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Asian Entrepreneur Magazine Talks ‘Startups’ with Allied Wallet’s Dr. Andy Khawaja




Asian Entrepreneur Magazine Talks ‘Startups’ with Allied Wallet’s Dr. Andy Khawaja

Dr. Andy Khawaja grew up in Lebanon as a child and came to the United States as a teenager. He has been in the luxury retail business for many years and ran a retail chain with stores in Rodeo Drive’s Beverly Hills and Las Vegas MGM. As the Internet began to grow, Dr. Andy realized that he would need a way to accept credit cards. Dr. Andy’s experience with overseas clients has given him a very good understanding of foreign business. He wanted to create a way to connect business owners and customers around the world. It happened through the Allied Wallet. We used to market by word of mouth 10 years ago, but now we’re working for 150 million merchants around the world.

Interviewer: In your own words, what is Allied Wallet?

Andy Khawaja: Allied Wallet is currently the fastest growing online payment processor in the world. We provide small businesses around the world with the ability to process credit card payments from their customers safely and quickly. The award-winning API allows all transactions to be scrubbed for fraud and processed in over 150 different currencies for a truly international experience.

Interviewer: How did you come up with the idea for Allied Wallet?

Andy Khawaja: I started this company 10 years ago. It was inspired by giving companies everywhere the opportunity to take them to the next level, the global level. I realized that I needed a safer way to handle international transactions. No one else was doing this, leaving plenty of room for fraud that could ruin your business.

Interviewer: What is the process of launching Allied Wallet?

Andy Khawaja: When a merchant comes to us, we fill out an application on our website. Your in-house underwriting team will review the document and send you an approval email with the code for your website’s secure checkout page. When the seller makes changes to the site, set it to live. All of this can be done in just 12 hours.

Interviewer: Did you have any particular problems at startup?

Andy Khawaja: Unlike other processing companies, we didn’t start with investor funding. Allied Wallet was built with my own money because I believe in this company. The efforts and dedication of our team have created one of the most successful processing companies in the world today.

Interviewer: How have you developed Allied Wallet since the startup?

Andy Khawaja: When we first started, we focused primarily on gateways and ensured the best security available to thwart fraud. Since then, we have created other products such as prepaid cards, virtual wallets and NextGen gateways. We are constantly evolving to create new and better products to assist our merchants.

Interviewer: What kind of feedback have you received about Allied Wallet so far?

Andy Khawaja: Allied Wallet is very well known in the US, Europe and Asia. It is consistently award-winning for its outstanding processing capabilities and efforts to ensure seller success. A growth rate of 200-500% each year shows that people trust Allied Wallet in their business.

Interviewer: Are you facing competition in this industry, especially with companies like Allied Wallet?

Andy Khawaja: We love competition. PayPal is probably our biggest direct competitor, but they have different infrastructures and we have a global approach with a variety of features and greater flexibility for merchants. .. As you know, the payments industry is very competitive, but with low rates, good in-house customer service, a variety of shopping cards to integrate, and invincible fraud prevention, Allied Wallet speaks for itself.

Interviewer: Tell us about the industry.

Andy Khawaja: The industry is very competitive and can be dangerous to new merchants. There’s a lot to understand about accepting credit cards online before you dive into it, and you must have a secure gateway to prevent fraud.

Interviewer: What is the future of the industry and how do you plan to stay relevant in this industry?

Andy Khawaja: The digital payments industry will grow bigger and bigger. More and more people are paying with cards and apps instead of cash. In short, more and more people need a way to make payments electronically. Allied Wallet is constantly improving and creating new products to keep the game at the top as one of the most reliable processors in the world.

Interviewer: What do you think about Asian entrepreneurship and Western entrepreneurship?

Andy Khawaja: Being an entrepreneur in Asia is very different from being an entrepreneur in Western countries like the United States and Europe. There are different laws and different regulations, but most of all work ethics are different. When you meet top businessmen in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore, you realize how hard they are working and they won’t stop until they reach their goals. It’s very exciting.

