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Best Echo Test in Noida



Best Echo Test in Noida


An echocardiogram is a medical examination performed using ultrasound waves to check the heart muscles and valves of the patient. The test requires to be done under professional guidance and at a reliable and authentic center. In one of the most developing regions of NCR, Noida, several diagnostics centers offer a range of tests, packages, discounts, and services from which we have selected the Best Echo Test centers established in the area.

1. Noida MRI & Diagnostic Centre

Noida MRI & Diagnostic Centre stands apart in providing advanced medical diagnostic services in Noida and its neighboring region. The center has excelled under the supervision of three expert radiologists Dr. Sankalp Sethi, Dr. Varun Dhir, and Dr. Surya Bhan Singh, who have assisted in setting the state of the art infrastructure and equipment with the team of highly skilled & qualified professionals. The facilities offered at Noida MRI & Diagnostic Centre have been designed to improve within the medical parameters as per the demand of time while keeping a constant uncompromising focus in delivering cost-efficient plans. A center is a unit of SDS Healthcare And Imaging Pvt. Ltd. and NABH Accredited and gained ISO Certification. Moreover, it is renowned for offering advanced facilities in various sectors, including Radiology, Cardiology, Digital X-rays, OPG, etc.

Services: Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, Echocardiography, Electromyography, PFT, TMT, NCV, and Cephalogram

Address: Shop No.-1/39 B-Block Market, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307

2. Saral Diagnostics

For over 35 years of expertise in providing exemplary diagnostics and pathology services, Saral Diagnostics is committed to offering the only highest level of testing quality and services to its clients. Under the specialized guidance of Dr. Ravi Gupta has started the center with an aim to offer advanced lab and imaging services to the patients of Delhi and NCR regions. The center situated in Noida is well-equipped with the ultra-modern instruments and machines, including, 1163 Slice Spiral CT Scanner, High end 1.5T MRI systems, Bone Densitometry ( DEXA ), ElectroPhysiological Studies, 4D Ultrasound machines with elastography and Fully automated clinical lab, Holter, PFT, ECHO, Doppler, Sleep Study and much more. The NABL Accredited Lab has a highly skilled team of experts dedicated to providing compassionate care through excellent diagnostic services and improving health standards through preventive care.

Services: Dexa Scan, Echocardiography, CT Scan, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, and pathology services.

Address: E- 1B, Mandir Marg, Sector 39, Noida 201301.

3. Global Heart Clinic

Situated in the developing regions of Greater Noida, Global Heart Clinic is supervised under the expert cardiologist Dr. Ajeet Singh. The center is authorized under the SRL Lab, providing other services to the patients around the region. The center also caters to the other specialist in dermatology, gynecology, and pediatrics with outstanding cardiology expertise. Global Heart Clinic is renowned for the state of the art facilities under the specified cardiac investigation sector, including TMT, Stress echo, echo color Doppler, and 24 Hrs ECG “Holter Monitor” and 24 Hrs Ambulatory monitor & Carotid IMT. With an aim to provide the best of the evidence-based treatment at an affordable cost, the center works diligently towards offering accessible cardiac treatment to all of its patients.

Services: Electrocardiography, Echocardiography, 2-D Echo Color Doppler, Rheumatic Heart Disease Treatment, Non-Invasive Cardiology, Hypertriglyceridemia, Dyslipidemia, and much more

Address: Shop No 19-20, Upper Ground, Alpha Plaza, Sector Alpha 1, Greater Noida, Landmark: Near Alpha 1 Community Center, Greater Noida

4. Indo Gulf Diagnostics and Research Centre

Indo Gulf Diagnostics and Research Centre has laid its roots in excellence from the past 25 years in Noida and has evolved with advancements in the medical sector. Amongst the first diagnostic center in the region, the organization has catered to several patients with its upgraded facilities and services at cost-effective prices. Following the strict ethos and medical discipline, the center has achieved a new paradigm by turning into Multi-Speciality Hospital. The patients can rely on the excellent expertise, trained and experienced medical professionals, and highly skilled staff who are focused on providing a comfortable experience. We have tie-ups with the experts and renowned physicians of Delhi and NCR regions who are available on our panel and on-call services.

Services: Echocardiography, TMT, Color Doppler, Ct scan, MRI, Mammography, Dexa Scan, X-Ray, Pathology Lab, and so on.

