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Adam Equipment Moisture analyzers



Adam Equipment Moisture analyzers

Adam Equipment Moisture analyzers

Fast and efficient, Adam Equipment’s Moisture Analyzer offers an alternative to the oven test method. The not only speeds up the drying process, it minimizes the possibility of burning the sample, which can lead to false results. The uses the basic “loss on drying” technique to simultaneously weigh and heat the sample, reducing the test period and providing higher measurement accuracy. In many cases, can replace traditional oven tests and also the Karl Fischer titration method of analyzing moisture.

Adam Equipment Moisture Balances set a new standard for data communication, making recording results faster and easier. Use the USB interface and plug in a memory stick to download results as they are taken and store them for future analysis. There is no need for additional software to take balance readings giving the user complete freedom to collect data on a production floor or in the field. The PMB’s fast response time and easy-to-use functionality make it the ideal moisture analyzer for a wide range of different applications. The autotest setup feature allows you to quickly run multiple tests without additional user input and the onboard memories allow you to store that data for future reference. The offers intelligent features that have been developed to give you the best performance for moisture analysis. Navigating the built-in apps is easy with the intuitively designed keyboard. Access to key features is quick, and a special lockout feature allows the supervisor to configure access to all or certain features so users don’t inadvertently change settings. Color-coded keyboard highlights tare and home keys for easy recognition. Multiple communications options let you choose the right interface for your needs. USB and RS-232 are both included as standard. Support USB flash drive with automatic record keeping function to save each test result. Store a range of procedures for different products that can be recalled at the touch of a button, to make setup and switching from one product to another simple.


Scratch-resistant aluminum housing protects internal components

Colored keys make it easy to quickly recognize the most frequently used keys

Pan support allows for easy sample placement and removal

RS-232 interface to provide a fast connection to computers and printers

USB host for memory card and USB I/O interface

USB interface included for faster data communication

Temperature range 50°C to 160°C in one-degree increments


Three settings for sample heating include rapid acceleration, stepped temperatures, and single-temperature

Seven preset drying modes allow testing routines for various products

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the USA. Power outlets and voltage differ internationally. This product may require an adapter or converter in order to be used at its destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.



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