Interviewer: What is the definition of success?

Andy Khawaja: Success is the ability to work hard, reach goals, and help others on the way to the top. Be surrounded by hard-working people who believe in you and show your gratitude. Success makes a difference.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur?

Andy Khawaja: I’ve always been an entrepreneur. When I was a child growing up in Lebanon, I used to collect cartridge cases on the street and submit them for money. After moving to the United States, I worked hard to improve and grow my company until I was able to start my own company.

Interviewer: In your opinion, what is the secret to success as an entrepreneur?

Andy Khawaja: The key to success is hard work and belief in yourself. If you don’t have both of them, you can’t get it done as an entrepreneur.

Interviewer: From your personal experience, are there any words of goodbye wisdom for entrepreneurs?

Andy Khawaja: I would like to tell all the entrepreneurs there that vision and effort are the keys to success. If you work hard, spend effort and time, and choose a reliable and secure processing company that you can trust to help you grow, nothing prevents you from achieving your goals There is none. Every day you don’t use to work towards your goal day is a waste of time and you work every day for the future.


Pial Huseyn Turkmen- Our rising young music sensation




Pial Huseyn Turkmen- Our rising young music sensation:

Pial Huseyn Turkmen: Pial Huseyn’s name is surely the first thing to pop up in our minds when we are talking about the word “struggles”. His story of hard work and facing troubles is undoubtedly inspiring for millions of youngsters around the globe. Excelling in the music industry, he has made himself stand out in public as a renowned and self-trained artist. Haven’t heard much? We’ve got you!  Let us know more about his story:

About Pial Huseyn Turkmen:

Pial Turkmen belongs to Kirkuk, Iraq. He was born there on February 17th, 1981. To date, he moved to multiple locations while growing, just like in Kirkuk during 1981-1995, in Istanbul 1995-2001, whereas his current place of residence is Stockholm since 2001.

Center of Artist:

As an artist, Pial Huseyn Turkmen has sharpened himself into the best of a professional singer, songwriter, musician, poet, director, computer technician, and interpreter, and above all the most fascinating, a hairstylist. No doubt that he is highly inspired and is a multi-talented being. His next-level talent is also followed by his exceptional ability to be able to speak four distinct languages. These include English, Swedish, Arabic, and Turkish. That is a whole lot of stuff for a youngster to be inspired of.

About Pial Turkmen’s musical career:

Having all of his music composed by him, Pial Turkmen initiated his career as a professional singer and a songwriter in the year 2016. He is also available online here. He is a solo songwriter and has composed his entire music on his own.

Struggles for a desire:

Pial has reached this position after a long duration of non-stop struggle and hard work of days and nights.  He often talks about the troubles and struggles he has undergone, also about his life.  He also speaks about his achievements which he has gained over the years of hid hard work.

Seeking exposure:

Pial Huseyn Turkmen is currently seeking more and more exposure to music art and artists while performing at various venues like birthdays, festivals, and weddings. His true desire comes out to be noticed for his exceptional and amazing talent in the world. Thus by working days and nights he has put him in the world to get more attention and exposure.

Pial’s music genre and musical inspirations:

Pial Huseyn Turkmen has succeeded already to get attention from television as he has been on some interviews on Turkish television and some radio shows. He has a very unique style of Middle Eastern music, thus having his genre of music as Arabesque and Fantezi. Isn’t that astounding and really unique. Pial has a vision of creating music purely for the sake of arts and not to earn.

Celebrity exposure:

Pial Huseyn has also succeeded to grab the attention of some famous music artists like salami Sahin who really loved and critiqued his work, Ahmet Seljuk whose meeting was proved to be a life-changing phase of Pial’s career.

