functional, but what makes them unique is that Casio watches are designed for those who love adventure and a rugged outdoor lifestyle. If you’re looking to buy a Casio sporty watch for someone who enjoys hunting, hiking, or mountain climbing, this would be a good model. 

In addition to sporting activities, these watches look great and can be worn as dress watches. If you can find out what type of watch you like, you can easily select one with the features that match your intended event. If you’re thinking of buying a Casio watch for yourself, there are many styles that you may want to consider. Casio produces wristwatches in different colors and designs. 

  1. Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech

As indicated by the name, the Panera submersible is a dive wristwatch. Panerai previously supplied wristwatches to the military, so they know their onions when producing military watches. 

The Panerai submersible is made up of carbon tech composite, a material produced with carbon fiber. Carbotech is corrosion-resistant, light, and hypoallergenic. The strap of the submersible is made with rubber and the back of the case with titanium. 

The Panerai watches are known for their accuracy and masculine outlook. The new watches go a step further in style and power performance than the original watches from Panerai. This makes them more desirable and much more expensive.

Panerai watches are generally water-resistant. This helps Panerai watches ready to brace both land and sea. The military watches from Panerai also carry a good reputation, and they are used by armed forces worldwide. These watches should be on the top of your wish list if you want to get a perfect military timepiece for yourself at a reasonable price.

  1. Timex Expedition Shock XL

The Timex Expedition was made for people who enjoy the outdoors and physical challenges in general. It is made of shock-resistant material. With its backlight, you can tell the time even when it’s dark. 

Timex is a well-known brand that many people have come to know and love. The Timex military watch series is popular. As a result, military watch enthusiasts often have Timex watches in their collections.

Timex has been producing high-quality watches for over seventy years, and they have never disappointed their customers all through. There are many different models offered, each with its unique style and feature set. The watch range includes men’s watches, ladies watches, sports watches, and watches for professionals like the Military that required strenuous activities. 

In addition to offering watch models for the US military, Timex has also created watches for many professional athletes worldwide. If you are an athlete or someone looking for a functional timepiece, then Timex is a band worth checking out. Whether you are in the military looking for a nice watch to wear when you go on vacation, Timex is the brand you should choose. 

In Conclusion 

Military watches are available in many different designs and brands. There are many choices to choose from, so it is up to you to find out which one is the best for you. The military watches are made of high-quality materials like carbon tech composite, rubber, and stainless steel, so they provide a durable and long-lasting timepiece. It is important to keep in mind that even though the cost of these watches is high compared to others, you would be impressed with the level of quality.



How To Tell If Your Jewelry Pieces Are Legit?



How To Tell If Your Jewelry Pieces Are Legit?

There is one point in everyone’s life where they have had a partner that has gifted them a piece of jewelry only to find out later once the waters have turned cold that in fact, it was not what you initially thought it was.

Sure we believe that love is not defined by material things, but if you are going to give a gift that you lead everyone to believe is a genuine article then surely you should have the decency to make sure that it is, correct?

Would you not want your ‘soulmate’ to have the very best of everything in life, why would the ‘rock’ that symbolizes your decision to together forever be one based on essentially a lie.  Yikes.

Finding out the truth.

So the relationship has gone sour, although amicable, there is a niggling feeling deep in the pit of your stomach. You have read one too many articles on social media and various platforms of betrayed men and women claiming that what they originally thought to be a real diamond or precious gemstone, one that could financially be sold to get them out of a situation, ended up being a fake. Much to their horror and disgust. But they also say that if you have any doubts at all, that this is the first indication that something might not be what it seems.

We have all had that ‘gut feeling’ (read about it here and on more occasions than we would like to admit the truth eventually came out. And we knew it all along. So what do we do? Should we ask them, go behind their back to check its authenticity, or should we trust that what they say it is, actually is?

It can be a tricky situation to find yourself in, and even now on reading this article, you are thinking about the jewelry in your bedroom or cabinet. Past flames that claim to have spent their life savings on that one particular piece of sparkle, or you’re simply looking down at your hand and hoping that you won’t one day wake up to a green ring on your finger where your band sits.

Either way that feeling won’t go away, it might be pushed down, subdued to a box in your mind that you dare not open for fear of breaking down, but it will always be there until you do something about it.

What to do.

The answer is simple, take it into a reputable and reliable jeweler to have it certified and authenticated. You may get the answer you were hoping for or the other side of the coin, the main objective is that you will get a result to that nagging that’s been on your mind for months or even worse, years.

