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America the Beautiful For any of us who were hoping against hope that the COVID-19 pandemic had issued a metaphorical moratorium on the senseless and shameless predatory killings of black individuals and other people of color by our police (and otherwise socially-minded Caucasian individuals), stop the presses! The news is in. And it didn’t stop a thing.

From the killing of Breonna Taylor in her Kentucky home to the assassination of Ahmaud Arbery, recent weeks have signaled an uneasy escalation in the violence. This violence culminated in the much-filmed, various vantage point killing of another unarmed black man.

On Monday, May 25, 2020, former Minneapolis Minnesota Police Department Officer Derek Chauvin literally squeezed the life out of Minnesota resident George Floyd.

… even after…he was…unconscious, Chauvin knelt his ground

It was a scenario that is frighteningly reminiscent of scenes from several prominent movies. Spike Lee’s classic, Do the Right Thing, the Edward Norton/Edward Furlong vehicle American History X, and any number of 1970s “Snuff Films,” can’t even compare to the horror.

Chauvin and 3 of his colleagues full-weight knelt on the neck and back of Mr. Floyd. Presumably, this was done in an effort to subdue the accused. (At least, that’s what they’ll say.)

After more than six minutes, Mr. Floyd was non-responsive and had no pulse. And even after it was determined that he was most likely unconscious, Chauvin knelt his ground for an additional 2+ minutes.

How…do I heal when I’m not even…to acknowledge my pain…?

The shocking nature of the murder of Mr. Floyd has led to the latest wave of protests. It is a scene that has played itself out frequently in the past several years. But, for all the similarities that I can draw, the fact is this time it appears different.

…racism is an ideological construct that is a complicated mix

Much of the talk of healing is being replaced with real truths about the complexities of racism. (How exactly do I heal when I’m not even allowed to acknowledge my pain and what causes it?) Many people are actually cleansing their souls, expressing disgust at the fact that they’ve lived a privileged existence because of race.

People who normally don’t speak on such issues, AKA well-to-do, well known Caucasians, are coming out of their race-privileged closets. I feel that with each new confession, those who have lived the dream become a little more enlightened to the profound realities and complexities of the situation in which we find ourselves.

Often oversimplified in its destructive nature, western racism is an ideological construct that is a complicated mix. It’s equal parts false pride, denigrating lies and innuendo, historical omission, religious usury, and capitalistic tilt.

For the purposes of this article, we will dispense with the clinical and just get to the meat of it.

It’s being reprimanded for speaking your mind…about racism because that kind of talk is divisive.

Racism, overtly maligned, most often denied but, popularly underestimated, but always, always there. What is it?

Well, it’s not getting the job for which you know you are best qualified. The job eventually goes to someone (of the right race) who is underqualified.

It’s being dismissed and denigrated as a student by a Caucasian teacher who feels you don’t have the mental capacity to do the work anyway. It’s being reprimanded for speaking your mind and expressing your feelings about racism because that kind of talk is divisive.

It’s not being able to get a business loan for a venture that you know will be lucrative because your business is a start-up and not established.

It’s having…African Americans…in power… use and abuse your black body…to show that they deserve to be accepted into the Caucasian fray.

It’s worrying about your loved ones when they walk out of the door in the mornings because, well because we are all targets.

It’s being followed around in any store while being profiled like you’re a common criminal.

It’s having Caucasians, over and over, highjack dialogues about racism to prove that they are not racist or that they have suffered the same atrocities. (This is particularly vexing.)

It’s having black people/African Americans who are in power or authority use and abuse your black body, your black life, to show that they deserve to be accepted into the Caucasian fray. Stockholm Syndrome is alive and thriving in America. (For those who don’t get it, it’s about black people desperately needing to identify with the culture that kidnapped and obliterated black identity. Check out Samuel L. Jackson in Django Unchained. He gives a brilliant performance as the original “Tom”.)

It’s always automatically taking for granted that the Caucasian is smarter or has a more powerful position. It’s always, automatically looking to the Caucasian in the room for answers.

It’s people curtailing and manipulating their testimonials on racism to ensure that they don’t offend the sensitivities or hurt the feelings of the perpetrators of racism.

It’s always offering unnecessary disclaimers to let everyone know that all Caucasians are not racist.

It is beyond powerful.

As of this writing, charges against Derek Chauvin have been upgraded to 2nd-degree murder. His colleagues/partners in crime have also been charged. And Mr. Floyd’s death has been ruled a homicide.

