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After Six Platinum Certified Tracks, Songwriter NORD Holds a Promising Musical Future



After Six Platinum Certified Tracks, Songwriter NORD Holds a Promising Musical Future

When a song is RIAA Gold Certified, it means that at least five-hundred-thousand copies of the track have been sold. A platinum certification constitutes one-million track sales. Every artist who’s competing for their voice to be heard in the music industry dreams of their songs being awarded these certifications from the Recording Industry Association of America.

For gifted Oregon-raised rapper and artist NORD, this common dream has been achieved not only once, but nine separate times. Through the means of his unique talent and perseverance as a ghostwriter, producer, and independent musician, six hit-songs that Carter Davis has penned poignant lyrics for have been awarded the RIAA Platinum Certified. Three additional collaborative songs, conceptualized in collaboration with NORD, are RIAA Gold Certified.

Along with his collaborative work for Drake, 21 Savage, Addison Rae, Ice Spice, Rebecca Black, and other industry kingpins – the chart-topping recent Oregon high school graduate has made a name for himself publishing original music on major streaming services. With the feature of his melodic and simultaneously rhythmic lyrics as well as his sharp, wide vocals, his independently published singles have been streamed more than twenty-million times.

Alongside Carter’s current attendance studying audio engineering in a prestigious university, he continues to stay exceptionally active in the space of music publishing and composition. Readers can stay updated with NORD’s future endeavors in the music industry and beyond by following his Instagram profile.