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Alan PrepZilla talks about his award-winning podcast Lazy, Yet Successful, hosted with his husband Justin Riggs



Alan PrepZilla

Lazy, yet successful is an award-winning podcast hosted by Alan PrepZilla Riggs and his husband Justin Riggs. The two millennials residing in the Midwest, Alan, and Justin host their super fun podcast where they talk about everything from dogs, politics to pop culture, garnering the attention of podcast lovers from around the world. Their episodes on Donald Trump, where they pull apart the comments made by the president as well as the most recent presidential debate that set the meme army into a frenzy, are particularly loved by their listeners.

We got in touch with Alan PrepZilla to talk more about their podcast in this exclusive interview.

Interviewer: Hi Alan! So first tell us what the core theme of your podcast is and what inspired its name?

Alan PrepZilla: Justin & I were just starting to quarantine and I realized we were going to need something more to do than just working at home. I enjoy podcasts and knew we could do one ourselves. We are two very successful individuals but we could also be lazy sometimes, so “Lazy, Yet Successful” was born. 

Interviewer: Tell us about some of the most popular episodes.

Alan PrepZilla: So far our most popular episode has been our Wedding Recap after Justin and I got married this past September. With over fifty-thousand listens on that episode alone. Our other popular episodes are anything political. They are very engaging and quick recaps of all things news. 

Interviewer: What goes behind the making of an episode?

Alan PrepZilla: We sit in our Podcast room, which is also my closet and office. We make a rough outline and then we just talk. Pretty simple and it is kind of turned into a slight therapy session for me as these months went on. 

Interviewer: How is it like working with your husband for this podcast?

Alan PrepZilla: Justin brings the entire podcast together. He has such a way with words that makes us a lot more engaging to the listener than if I were to be doing this alone. Justin is also the head of all of our Political episodes. 

Interviewer: Tell us about the popular segment of your podcast “Jethroe, The Littles & Mazz”?

Alan PrepZilla: We currently have four pets. Three dogs: Jethroe, our two-year-old yellow lab, Louis, Our one-year-old Dalmatian & Cinnamon, our ten-year-old Chihuahua. We also have one cat, Mazzikin, or Mazz for short who is just over one year old now. 

Interviewer: What other episodes are you currently working on?

Alan PrepZilla: A lot of upcoming political episodes thanks to the incredible 2020 United States Presidential Election. Along with new segments on the renovations we are about to start in our home. 

Lazy, Yet Successful podcast is streaming on all popular platforms.

Click HERE to listen right now.