Be sure that the company you take your piece to is qualified to carry out the assessment, to begin with, stores such as Mimi’s Jewelry understand that customer service is a key priority, but also confidentiality. You may feel terrible taking in your wedding ring, but could it be worse than the conversation of asking your husband, no thank you.

You need to do your homework when selecting which boutique to go to, with a few pointers to guide you you’ll be able to find the right fit for your needs and that makes you feel comfortable.

How To Tell If Your Jewelry Pieces Are Legit?

To trust or not to trust.

The right company could be the first result in the search engine or the last, but having your fundamentals in place on which to base your decision will help you narrow your search and pick the best option. Let’s take a look at the top 5 criteria a quality jeweler or jewelry shop should offer.

  • Member. Is your jeweler option part of a trusted and reliable organization recognized worldwide, this will be proudly displayed on their webpage as well as on a plaque in their shop. If you can’t see any information don’t hesitate to enquire on this fact, they should be more than happy to assist and answer this question.
  • Experience. Do they have the qualifications and certifications to perform the repair or custom design, the last thing you want is to hand over your family heirloom to an untrained workman who could end up damaging the piece altogether.
  • Quality. Do they pride themselves in their work and a job well done, do they offer a warranty or return service? This will not only indicate their level of professionalism but how they perceive customer satisfaction.

While design and aesthetics are major factors to choosing a ring or piece of jewelry, the craftsmanship, and work that went into making it can tell a lot about a company. If you have any doubts then don’t rush into any purchases, you are not alone in this thinking, others who you can read about in this link have had the same feelings, and reading what they went through will help navigate for a better experience on your journey.

  • Price. Sometimes what seems too good to be true is simply that, don’t fall for flashy gimmicks and clever advertising, what looks like a great discount or promotion could essentially be the average price for that particular ring or service at other venues. Do your homework and research before jumping in with both feet.
  • Knowledgeable. Are they trained in not only the repair or certification side of things but can they answer questions or queries with ease and confidence. Can they offer alternatives or solutions to your problems, and are they well-versed in the book-smart side of fine jewelry.

With so many questions and concerns you need to take your search one step at a time, this will help you make calculated and accurate decisions based on facts and figures as opposed to your emotions which we all know can certainly take us for a ride when it has time.

Who knows, the ring and stone may well be genuine and all tension in your shoulders can be released, do you decide to tell him that you went to the shop just to check, I’d advise not.

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Simple Shoulder Tattoos for females



Simple Shoulder Tattoos for females

One of the sexiest & feminine features of a female’s body is her shoulder. It allows you to reveal a little flesh without showing too much, and that’s a perfect spot for tattoos. The charm of this place is its adaptability; you may flaunt your ink & make a dramatic impression, or you may hide it if necessary. It also adapts itself with a wide range of patterns, both large and small.

A complex floral tattoo that runs over your shoulder & down your arm is lovely, but a little angel on the collar bone is also lovely. Because the shoulder is connected with strength, get a tattoo here to show off your feminine might! Continue reading to learn more and get ideas with your next tattoo and also know How to take care of a shoulder tattoo!

  • Peone (a character in the film Peone)

Peony will be no exception when it comes to symbolism & representation. If you’re weary of the typical rose, the peony is a terrific tattoo option. It stands for romance, kindness, and even shyness. This floral shoulder tattoo looks great in shades of grey and fits nicely in the area. The absence of colors allows the design’s delicate outlines to sing, implying that the entire flower is valued.

  • Moon lying in mid-air

The Arabian-inspired moon, encrusted with beads & diamonds, is a stunning and seductive shoulder tattoo design for ladies. The beautiful line art allows the poem’s curves & swirls to show through. If you like henna, you’ll recognize some of the themes and designs in this tattoo.

  • Draped flower

The petals drape lightly over your skin in the flower shoulder tattoo on women’s artwork as if the petals were lounging on the shoulder. The inclusion of the vines at the ending of the tattoo lengthens and beautifies the work. While this tattoo looks great in monochrome, if you want to color, white highlights or pink tints would look great.

  • Dragon (a fictional character)

A Chinese rose, known as the “queen of flowers,” is a stunning shoulder tattoo design for ladies. The use of a Chinese dragon as just a sign of strength unites the concept that this lady is a powerful, royal force to reckon with. While the exquisite details in the tattoo look fantastic in monochrome, this would look wonderful with a splash of color.

  • Mandalas (a type of art)

Flowers & circular patterns reflect beauty & serenity in artwork influenced by mandalas. The peony represents compassion in this upper arm tattoo, which depicts a balance of intellect and spirit. The symmetry & precision of every petal in the pattern are maintained by using a tattoo template.

