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Best Echo Test in Noida



Best Echo Test in Noida


An echocardiogram is a medical examination performed using ultrasound waves to check the heart muscles and valves of the patient. The test requires to be done under professional guidance and at a reliable and authentic center. In one of the most developing regions of NCR, Noida, several diagnostics centers offer a range of tests, packages, discounts, and services from which we have selected the Best Echo Test centers established in the area.

1. Noida MRI & Diagnostic Centre

Noida MRI & Diagnostic Centre stands apart in providing advanced medical diagnostic services in Noida and its neighboring region. The center has excelled under the supervision of three expert radiologists Dr. Sankalp Sethi, Dr. Varun Dhir, and Dr. Surya Bhan Singh, who have assisted in setting the state of the art infrastructure and equipment with the team of highly skilled & qualified professionals. The facilities offered at Noida MRI & Diagnostic Centre have been designed to improve within the medical parameters as per the demand of time while keeping a constant uncompromising focus in delivering cost-efficient plans. A center is a unit of SDS Healthcare And Imaging Pvt. Ltd. and NABH Accredited and gained ISO Certification. Moreover, it is renowned for offering advanced facilities in various sectors, including Radiology, Cardiology, Digital X-rays, OPG, etc.

Services: Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, Echocardiography, Electromyography, PFT, TMT, NCV, and Cephalogram

Address: Shop No.-1/39 B-Block Market, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307

2. Saral Diagnostics

For over 35 years of expertise in providing exemplary diagnostics and pathology services, Saral Diagnostics is committed to offering the only highest level of testing quality and services to its clients. Under the specialized guidance of Dr. Ravi Gupta has started the center with an aim to offer advanced lab and imaging services to the patients of Delhi and NCR regions. The center situated in Noida is well-equipped with the ultra-modern instruments and machines, including, 1163 Slice Spiral CT Scanner, High end 1.5T MRI systems, Bone Densitometry ( DEXA ), ElectroPhysiological Studies, 4D Ultrasound machines with elastography and Fully automated clinical lab, Holter, PFT, ECHO, Doppler, Sleep Study and much more. The NABL Accredited Lab has a highly skilled team of experts dedicated to providing compassionate care through excellent diagnostic services and improving health standards through preventive care.

Services: Dexa Scan, Echocardiography, CT Scan, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, and pathology services.

Address: E- 1B, Mandir Marg, Sector 39, Noida 201301.

3. Global Heart Clinic

Situated in the developing regions of Greater Noida, Global Heart Clinic is supervised under the expert cardiologist Dr. Ajeet Singh. The center is authorized under the SRL Lab, providing other services to the patients around the region. The center also caters to the other specialist in dermatology, gynecology, and pediatrics with outstanding cardiology expertise. Global Heart Clinic is renowned for the state of the art facilities under the specified cardiac investigation sector, including TMT, Stress echo, echo color Doppler, and 24 Hrs ECG “Holter Monitor” and 24 Hrs Ambulatory monitor & Carotid IMT. With an aim to provide the best of the evidence-based treatment at an affordable cost, the center works diligently towards offering accessible cardiac treatment to all of its patients.

Services: Electrocardiography, Echocardiography, 2-D Echo Color Doppler, Rheumatic Heart Disease Treatment, Non-Invasive Cardiology, Hypertriglyceridemia, Dyslipidemia, and much more

Address: Shop No 19-20, Upper Ground, Alpha Plaza, Sector Alpha 1, Greater Noida, Landmark: Near Alpha 1 Community Center, Greater Noida

4. Indo Gulf Diagnostics and Research Centre

Indo Gulf Diagnostics and Research Centre has laid its roots in excellence from the past 25 years in Noida and has evolved with advancements in the medical sector. Amongst the first diagnostic center in the region, the organization has catered to several patients with its upgraded facilities and services at cost-effective prices. Following the strict ethos and medical discipline, the center has achieved a new paradigm by turning into Multi-Speciality Hospital. The patients can rely on the excellent expertise, trained and experienced medical professionals, and highly skilled staff who are focused on providing a comfortable experience. We have tie-ups with the experts and renowned physicians of Delhi and NCR regions who are available on our panel and on-call services.

Services: Echocardiography, TMT, Color Doppler, Ct scan, MRI, Mammography, Dexa Scan, X-Ray, Pathology Lab, and so on.

Address: B-498 A, Sector-19, Noida, U.P – 201301

5. Transmed Diagnostics

For over 20 years, Transmed Diagnostics has delivered superb modern-day diagnostic services to its patients belonging from Noida and its neighboring regions. The center is well-facilitated with state of the art infrastructure and required medical technology and instruments providing reliable results for the right line of treatment to the patients. The center has been experienced in offering excellent clinical experience with an approach of facilitating quality care, comfort, and a friendly environment to the clients. Adapting the constant change in the medical sector, the center has gathered the top picks of healthcare experts in the fields of radiology, pathology, genetics, cardiology, ultrasound, and electrophysiology.

