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Ashton Henry: A credit expert and entrepreneur



Meet the Enterprising and Massively Successful Ashton Henry

Credit scores and low income can make it hard for many people to build successful side hustles or start on a journey of entrepreneurship. Ashton Henry is a credit expert and entrepreneur who helps people get their financial lives back on track, no matter what their finances looked like in the past. He tells us more about himself and his work in an exclusive interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I’ve started a company that helps people become financially literate. They don’t teach information like that in schools, so many people are completely oblivious about how to handle their finances. But they shouldn’t have to be ashamed of that! I’m passionate about helping people break out of the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle to become self-sufficient and comfortable.

What jobs did you have before you started your entrepreneurship journey?

I worked in construction and admission enrollment for a while. However, I just didn’t enjoy it. I don’t like exchanging my time for money like that. I wanted financial freedom and time independence, including more time to spend with my wife and kids. So, I quit those jobs and started working on my entrepreneurship journey full-time, and I’ve never looked back.

Why did you choose this career path?

I want to help people become financially literate so they can break free from their caged lives and build a true legacy for their families. I don’t think people should have to settle for a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle earning low wages. I want to see people become self-sufficient and strike out to make more money, either through passive income or from side hustles. I also don’t want people to feel like they can never break free from the financial cycle they’re trapped in right now.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to people who are trying to build their wealth?

If you’re trying to buy a house or get a business loan, you should focus on improving your credit. I have many strategies to do that which I teach my students. If you’re doing okay for yourself but want to be making more money, starting a side hustle like real estate or dropshipping can be a great way to do that. Never give up, and don’t feel like you can never make enough money to live your dreams. If you’re willing to put in some hard work, you can thrive.

If you need help in improving your credit score or increasing your income, Ashton Henry can help you and get your financial future back on track.