The overall price of shoulder tattoo –

Tattoo pricing for sizes around 2×2 ranges between $30 to $100, around $100 & $200 for the 3×3, and roughly $250 and even more for the 4×4. Prices are determined by where you reside, the artist’s degree of expertise, and the hourly payment. Get free quotes from tattoo businesses in your area.

A simple tattoo, such as a flower or cross, costs $50 – $250 on average. Agree to earn between $150 – $450 for just a moderate tattoo like such a tribal and portrait. The cost of hiring a professional tattoo artist ranges from $120 – $150 each hour, regardless of how long it requires.

Prices for a major tattoo, such as the half or full sleeves, begin at $500 and may reach $4,000 for a whole back or unique design. As a general guideline, you shouldn’t get a tattoo if you’re ready to spend a minimum of $100 upon that. Please remember that, unless this is a walk-in session, many tattoo businesses need payment.

The expense of a tattoo is also an investment in long-lasting artwork that you will wear each day. The very last point you want to see is an inexpensive tattoo that you’ll have to pay twice as much to have removed later if you do not want it.

Because the shoulder is the high-movement area, the Upper Shoulder Tattoo Aftercare will take a little longer to recover. Whereas a typical tattoo could take two to three weeks to heal, this place might take up to four weeks. Wear comfortable garments and fabrics which are soft & won’t irritate the region to aid the recovery process throughout this area.

You will have to maintain the tattoo fresh & moist in regards to getting it clean or know the process of Shoulder Tattoo Aftercare. The colors of your tattoo may fade if you expose it to direct sunlight, so invest in a decent sunscreen or SPF clothes. The tattoo or ink might sometimes seem dull or extremely dry skin.

Will you have pain during your tattoo?

The discomfort level of shoulder tattoos largely depends on what they’re tattooing. Because of the rough skin around the outside shoulder, there should be a little discomfort. However, the closeness to the bone on your collar bone will be more unpleasant.

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Should You Get an Eyeliner Tattoo? Things You Have to Know Before Having Your Lash Line Tattooed



Should You Get an Eyeliner Tattoo? Things You Have to Know Before Having Your Lash Line Tattooed

One of the most difficult things to master in doing makeup is eyeliner. Most women would probably agree that it takes a lot of time and practice before making the wings of your eyeliner even. 

You thought you already perfected one eye, but what about the other side? You’ll have to go through the same challenge again, and worse, the right eyeliner might end up thicker than the left. As a result, you’ll probably get late for your appointment just because you can’t do your makeup on time.

If you’re tired of doing eyeliners, what can you do?

Have you heard of an eyeliner tattoo? It is a medical treatment that permanently enhances your eyes, so you don’t have to feel frustrated every day when doing your daily makeup. It puts a perfectly created wing on your lash line.

If you want extra for your self-care pamper day, you can also have a lash line treatment which mainly gives you thicker and fuller lashes. You don’t have to constantly put castor oil on your lashes anymore and wait a long time before they grow. It is an alternative treatment for tattoos to make your eyes fuller and more alive.

How is an eyeliner tattoo done?

The medical professionals will allow you to choose your preferred size, shape, and color of your eyeliner tattoo. They use facial morphology to design and draw the liner’s shape and ensure that it suits your facial features perfectly.

But you need to make sure that you choose the best clinic that would cater to your needs first before getting too excited. The best treatments must utilize a gentle and accurate micro pigmentation device. They must also provide high-grade anesthetics for less pain during the procedure.

Once you get the hang of it, there’s no need to worry about the whole procedure because the medical professionals would certainly know the right steps and techniques.

Choosing your color

The most common colors available for eyeliner tattoos are black and brown or the combination of the two. It is up to you which color you prefer. Either way, both colors look elegant and classy when worn.

What to do before your appointment

Now that you know how the procedure is done, it is essential that you do certain things first before showing up at the clinic. You have to prepare your eyes and make sure that they are ready for the process.

The first step is to consult your professional technician first. Ensure that you know every bit and detail of the process before fully diving in because once you get your tattoos, there’s no going back. Carefully decide the best style, shape, and color you would feel confident in.

Once you have your appointment set, avoid using eye products like retinol or glycolic acid for at least a week before your treatment first. Skip doing your makeup on your appointment day. Some professionals also recommend not drinking coffee before the procedure as it may cause twitching and tension.

If you’re still asking whether you should get an eyeliner tattoo or not, the answer would still be up to you. But if you’re one of those ladies who wear makeup, especially eyeliners, every day, you might want to consider getting a tattoo

It would save you so much time, energy, and even money from buying high-end eyeliner products that would eventually run out, and you’ll have to buy again.

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