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Atlanta has A Star In Salma Slims



Atlanta has A Star In Salma Slims

Rising female rap star Salma Slims wants all the smoke in her latest release. With her new “Oh He Wanna” music video, she is showing the world that she has what it takes to make it big as a mainstream recording artist. As she has consistently released impressive music since entering the music business, she has created a one of a kind visual that her fanbase can indulge in. Her hard work and determination led her to working with Chanel West Coast last year for a single titled “Easy” that has grossed over 1 million views collectively. She continues to pour into her music career one hit at a time. While staying authentically true to herself, you start to get the sense that she will be around for a very long time.

In the “On He Wanna” music video, Slims showcases a confident demeanor as she explains why she is the girl everybody wants to be with. In the opening minutes of this visual you will see the rising star with her gal pal sitting on the top of an old school Cadillac as it cruises down the street. Looking like a black barbie, the Atlanta based artist pours in punchline after punchline while taking her raw creativity to the next level. As she continues to be a fashion trendsetter, fans get a chance to see what it looks like and feels like to be the Salma Slims. Getting her start in the entertainment business as a model, you will see Slims bridging her love for fashion, music and art as she makes it clear she is the girl every guy would want.

One scene from her new video worth mentioning is the candid pillow fight that breaks out between Slims and a few of her girl friends. In this scene you will notice that the floors are dripped out in GUCCI, with accents of Versace everywhere . These elements of the video are a direct statement to her glamorous lifestyle. Turning the function to a full-fledged party, you get a chance to see how talented Slims is as a creative and rising star.

Some notable lyrics from this song worth mentioning appear around the 1:25 mark of this music video. You will hear Salma Slims talking about how she holds it down for her man in true runway rapper fashion. The lyrics goes as follows; “Crash out about my na ,this st gon turn a collision, pay attention to that runway st these b*s know I’m giving, it’s that rockstar st bs know I’m giving”.

Press play below to stream her new “Oh He Wanna” music video.

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