Address: B-498 A, Sector-19, Noida, U.P – 201301

5. Transmed Diagnostics

For over 20 years, Transmed Diagnostics has delivered superb modern-day diagnostic services to its patients belonging from Noida and its neighboring regions. The center is well-facilitated with state of the art infrastructure and required medical technology and instruments providing reliable results for the right line of treatment to the patients. The center has been experienced in offering excellent clinical experience with an approach of facilitating quality care, comfort, and a friendly environment to the clients. Adapting the constant change in the medical sector, the center has gathered the top picks of healthcare experts in the fields of radiology, pathology, genetics, cardiology, ultrasound, and electrophysiology.

Services: PFT, Bone Densitometry, Cardiac CT, Digital X-Ray, Echocardiography, Sonography, and other cardiology services.

Address: 42, 43, II Floor, Sab Mall, Captain Vijyant Thapar Marg, E Block, Pocket E, Sector 27, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301



Interesting Facts about Revitaa Pro | TheHealthMags



Interesting Facts about Revitaa Pro | TheHealthMags

We come across plenty of food supplements in the market that claims to treat stress and lose body fats, but not all keep their words but only a few. Revitaa Pro is such a food supplement that marks its words and is providing people with amazing benefits. If you are curious to know more interesting facts about it, you should keep scrolling down to get detailed information about this product!

#1. Revitaa Pro Supplement is Not a Scam at All; it’s 100 Legit

Revitaa Pro is a 100% natural food supplement and provides very good results. This product is real, but you may face some scams due to dishonest sellers. So if you want to get the real one, you should always buy it from the official site of Revitaa Pro. You may access this authentic site via  

#2. Revitaa Pro doesn’t Prove Workable for Everyone

This product gives 100% results for almost all people, but a few get no benefits from it. Yes, it’s a little bit shocking, but it’s true. But wait, it only happens in some cases like it doesn’t work for people who are;

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Involve in breastfeeding
  • Under 18 years old

So if you fall in these people, it’s better to consult the doctor before using these pills.

#3. Review Pro is Made Up of 100% Natural Ingredients

It’s a guarantee that Revitaa Pro is made up of totally natural ingredients. You people don’t need to worry about the elements of these pills because it doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients or any fillers. The major constitute of it is Resveratrol, which is a natural product. So, it is completely safe to use Revitaa Pro.

#4. Varied Working Duration of Revitaa Pro

The working duration of Revitaa Pro is not the same for all the people, including:

  • To show visible effects, it takes 1-2 months.
  • To offer 100% effects, it takes 2-3 months.
  • To show certainty against the relapse of Cortisol chemical development, it takes almost six months.

If you don’t see any results after six months of consumption, you have the option of returning it, as the authentic site provides you with a money-back guarantee.

#5. Revitaa Pro is Available in Only a Few Countries

Revitaa Pro is not available worldwide, but you can get its shipping anywhere. It is available in these countries:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, New Zealand, Austria, Cyprus, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Greenland, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Portugal, Sweden, Vatican, and Switzerland.

#6. Revitaa Pro has No Side Effects

You should feel free about the consumption of Revitaa Pro because there are no dangerous side effects of this product. Like any other drug, you may experience only vomiting or nausea type conditions, which only occur in few situations. This food supplement is clinically proven and tested, so safe to use as it is made under strict quality controls and is FDA-approved.

Final Thoughts

You’ll be amazed by the potential benefits of Revitaa Pro after using it, so if you are interested in buying this product from Robert Miller, hurry up because it is getting out of stock. So to avoid any such situation, you should buy it as soon as possible, even via bundle deals, by which you get a discount. To learn more about it, you must visit TheHealthMags!

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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep



Getting a Good Night's Sleep

1.      Desist from Snoozing Your Alarm

While the first tip might come across as an obvious take, it is hard to imagine there are those who never hit the snooze button in the morning. Regardless of the hours you have for a good rest, snoozing can be detrimental. This is because sleeping for an additional five or ten minutes can ruin your sleep cycle and body routine.

For most people, a short nap has provided enough rest on at least one occasion. However, this doesn’t happen often. Actually, you end up feeling more exhausted because as you are just about to drift off again, the alarm jolts you again. Whatever time you’re used to waking up, adhere to your routine. Lastly, waking up isn’t enough; you need to get out of bed. If you continue to lie in your bed, that is a message to your body that you’re still resting. That leads us to the next point.

2. Allow the sunshine into your room

Recently, scientists have found out that some cells in the eyes have little or nothing to do with vision. Rather, they soak in the light to help the body activate the circadian rhythm. It follows that light plays an important role in sleep.

Letting the sunshine into your room in the morning stimulates your body and mind. Apart from boosting your energy, this also makes it easier to wake up and also helps you stay alert. Right after getting out of bed, be sure to open the blinds and curtains, and turn on your lights if need be. By doing this, you’re signaling to your brain that you need to rise and get going.

