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Attending Bollywood Style Holi Party In Mumbai



Attending Bollywood Style Holi Party In Mumbai

With water splashes, fun faces, and vibrant colors all around, what’s not to love about Holi. As the festival of colors is fast approaching, everyone is all set to celebrate in style. Since Holi is my favorite festival, I always look for ways to celebrate it in a fun way. So when I recently got an invite to a Holi party in Mumbai from my fashion designer friend, my happiness and excitement knew no bounds.

I was super thrilled to attend a Bollywood-style Holi party that my friend organized at her farmhouse. As her farmhouse is situated on the Mumbai Panvel highway, we decided to opt for a convenient car rental in Mumbai and reach there a night before Holi. Finally, the day came, and we reached a lovely farmhouse that was all decked up for the Holi party. 

Let me tell you this was the best decor I ever saw! With fairy lights, a DJ deck, and artificial swimming puddles, the place was all set for the Holi madness. Around 8 pm, we all gathered in the outside garden for Holika Dahan.

Holika Dahan is an age-old custom where we burn a pile of wood to commemorate the victory of good over evil. As soon as the fire ignited, we started taking rounds around the Holika and performed the custom Puja. Once the Puja got over, we lit another bonfire as the DJ played blasting tunes, and we could not keep calm. We danced our hearts out till 2 am before dozing off.

The Holi day

It was around 10 am when my friend woke me, and we went downstairs after getting ready for the Holi madness. As soon as we reached the lawn, we were stunned to see the decorations. A classy venue, thandai counter, sparkling swimming pool, and vodka Pani Puri stall, it was indeed looking like a venue of a high-end Bollywood party.

As the DJ played the first track, no one could keep themselves sitting, and we all jumped with joy. With vibrant colors, yummy food, booze, sprinkling cold water, and my friends dancing to the DJ’s every beat, it was indeed the most memorable Holi celebration I ever witnessed. The arrangement of the food and drinks was excellent and, these delicious delicacies and unlimited drinks made our party more enticing and energetic. Moreover, the brightly colored mascots and dancers added more fun to our Holi party and made it more spectacular and unforgettable.

Our Holi fun and celebrations continued till 7 pm till our excitement turned into exhaustion. We all were so tired that we could barely walk to our rooms. However, as soon as we reached the room and took a hot shower, we relaxed a bit. After resting for some time post-shower, we dressed up again and went down for a cocktail party and dinner. With delectable cuisine, wine, soft music, and endless banter with friends, it was undoubtedly one hell of a night. 

With that, our Holi celebration came to an end. It was indeed the best party of my life, and I could not thank my friend more for being a wonderful host. On our way home, we again hired a taxi through a top rated car rental app to reach back home with a bag full of fun memories that we all will remember for a lifetime.

Have a safe and happy Holi!