Famous playlists:

Pial Huseyn has thrown some of the famous tracks for his fans and other listeners that have created a great hype of his talent in the music industry. Some of these tracks are listed here:

  • Ne Garegi Var
  • Sus
  • Salla
  • Ne Garegi Var club remix
  • Kor makas
  • Ask Olsun yar
  • Ama bana Var dendi.

So if you are thinking to check or follow him to keep up with his latest activities. Go to his official website by clicking here, email him here or call him at +905323235313.

You can find Huseyin Turkmen online at

Social Accounts: Twitter and facebook

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Demetre Durham Finds Success As An Actor, Influencer, And Cartoonist.




Demetre Durham Finds Success As An Actor, Influencer, And Cartoonist

Demetre Durham

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Demetre Durham is an actor, dancer, cartoonist, Influencer, and entrepreneur who have risen to fame in a very short time. He had acting roles on the HBO series ‘Insecure‘& Amazon’s ‘Dancers For Sale’. Nothing scares the actor, he’s the type of person who loves acting and lives for entertaining others even if he gets bruised in the process.

We are privileged to get to know Him better in this interview:

Hi Demetre Durham! It’s an honor to speak with you today.

Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story? How did you get to where you are today?

My name is Demetre Durham. Originally from Brooklyn, NY finished high school and college in Nashville, TN. I went to college for Digital Animation since I wanted to be a cartoonist. While in college I began to grow my hair out to be curly and found my signature look. This is where I started using natural hair products and learning more about to take care of natural hair. This would start my influencer journey.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

As an influencer, it’s always a challenge getting your content out where everyone can see it. You have post content consistently and engage with your followers. You also have to constantly be on top of making relevant content to build your following. Me finding time to do all of this I’m whole still managing my career, wasn’t easy. After some serious organizing & planning, I was able to balance everything a lot better.

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

As far as influencing, I’m finding my niche in the natural hair world. I’m a man with natural hair which you don’t see a lot of on social media. People should work with me became I’m such a versatile influencer. I also can not only relate to the whole natural hair world, but also give the guys someone to look up to.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

I’d say you have to be consistent and good with your time management. Social media can be like a whole job! Find what you’re good at and target that audience!

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

Success to me setting a goal for yourself and accomplishing it. It doesn’t have to mean fame or fortune but just reaching a major goal that you worked hard for.

What’s next for you?

I plan on working with plenty of other brands and reaching a wider audience

You can find more about  Demetre Durham at ;

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Allied Wallet and CEO Ahmad Khawaja Talk Digital Payments in CEO Views Cover Feature




Allied Wallet and CEO Ahmad Khawaja Talk Digital Payments in CEO Views Cover Feature

Ahmad Khawaja, CEO of Allied Wallet, the world’s leading provider of mainstream online payment processing, is featured on the cover of CEO Views Magazine, sharing knowledge about comprehensive digital payment solutions and online shopping experiences.

Allied Wallet has been a leading provider of online payment processing for over 10 years. With countless merchants successful with their own payment tools, the Allied Wallet brand has brought innovation, flexibility and top-notch security to digital payments.

As an industry leader and founder of Allied Wallet, Ahmad Khawaja takes a closer look at CEO Views to see why they made them such a popular brand.

Very often, Khawaja emphasizes his dedication to customers and merchants. His goal is to make the world a better place by offering more opportunities, whether through philanthropy or through payment companies.

This article certainly highlights Ahmad Khawaja’s different passions, his true passion for innovating his industry and bringing new and interesting features to his products.

“This is the future of payments, and Allied Wallet is focusing on adding the ability to speed up transactions, making it more sophisticated, convenient, secure and easy to use.

Allied Wallet's CEO Ahmad Khawaja Discusses E-commerce in China with BRIC

While many companies have been successful, Allied Wallet has emerged and has established itself as a successful flagship in the digital payments industry. Perhaps Khawaja revealed some of his corporate secrets in this new article, but it’s clear that he and Allied Wallet will bring far more to the table over the years to come.

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