Services: PFT, Bone Densitometry, Cardiac CT, Digital X-Ray, Echocardiography, Sonography, and other cardiology services.

Address: 42, 43, II Floor, Sab Mall, Captain Vijyant Thapar Marg, E Block, Pocket E, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301



Yoga and its impact on the health of men



Yoga and its impact on the health of men

Doing yoga is good at any age. It comes with many benefits. It is about the benefits of doing yoga that we are going to explain to you here today. We are going to give you a deep-down explanation of how yoga is beneficial for your health and how it can keep you disease-free.

Although yoga involves some stretching exercises and poses its far-reaching benefits can provide you with sound physical and mental health. it is true that not doing yoga does put you at several health risks some of which can even end up in you having to depend on using pills such as Fildena 100 mg for the rest of your life.  

Without further ado let us begin exploring the details of how yoga can help impact your health positively at all ages.

But before we begin it is important to know that doing yoga can be highly beneficial for men in their older ages. Some of the exercises can be highly physically exhausting especially when you are no longer in your prime young age.

So let’s begin now…

Avoid weight gain and obesity

The first thing that you may know is that weight gain and obesity are two of the major concerns in men and women of all ages. The young population is suffering from obesi9ty and weight gain largely due to bad lifestyle factors such as late-night sleep, improper diet, and addictions while the old age people generally induce weight gain post their 40s or 50s.

But the best way to keep such problems away would be to do yoga. Doing yoga puts your body weight in certain poses such that you can use your body weight against you and have a flat tummy.

Often in older men having Vidalista 40 Tadalafil pill is a major reason occurring due to sudden weight gain and obesity

Avoid frequent muscle cramps and spasms

Men in their older age especially once they are above the age of 40s or 50s maybe have a high tendency of suffering from muscle spasms and cramps. The muscle tissues would grow weaker over time may be due to malnourishment or other bad lifestyle habits sustained over the years.

Muscle pain and cramps can make your life turn into a living nightmare as you may have not been able to carry out normal and simple tasks. 

But when you do yoga regularly it is going to ensure that your muscles do not lose their strength and they are properly functional. Only do0ing yoga that involves movement of those muscles and tissues is bound to be more relevant here.

Avoid loss of bone density, especially at later stages

Bone density and loss of bone cells can be another health issue that mainly occurs in men of older ages. Bones and the entire skeletal system gives out body the shape and the ability to rotate bones along joints to carry out work normally.

But unfortunately, due to the loss of calcium in more amounts in men and women at older ages, such health issues can only be prevented through a multitude of means.

For this, you will have to do regular yoga exercises. By doing so you can ensure that your bones remain strong and the decay and erosion of bones can be reduced somewhat. But along with this, you will need to have a close look at your diet as well. having food items that are rich in calcium such as dairy products and leafy greens might help. Apart from this you may visit a certified nutritionist and have a calcium dietary supplement.

Ensure to remain psychologically healthy

Being psychologically healthy is as important as it is to remain physically. For you to have strong psychological health you will need to ensure upbringing massive changes in your lifestyle. Of course, yoga does have a critical role to play in keeping you at bay from the worst consequences of depression and stress.

You will be surprised to know that such mental issues can be complicated so much that the affected person may even have frequent suicidal thoughts, and sudden acts of aggression and lead a completely solitary life. Often doctors say that the reason to get Cenforce 100 mg, especially in men could be due to this reason.

Improve your gut health

Doing specific yoga will also put up good exercise and flexibility on your tummy and this will only help you to digest food better. According to experts doing yoga is highly important if you wish to enhance bowel movements and avoid suffering from worst disorders such as gastroenteritis, acidity, and indigestion problems.

You can ensure to keep all digestive disorders at bay and even increase bowel movements that prevent constipation.

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Essential Things to Know About Teeth Whitening



Essential Things to Know About Teeth Whitening

It is estimated that Americans spend more than $2 billion every year to get and maintain their teeth and smile looking bright. Teeth whitening is one of the popular dental procedures performed by dentists. The ideal candidate for East Village teeth whitening depends on several factors.

For instance, you may need your teeth whitened because you have surface stains caused by smoking and tobacco use and food and beverages like tea and red wine. You may also be the right candidate for teeth whitening when you have stains under your teeth due to a dental problem such as teeth cracking and plaque accumulation.

Additionally, understand that your teeth tend to become more stained as you age. Therefore, you may benefit from teeth whitening.