Neither of these outcomes would have occurred a few years ago. There has been very minimal character assassination of Mr. Floyd. A few years ago, this too would be completely opposite.

The protestors have gone nowhere and numerous world leaders have spoken out about this atrocity. Again, this is light-years from the results of the no so distant past. It is different. Let’s hope we are not hoodwinked by these phenomena.


Because of this perfect storm of atrocious tragedy, pandemic cabin fever, pandemic induced furloughs, we are now it appears peeling back the multifaceted very complicated layers of racism. Racism is such an institutionalized villain that has victimized and vilified legions for hundreds of years.

Racism, the pandemic to rival all pandemics.

Rash Muhammad

The Literary Illuminati



Things to focus on when hiring a reliable attorney




reliable attorney

Do you need to find a good attorney for your case? Well, if you are looking to find a reliable attorney for your case, then you will have to start your research and focus on all the information that will assist you in the perfect way. By following the useful tips and instructions, you will be able to achieve the best outcome. 

There are various important things that you need to focus on so you can come up with a great solution. If you are not sure how you can choose a reliable attorney for your case, then you are in good hands. 

It is highly recommended to find an attorney that will help you with your car accident case. Here are all the details that you need to focus on so you can choose the best attorney out there.

Start your research

The first thing that you will have to do is to start your research online and locally. Make sure to go through all the important details so you can easily find a reliable attorney for your case. If you are not going through the detailed research process, then you won’t be able to make the right decision. 

It is highly recommended to do your research locally and online so you can find a perfect attorney for your case. If you are looking for auto crash attorneys atlanta, then you should check out various options so you can choose the perfect one for your case. 

Ask for recommendations

If you are getting recommendations, then it will become a lot easier for you to find a good attorney for your case. Make sure to get recommendations from trusted sources. You can always ask for recommendations from friends and family members so you can find a reliable attorney for your case. It will help you choose an attorney without going through any research. 

Check online reviews

If you are checking reviews and ratings online, then it will become a lot easier for you to hire the best attorney for your case. Make sure to go through the details that will allow you to come up with a great solution. Make sure to focus on your reviews and ratings so you can achieve the best results. 

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House Spiders: How to Control the Spread




House Spiders: How to Control the Spread

House spiders are the most dangerous insects for any place whether it is your home or workplace. Some people have serious phobias against spiders and spider webs. Furthermore, spiders are poisonous to like a brown recluse or a black widow.

It is true that spiders also cause deaths. Although it is rare you never know what type of spider is lingering around in your home or office, which is why getting rid of them is very important. Spider control is crucial and you can prevent spiders in your house by taking a few precautions.

Know About Spiders

You might hear about different preventives that can avoid the spiders in your house or office, but it is not that easy as you might think. The chemicals or insect repellent sprays don’t usually work on spiders, only a few less harmful ones die out of chemicals. 

The big spiders know how to avoid insect repellent sprays by keeping their bellies above the ground. After all, they have six legs that help them avoid the chemicals touching their main organs easily. 

Furthermore, spiders don’t clean themselves as other insects do with their mouths, which usually results in leading the chemical inside their body. You can always find local spider control to manage problems like spiders in home. They brush off the chemicals while walking, so there is no use of sprays. 

Spiders are mostly found in basements or dark places because of the heat. The seals attract spiders to make webs easily. The humid weather is the most vulnerable season to your home because of the damp surfaces. 

Spider Prevention  

The easiest way to reduce spiders is to kill other pests quickly. Since spiders eat other insects to live, killing bugs cuts off their food, which eventually causes them to die. But this will take forever to do so. 

Some people do glue traps or use sticky taps to trap spiders. This is also effective, especially for corners that have spider webs stuck on them. 

But the best way to avoid spiders entering the house, or killing the ones that are already insider is through spider control services

Spider Control Services

Spider Control Services is the best option to prevent or kill spiders in your house. They have expert workers and chemists that work together to make sure that spiders don’t enter your place. 

They use advanced technology and tested chemicals that kill the spiders quickly and effectively. And what’s more, the chemicals are not harmful to your health at all, since they are researched thoroughly. The workers are trained, and they clean out every corner of your place with details. 

Final Thoughts

So, if you are busy with your work, or can’t face the spiders, Spiders Control Services can be your best consideration. They are worth your money, and their services ensure that you don’t have spiders in your house for months. 

Eliminating pests is dangerous and can be harmful, so it is better to hire professional pest control services to rid of spiders. 

