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Andy Khawaja founder of Allied Wallet begin to transform Africa into a new technology center

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Andy Khawaja founder of Allied Wallet begin to transform Africa into a new technology center

Andy Khawaja, CEO at Allied Wallet, a leading provider of payment solutions online, received a Star Charity event at the Principality of Monaco at the site of Louis II Stadium.

The STAR team is one of the most well-known organizations in the Monegasque government for its efforts to care for children in need.

Dr. Andy Khawaja and his payday co-founder Allied Wallet have been very supportive and proud of their current ambitious goals.

A few days before the Monaco train, popular football scenes were seen. These features are the stars of Formula 1 football, skiing, cycling, and rugby. Felipe Moss and his tour guide were led by Patrick Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emanuel II.

Dr. Andy Khawaja is well-known for his help and support during the event, and all the courageous businesses have been invited to sign his business.

Dr. Andy Khawaja said: “That’s why I’m proud to support that goal in partnership with Allied Noctis.” … This project is providing additional updates over the course of several months. I can really help kids. ”

This is a new standard procedure with the help of a doctor. Andy Khawaja, Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel II, Hoblit, Claudio Ranieri, Claudio Shapoche, William Giles and many others.



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ROI simply means, “return on investment.” It is used to carry out evaluations about the efficiency of an investment. Evaluation in the sense that it calculates the amount of investment return by dividing the gains on the investment by the cost of invested capital.

The main purpose of ROI for Incentive Programs is to inspire workers in the business management to keep customers and function well with them. Return on investment is important to calculate no matter which category of business you belong to. As a leader either a business owner or a manager, you have to know how effective you’ve been to your employees. Checking up the total probability of the business is necessary and this can be done by calculating the ROI of the job.

ROI for Incentive programs

In generating revenues and sales for a particular organization, digital, traditional, and social markets use. Calculating return on investment on well-evaluated incentive programs is second to none. Comparing the benefit of incentive programs over the traditional campaigns, the cost applied reduces while that of traditional advertisement campaigns apparently increases because the measure of efficiency is standard. Regarding digital marketing, incentive programs get to be a better option. Taking SEO for example, estimating it ROI is difficult, and traffic payment can result in low-income because users can log in and not purchase. The AdWords bill will be high with no return on investment but for incentives, all the money spent will be paid back.

How to calculate ROI for incentive program

  • Setup the Basis: let’s say you want to reach a sales goal of $10m, find a sale that will correspond with an incentive. Some directors may decide they want a 20% inflation of sales. So the  increase will be $2m thereby making the total cost of sales be $12m.
  • Work out your margins: before starting, you have to take some things into consideration. You have to know if you can provide for it. The extra gain to the revenues, calculating the margin let’s say it has yield you 33%, therefore you know your advertisement budget on additional prices of your sales is one third. Margins and advertisement budget is being done in any company or business. ROI is still done.
  • Calculate break even: there is one-third of the 33% to get you the additional sales of $2m, by calculating the break-even, you must have known the limited amount of sales needed. So as not to suffer a loss on the sales, divide the additional sales by the extra cost to get the break-even.
  • Keep price in check: there are several budgets needed for business such as elements of promoting marketing, logistics price, database price, and subsidiary reward. There is also payment of tax on reward and fees. Then you should know after paying and keeping up the budgets, 55% will be spent on the budgets.

Companies that are just getting into incentives program frequently increase their sales 30%-50% because it is a new technique for them but for those that are already involved tends to increase it by 5%-10%. Therefore, the ROI evaluation will be different for both.

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Cleveland bookkeeping services-Your small business bookkeeper




Cleveland bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping is keeping the records of financial transactions. It is a major part of accounting in the business. All the transactions comprise sales, receipts, payments, and purchases related to an individual customer or a corporate/organization. Not only that but it may involve several tasks that serve important functions in the maintenance of financial records of a particular business. 

Anyhow, digital innovations have brought much ease in doing your books more efficiently by hiring online services of bookkeeping. These virtual bookkeeping services have all your back. You don’t need to maintain any of your records in detail. One of such services is Cleveland bookkeeping services. What is it about? Let us see:

Cleveland bookkeeping services:

Cleveland bookkeeping services By Park East was established in 2007. The goal was to provide some astounding bookkeeping services in the greater Cleveland Area. Our aim has always been to stand out in public because of our timely response, exceptional services, professional staff, and our quality work.  We are available during business hours Monday-Friday. Hire us for the best and time-oriented services and get your job done in the very first take.

Park east bookkeeping will do whatever they can to guide local entrepreneurs through any financial difficulty (pandemic or non-pandemic.)

About the Founder & Director:

The founder and director, Mathew Beck is an accounting professional. He has experience in providing services for more than sixteen years. His specializations are small business bookkeeping and restaurant accounting.  He serves to present financial reports to owners and stakeholders of all kinds. He is also an expert at forecasting, budgeting, financial statement reconstruction, and strategic planning.

In addition to:

We have a lot to tell about his career as well, so we mention some of the things here. Mathew Beck embraced QuickBooks Online early. By doing this, his goal was to focus on the local services but also availed themselves with interstate customers. They provide complete solutions on the national level. Their services are one of the freshest bookkeeping services that provide the choice to download directly. That is how you have less data entry and low-cost bookkeeping. 