3. Do Some Workout

It is true that we aren’t telling you anything that’s new, but it is important that we remind you of some things that just work. The first thing is getting out of your bed, and the second one is getting down to some physical exercise. Preferably, you should fit cardio exercises into your morning routine. This could include taking a short walk or jogging around the neighborhood. Such exercises are good for your body as they promote blood circulation, helping you stay alert and attentive. If you doubt that, try sleeping while running.

Doing physical exercise in the morning not only helps you wake up but also makes you feel better as serotonin is released. This way, you remain in a good mood all day long. It also increased the probability of you having quality sleep and rest at night. Just as you can adopt harmful patterns, you can ditch them.

4. Leave Electronics out of your bed

In this era of technology, it is not uncommon for us to spend many hours in front of an electronic screen. This could be your smartphone, computer, or TV. Whichever the device, the effects will be pretty much the same, especially in regards to sleep.

It has almost become the norm, that our preferred way of relaxing after a long day is watching TV, or taking your laptop or smartphone to bed. However, we should reconsider this new normal. The blue light emitted by these electronic devices affects the levels of melatonin in the body. This hormone is produced by the body automatically when the sun sets to induce sleep. If you’re using your smartphone before sleeping then you can guess what happens.

For an optimal night’s rest, desists from carrying those devices to bed. Rather, allow yourself some time to wind down to create a favorable environment for you to sleep. Be sure to turn off your TV before going to sleep and leaving your smartphone in night mode or turning it off before going to sleep. You could also try something like this for as long as it lasts.

5. Sleep on a quality mattress

Finally, we’ve got to the last solution of the riddle – or the first – depending on how you perceive it. Falling into a deep sleep or tossing through the night may be hugely down to what you’re sleeping on, meaning that the quality of your mattress is essential. Read our favourite UK mattress reviews.

Our bodies are all made up of a complex network of capillaries that carries blood throughout the body. Despite your preferred sleeping position, there will always be a body part that gets compressed. A mattress that is too rigid can easily lead to reduced blood and induce discomfort. If you’re barely comfortable, you’ll keep tossing through the night. Even though this promotes blood flow, it interrupts your sleep or negatively affects the quality of your sleep. Conversely, an overly soft mattress poses several issues. If you sink too deep into the mattress, you might wake up having back, neck, or shoulder pain.

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How effective is Herpesyl supplement?



How effective is Herpesyl supplement?

Herpesyl supplement

After using Herpesyl for each individual, the results may vary according to other Herpesyl reviews found on the internet, and most of them are positive. Some of the major benefits of using Herpesyl are, unlike other popular drugs out there in the market, which are concerned mainly with the alleviation of the symptoms, this supplement is different as It seems to target the main cause of herpes than treating the symptoms. This supplement works by eradicating the problem and enabling the body with strong enough enough to fight it in a future attack. Its main focus is on how to get the immune system of an individual gets going, so it can’t attack and will be removed completely. The brain is provided with the useful ingredients that are needed. It will work more efficiently, and the individual will have increased energy levels, that suffering from herpes is in constant agony this drug relieve them from the pain caused due to herpes. The manufacturing of Herpesyl natural seeds of pomegranate is used, which can improve the vision. The natural resources are immensely helpful in making the skin grow and shine naturally because the amount of healing and advantages for our body are provided by natural ingredients that are substitutes to none. Herpesyl can boost the mind, and it can eliminate the slowness of the mind. The person can take quick actions and make decisions easily.

It has been proved in various studies that the drug is found to be enhancing memory. One of the major benefits of using herpesyl is that it can detoxify the body completely, so it is cleaned from all kinds of unfavorable hosts living in our bodies. This supplement also helps in improving blood circulation. One of the benefits rarely talked about in this formula is that it is very easy to administer. One can take it daily as a routine. It does not require one to apply it to one’s skin. It comes in the form of a capsule which can be taken daily. Herpesyl was created after years of scientific research; the research mainly covered all the ingredients from which herpesyl is made to help cure the disease completely. The drug can also be used by those who have diabetes. It is diabetic friendly as it is not made of artificial ingredients but natural ingredients only. With the advent of modern science and new studies conducted regularly, researchers have learned a great deal about herpes, and once new information is gathered about herpes, effective drugs are also being manufactured. Herpesyl is the primary example of that with all the research conducted on the effectiveness of this drug, and the advantages are manifold. Every age group is found to benefit from this drug which every sufferer of herpes now uses to get relief.

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