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Things to Learn about British Passport Application




Things to Learn about British Passport Application

British Passport Application

Several people dream of obtaining British citizenship because this citizenship has several benefits. After getting this citizenship, you will be able to live in the United Kingdom. You can move to the UK and purchase property, open bank accounts, and more.

A British citizen needs a passport to fly to different other countries. You can submit a passport application after becoming a British citizen. With this document, you can prove your status as a national of the United Kingdom, after naturalization or registration. Make sure to arrange United Kingdom pictures images to avoid any delay.

Remember, a passport is an essential travel document to leave a country or enter a country without immigration. It may become a proof of identity to access services and benefits. Moreover, it becomes proof of the right to study, work and permanently live in the United Kingdom.

Apply for British Passport

If you want to apply for a British passport, you have to find out the requirements of the United Kingdom picture images. Remember, wrong images can delay the process of passport. You can make the UK Passport online because it is easier and cheaper. The wizard of the application will guide you through every step of the procedure.

Post office service (check and send) may be useful to manage to check documents. They may send documents to the passport office through special delivery. You have to pay extra fees for these services.

Moreover, you can directly post your application along with supporting documents to UKVI. Make sure to attach the perfect postage to the envelope. You can make the appointment, such as 1-week fast track services and 1-day premium services. Anyone can get these services on appointment.

Information about Passport Application

To avoid delays in your passport application, it is essential to fill in the complete form correctly. While completing the documents, you have to consider these critical points:

● Your name on the passport must match the name on your documentation.

● After changing your name, you have to use a new name on the passport application.

● It is essential to list your previous or maiden names.

● It is important to mention details of the previous passport of the United Kingdom that you held previously.

● If you want to apply for an adult passport, your age must be 16 years or more. It can be three weeks or more from the date of application.

● Remember, an adult passport will be valid for almost ten years.

● If you have a kid passport, feel free to use it until its expiry date even if your age is more than 18.

● You have to arrange the United Kingdom pictures images.

Essential Documents for the UK Passport

At the time of submitting your passport application, you have to send only original documents. Remember, photocopies may not be accepted. Make sure to obtain an authorized copy of particular evidence that is difficult for you to obtain. Here are some essential documents that you will need to apply for a British passport:

● Your adoption or birth certificate (if your birthday is before January 1983 and born in the United Kingdom)

● Evidence of immigration and immigration status of your parents is necessary (If your birth year in the United Kingdom is after January 1983)

● Your registration, naturalization or certificate, if you are born overseas

● Supporting documents

● Someone who may authorize your identity (if you have paper forms to apply)

● If you don’t have a Welsh or English document, you should offer a certified translation.

● Perfect United Kingdom ​passport size photo

You will need a countersignature of your choice. This person must be able to certify your identity. They should confirm your identification. Remember, this person must know you for almost two years. Your guarantor must have the ability to share important information about you.

A counter-signatory should be an Irish or UK citizen and currently reside in the United Kingdom. Make sure to become a professional individual and a person of good reputation in your community. Remember, a counter-signatory must be associated with you by marriage or birth. He must not be in a personal association with you. Moreover, he should not live in your home and work in your office.

Passport Fee

The cost of a British passport can be different in each state. Several factors can increase the cost of a passport, such as location and purpose of passport. If you want to apply from the United Kingdom, you have to pay £75.50 for online application and £85 for a paper application.

All documentation may be returned individually from your passport after completing your application. For safe delivery, you have to pay extra charges. Make sure to track different packages.

You have to provide a valid address of the United Kingdom where your passport and documents may be delivered. After issuing your passport, they will destroy your personal information obtained from you during the interview.

Things to Learn about the Passport of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom pictures images and essential documents are necessary for you. If you need a British passport, you will need naturalized status. Remember, a naturalization certificate is essential; therefore, apply for this certificate. It is necessary if you don’t have British citizenship by birth.

Your passport may be valid for almost ten years but can be suspended or withdrawn at any time. You may not get a new passport or lose your current passport in the following conditions:

● If you are suspected in serious crimes, and you have an arrest warrant, you may lose your passport.

● A court order can prevent you from having a passport of the United Kingdom or puts restrictions on travel.

● You are brought back to the United Kingdom at the expense of the government and failed to repay what you have to pay.

● United Nations or European Union order can restrict your travel.

Visit the official website of the UK embassy to apply for your passport. Moreover, you can apply for the passport of your British national child. A child with British citizenship can hold a passport. This passport may last for almost five years. Remember, you must have perfect United Kingdom pictures images. It will help you to avoid unnecessary delays in passport preparation.

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