Types of bookkeeping services:

So everyone can avail of the bookkeeping services of various kinds. Some of these are:

  • Part-time bookkeeping services
  • Catch-up bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping training

Part-time bookkeeping services:

His package is designed for enterprises that do not need a full-time bookkeeper as not every small business can afford an in-house accounting department. So we provide the bookkeeping services as per their business requirement. No doubt to the fact that keeping your bank account, reunited every 12 hours is no less than a challenge.  So why not get rid of it by just taking a smart decision? Go ahead and hire our bookkeeping services to handle your detailed work to save your precious time. Just make a call and forget about the rest.  Part-time is the most suitable package for the business structure that does not require electronic services for a long time, so they hire daily.

Catch up bookkeeping services:

 This package is suitable for those in need of a transparent bookkeeper. It is a dedicated service that assists wayward entrepreneurs. They can easily catch up with their bookkeeping which not everyone is too good at. Yet sometimes people let it go. So we have their back at this point. Through this, the businessmen have better and accurate books that directly help them with better decision-making capability. When you hire our services, you are assigned a dedicated bookkeeper to whom your account is assigned. This person is absolutely accessible to your all the 6 working days till 07:00 p.m.  Also, the bookkeeper you are assigned is local. To meet with each other whenever you want. 

Bookkeeping training:

Bookkeeping training is all we serve. We train entrepreneurs and business-men for their in-house bookkeeping department followed by the best practices and methods. This directly enables them to handle their accounting more efficiently and saving their precious time to spend with their loved ones.

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Five Reasons to Bid on Branded Terms in PPC

Umar Nisar



Five Reasons to Bid on Branded Terms in PPC

Branded terms in PPC can be very profitable, and many companies bid to all the keywords that mention their brands. However, some advertisers don’t target these terms and resist this strategy because they believe they would get that traffic anyway because of the organic listings. In this article, you can read five reasons why you must bid on branded terms in PPC.

1. Bidding On Branded Terms Helps You Dominate The Search Results Page

The organic results for keywords that mention your brand probably have your website and your social media profiles on Google’s first page. Google searches for the most relevant results, so you expect pages that send visitors to your website. However, it can include mentions from third-party websites or brands. While these mentions can be positive, they can get some a part of your traffic.

If you bid for branded terms, the visitors will see at least one extra option to visit your website or learn more about your business. Also, you show them where to click right away. These types of ads have high click-through rates because users want to learn about your products.

Another thing to consider is that you help your visitors avoid distractions in the search results page by showing your ads. The organic results can have anything from complaints to irrelevant topics that somehow got ranked under your branded terms. Decreasing the visibility of these pages can help you to get more traffic, leads, and customers.

Dominating your brand keywords means that they will show results that send users to your pages and social media profiles. At the same time, these third-party websites will get lower rankings or get ranked on the second and third page of Google.

2. You Control Your Message

Organic traffic is free and has many marketing benefits. However, it has one main limitation. You can’t just change the metadata of your pages and expect Google to update the listings instantly. Changes on your metadata can negatively affect your rankings, while they can take from a few days to a few weeks to get updated.

On the other hand, you can control every part of your Pay Per Click campaigns. If you want to share a specific message with the potential customers that search for your business on Google, you can create a new ad with your message.

The ads can include discounts, prices, new products, mentions of benefits, and many more that can’t be included in the organic results without affecting your rankings. Even if you don’t want to mention something special, you can add the right message for your business. This process can help your company grab the attention and get

more clicks on the search results page. If you focus only on the organic results, a part of your branded keywords’ traffic will get wasted.

3. Competitors Can Bid For Your Keywords

No rule says that your competitors will not bid for your branded terms. Google Ads allows them to target any keywords they want. If they have the option to get traffic and potential customers from you, they will do it.

So, if you bid for your branded terms, you prevent traffic loss on third-party websites and competitors. Another part that you can avoid is negativity. The competitors can put any message they want out there. They may try to create doubt or mention negatives of your business compared to them. It would be better if their ads appear below yours.

The good news is that you have an advantage compared to competitors that try to outbid you. Branded keywords will have better click-through rates and conversion rates for you because the users already want to learn more about your business. The competitors must set much higher bids to outbid you, so your presence alone can be enough to win that battle.

4. Brand Terms Are Cheap For You

If you want to find keywords that convert with high volume but low CPC, you must first check your branded keywords. Two big parts of PPC that affect your results are the relevancy of the ads with the keyword and the quality of your landing page. You already have both of them in this case.

When people search for something relevant to your brand and see an ad with your brand’s name and a link to your website, they will click it most of the time. The same applies to products and services that you may offer, the owners’ names, and anything related to your company. Google Ads uses the Quality Score to determine your rankings. It goes up when the ads get clicks and are relevant. If you target branded terms, the Quality Score will explode, improve your

rankings, and decrease your average CPC.

5. Get High-Quality Leads

The people who search branded terms on Google have many chances to convert into leads and buyers. They already know about your business or your products and try to get more information. They want to confirm that you have a trustworthy brand or find your products’ features in many cases.

When they visit your website, they can go directly to the pages that mention your products or just search for communication methods. These people can have questions about anything that prevents them from buying something.

They tend to know the type of product they want, and your company can offer it. With a few words, they are in a late stage of the buying journey. For this reason, they have high conversion rates, and many competitors will bid for these terms. A good offer or some extra details can be enough to convert them into buyers.


Branded terms have traffic with many potential customers. Some of them already want to visit your website or learn more about your products. You just need to have a presence on the search result page to make sure that you don’t lose traffic.

Usually, the ads on branded terms have a high click-through rate, high conversion rate, and boost the Quality Score for all the reasons that are explained in this post.

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