Home remedies for teeth whitening

Many people prefer home remedies for teeth whitening because generally, they are cheaper and more convenient, unlike in-office whitening. Below are a few options for teeth whitening at home.

Oil pulling

This alternative medical practice involves swishing or gurgling an edible oil inside your mouth for a duration and then spitting it out. The practice is similar to mouth washing.

Oil pulling has been used in India for centuries and effectively kills oral bacteria and improves dental hygiene.

Oils that you may use are coconut and sunflower oils. Oil from coconut is usually the most preferred because it has a range of health benefits while still pleasing to taste.

Baking soda brushing

Baking soda, a common ingredient in almost all homes, comes with natural properties for whitening. Using baking soda can help in scrubbing away potential discolorations of your teeth.

In addition, the ingredient forms an alkaline condition inside the mouth that may discourage bacterial attack and growth. That is why a toothpaste with more baking soda is more reliable in teeth brushing and whitening.

Veggies and fruits

When you consume diets rich in veggies and fruits, there is a high chance you will have a healthy body and teeth. The crunchy nature of vegetables and fruits may help minimize and remove any buildup of tartar and plaque during chewing.

The fruits and vegetables you should eat in plenty are strawberries and pineapples.

Even though the home remedies of teeth whitening can help, they still cannot match the ability of in-office teeth whitening. Professional teeth whitening by your dentist guarantees the right results quickly.

How to prevent teeth staining

By preventing or minimizing the need for teeth whitening, you may be able to save a lot of money. You can prevent teeth staining by:

●       Limiting your intake of certain foods and beverages such as soda and coffee that cause teeth stains.

●       Use a straw while drinking beverages. That can help in minimizing contact between the beverage and your teeth.

●       Brush and floss your teeth regularly, especially after drinking or eating.

●       Avoid smokeless tobacco and even smoking.

●       Eat a diet rich in calcium like broccoli. The mineral helps strengthen the teeth’s enamel and thus makes them less susceptible to staining.

If you desire a whitening procedure that can best work for you, get in touch with East Village Dental Center today.

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Non-Surgical Vein Treatments: Why Are They Attracting Many People?



Non-Surgical Vein Treatments: Why Are They Attracting Many People?

It’s no secret that our society is undergoing a massive shift in how we live. This change has also led to increased medical advancements and treatments in Tinley Park, Illinois. One of these developments is non-surgical vein treatment, quickly becoming popular as a safe alternative option for those who suffer from varicose veins or spider veins. Visit a Tinley Park vein care center first. There are many reasons why non-surgical vein treatment is attracting so many people. Let’s dig in.

Reduced Risk of Complications

One of the significant benefits of non-surgical vein treatment is that it reduces the risk of complications. This means that patients are much less likely to experience any problems after treatment—the vast majority of patients who undergo non-surgical vein treatment experience no adverse side effects whatsoever.

This is in stark contrast to surgical vein treatments, which have a long list of potential complications, including infection, scarring, and nerve damage. These risks are not present with non-surgical methods.

Quicker Treatment Time

Another advantage of non-surgical vein treatment is that it can be completed in a much shorter time frame than surgery. Most procedures come into completion in under an hour, which is a fraction of its time to complete a surgery. It means that patients can get back to their routine much sooner.

In addition, non-surgical vein treatment does not require any downtime post-treatment. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment.

Shorter Recovery Time

Non-surgical vein treatment also comes with a shorter recovery time. Most patients can return to their normal activities within a day or two of treatment. It’s another massive advantage over surgery, which can require weeks of recovery time. This is because the procedure is minimally invasive. It means minimal damage to the surrounding tissue, leading to a quicker recovery time.

One of the most important aspects of any vein treatment is following the post-treatment instructions. It is essential to allow the treated veins enough time to heal. Patients may experience scarring or other complications if post-treatment instructions are not followed. It is important to remember that each patient’s recovery time will vary. Some patients may require more time than others to recover from treatment.

No Need for General Anesthesia Nor Sedation

One of the most significant advantages of non-surgical vein treatment is that it does not require general anesthesia or sedation. This means that patients can remain conscious during the entire procedure. It’s a vast advantage over surgery, in which most patients require general anesthesia.

It also means that there is no need for a recovery period after treatment, as patients can resume their normal activities immediately. In addition, there is no risk of adverse reactions to the anesthesia. This is not the case with surgery, which has a slight chance of adverse reactions.

As you can see, non-surgical vein treatments are becoming more and more popular in the medical field. They offer fewer risks than surgery, quicker recovery time, shorter treatment period, and no need for general anesthesia or sedation. If you’re looking to improve your varicose veins or spider veins, you can look into non-surgical vein treatment.

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