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Aye Tee the Maestro, the Artist




Aye Tee

Being a musician is a great thing. It is almost a crime that people are allowed to earn a living by playing. But, like crime, music usually doesn’t pay. To get well-paid concerts, and keep getting them, musicians need to exude a high level of professionalism, which is often far less glamorous than the sexy life of a rock star.

Although these qualities may seem obvious, you would be surprised to know today’s rising star Aye Tee one of the most consistent in his field, how much prima donna there is in the world that is not clear but this person tirelessly dominates his field.

Aye Tee

Musicians are artists who move their audience with the help of their instruments or their voices perhaps Aye Tee 32 years young artist is one of them. Today I will highlight a few of his marvelous qualities which are proof of his well-deserved success. These are the characteristics that stand out in a good musician. 


1) Aye Tee’s Ability to follow instructions well

Since most musicians make a living playing for other people, they have to be good at doing what those people want. This sounds imprecise, and it is. If you are hired to play at a wedding, write a jingle, perform as an escort, be a studio musician, orchestral musician on Broadway (or at the local theater), you have to be good at following instructions and this is what Aye Tee did to flourish his career.


More often than it should be, these instructions are poorly communicated by people who don’t know music, but a professional musician Aye Tee knows how to translate any kind of cue quickly, without getting frustrated, and making the customer happy. They are one-way instructions in which there is no time to ask questions. Playing well in this type of environment leads Aye Tee to recommendations and, consequently, more work.


2) Aye Tee, as a well-organized musician

In short, Aye Tee (the resident of Vallejo ca waterfront city in Solano County, California) keeps an agenda and learns to control the time. Nothing is more frustrating or embarrassing than a lack of punctuality. In a world of great musicians subsisting on $ 50 bowling to make ends meet, agendas are both full and erratic. Everyone is trying to fit in a rehearsal before giving a class and then arriving at a concert that same night. But if you can’t get to everything and be where you need to be on time, you will lose a job. It’s that simple that Aye Tee applied and became a successful musician.


Also, he probably has to have a lot of material under control. Many backing musicians play in different bands and have to learn as much original music from the authors who hire them as versions for weddings or corporate events. Storing all this music in one’s head takes practice, but at first, you will need to learn how to organize it. Aye Tee, a successful and very busy musician applied to his life.


There is a saying among musicians that goes something like this:

Amateur practices until it works out, a professional practice until it never works out.


3) Communication skills of Aye Tee

When you deal with people who don’t know anything about music and not much else about business, you have to be able to lead most of the conversation. Make suggestions, write contracts, and know how to say what you want without being pushy or greedy. Aye Tee didn’t let pride stop him from asking questions.


4) Play well with others

Aye Tee took it as granted, but you would be surprised what He achieved. Singers get confused when they don’t sing and skip their tickets. Drums are playing too loud. The winds don’t listen to each other and as a section, they sound messy. These are all basic principles that a musician should follow but sometimes they are overlooked.

Although it is very important to do your solo well, it is even more important to fit in well with the group or make the soloist sound better. Playing with pleasure and in the appropriate style is key to Aye Tee’s success.


5) Aye Tee an irreparable Musician

Finally, the big difference between a professional and everyone else is preparation. The same occurs in all fields. A professional salesperson is supposed to know their product. A marketing professional is supposed to know his target audience. A professional restorer is supposed to know what product he can use to clean which surface. Similarly, a professional musician is supposed to perform at the concert with the correct instruments, dress appropriately, and be prepared to play the music well. Let me repeat a part of the above. A professional musician dresses appropriately. Whatever the type of concert, Aye Tee makes sure how to dress.


if you want to establish yourself as a professional musician, take a step back and evaluate these qualities. Music is a very competitive field, and mastering your instrument is simply the first step in being an active musician. For those who want to take their skills to the next level, what sets professionals apart from the rest is what they can do beyond playing their instrument.


Aye Tee once said’

“Music is also a business and responsibility. A musician, especially a professional one, should set the record straight

With his contractors or other musicians and discuss the ins and outs of the

the music business in order to get the best result for himself and everyone else.”



Yaccn talks heartbreaks on his new single “Void”

Umar Nisar



Yaccon talks heartbreaks on his new single "Void"

Yaccn is an upcoming 23-year-old Singer, Songwritter and producer. He recently just dropped his single titled “Void” on all streaming platforms, And which talks about heartbreaks and trying to fill that empty void with relationships etc…

Yaccn illustrates his lyrics with smooth and seductive vocals that sit right in the pocket of the 808s. Hard-hitting and unique, you should defintely check out this song!

Yaccn grew up in Casablanca, Morocco where he was raised in a family which loved music. He was also being influenced by such favorite Pop/ Hip/Hop artists as Moby, The Weeknd and J Cole.

In 2018 he got featured on a song called “Street lights” by the Dubstep producer Growlbittz. And he also helped produce numerous projects and some of his sounds were used by one of Lil Peep producers Yung Cortex.

“You know, the game is changing a little so let me just do what I want to do and love what I love, and I stuck to it ever since. I’ve been the happiest ever in my life,” said Yaccn.

“I think my music captures the feeling of night, whether it be a calm, or electricity” Yaccn says “I know that most people deal with anxiety and depression and I just hope my music can take them out that negative zone and helps them a little!”.

Other songs by Yaccn that focuses on depression and anxiety are: “Wahid” and “Chkoun”.

Yaccn is expected to drop a debut album this year but the exact date has not been set yet.

You can stream Yaccn’s new release “Void” on all stream platforms!

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The celebrity cleric broke the news on his Facebook page by posting a Scripture  that says children are a blessing from the lord. Fans in the comments poured in congratulatory messages to Apostle JP M Dinayen and His stylish wife Prophetess Nam Dinayen.

The couple is said to have been married for 3 years now and this is their first child in marriage. It is alleged that little princess Zara Dinayen was born in Cape Town South Africa in a private fancy hospital. Pictures of the baby have not been seen on their social media platforms but the couple  broke the news using some pregnancy photoshoot pictures 

Here are some of the comment reactions from their Facebook fans

“The Best Gift Ever…Congratulationslovely Couple”

“Wow I just love this power couple, Congratulations”

“I’m celebrating with you. Congratulations”

“Blessed child born to a blessed family”

Apostle of Power and Prophetess of Power. Glory be to God.”

“Congrats to You! MAY You guys have a Healthy baby! God bless You!”

“Wow this is double wow”

“Congrats with your little princess”

Apostle JP M Dinayen popularly know as the APOSTLE OF POWER is well known for his special love for orphans, we often see him on social media and on taking care of the poor and widows. He has adopted many kids and taken upon himself to provide for the needs of kids who have no one to care for them.

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The Relaunch of Carlita Cosmetics

Bobby Jansson



The Relaunch of Carlita Cosmetics

We recently caught up with the owner of Carlita cosmetics and here’s what she had to say about her upcoming website that will be relaunching later this year.
Our website will be expanding going more in the direction of a full cosmetics line. In addition to our lipsticks and lip glosses we will be adding foundations, pressed powders, eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, lashes, and our line of skincare. And we’ll also carry accessories and eyewear.
Instagram: @carlita cosmetics

Carlita is a Dallas native she said growing up in Texas as a child while other kids were outside playing she was inside looking at her mother’s fashion magazines. She knew at a very young age that she wanted to be in the beauty industry. She didn’t go to college after graduating High School she went straight to Cosmetology School. Carlita had a 20-year career in the hair industry where she managed multiple hair cutting chains in the Dallas area. Eventually, that was not enough for her she wanted to turn her childhood dream into a reality by starting her own cosmetic line.

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