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Factors to put into Consideration While Acquiring Solar Water Heaters in Kenya



Factors to put into Consideration While Acquiring Solar Water Heaters in Kenya

Solar water heaters should be installed to reduce expenses since heating water necessitates a significant amount of electrical energy. Kenyan solar water heaters intend to promote sustainable energy usage while simultaneously cutting electric bills up to 55 percent.


However, selecting the best Solar Water Heaters in Kenya for one home can be difficult for some. Solar water heaters typically don’t endure since inappropriate equipment is being employed for unsuitable applications since they aren’t real.

Whenever it involves purchasing a solar water heater for one’s household, there are some factors that one needs to consider to dictate if the solar water heater prices in Kenyaare worth it.

Some of the factors include:

Variety and utility

Evacuated and flat-plate solar collectors are the two types of solar collectors (ETC and FPC, respectively). Due to their significant conductance and emission spectra, which render them poor heat retention in cold environments, the FPC is built of metals such as copper and is better suitable for tropical climates. Solar water heaters with vacuum tubes and flat plates are more costly and bulky.

Nevertheless, the toughness, longevity, ease of performance, and reliability of the flat plate are further advantages. The vacuum is excellent for either tropical or temperate locations because it tends to have a high thermal retaining ability. Furthermore, since they are constructed of glass, they are somewhat fragile and ought to be installed, serviced, and operated with the utmost caution.

Number of individuals using it

A residence of three needs roughly 100 gallons of water daily because each individual consumes approximately 30 gallons daily. As a result, smaller homes only need 150 to 200 liters of water since they can accommodate three to four individuals.

Nonetheless, large houses might need some 300 liters because they might accommodate an aggregate of 5-7 individuals in addition to other purposes like the kitchen and washing rooms. Based on the requirements, more extensive systems with outputs between 500 gallons to 5,000 gallons are used in corporate settings like public utilities.

Solar service life

The first approach in buying authentic commodities is to identify reliable firms to purchase a solar water heater from since these items have already been tested and proven, and one can receive testimonials from users of the equipment.

Before buying a solar water heater, consumers and investors must always verify the insurance. They must also understand which equipment will operate best: flat plate collector or vacuum tubes.

Professionals do the installation and after-sale maintenance.

Getting competent installation is also crucial. This makes sure the solar water heater operates properly and lasts longer. It’s critical for a company or consumer to work with a solar firm that provides after-sales services, such as prompt and efficient customer problem solutions.

The fundamental procedures for building a solar water heater include initially mounting the solar collectors on the rooftop or the earth, followed by piping, filling, and installing the water tank.


Most customers don’t have the expertise to choose the ideal solar water heaters that fit their requirements; this leads customers to buy frequently inexpensive, moderate goods. As a result, businesses that provide genuine goods face significant competition because their rivals may provide goods for as little as half of the cost.

This means sometimes going for an expensive product is considerable at times.



What do you need to remember when designing your new kitchen



What do you need to remember when designing your new kitchen

For many people, having a new kitchen is one of the most exhilarating parts of building a new log or timber home. It is not surprising considering how much time is spent on them. The kitchen is a very important part of the house and should be given time and research to ensure it functions comfortably and efficiently. Here are some design considerations to keep in mind when planning your new kitchen.

Cabinet height

No matter your height, it is important that your kitchen cabinets comfortably accommodate you. Base cabinets are typically 36 inches tall, but many manufacturers offer the ability to adjust the height of the base cabinets to best suit your needs. Wall cabinets also come in a variety of heights, so be sure to select a cabinet that will allow you easy access to all shelves. Even if you choose a standard height cabinet, you can adjust the placement of wall cabinets to better suit your height.


There is a wide range of kitchen appliances available on the market, from basic to commercial-grade and everything in between. You’ll want to select the size and type of appliance that best suits your needs. For example, if you have a large family or entertain often, you may want to opt for a commercial-size fridge or oven. On the other hand, if you live alone or have a small space, apartment-size appliances may be a better fit. Other options to consider include warming drawers, steamers and other specialty products.


One of the reasons people often renovate their kitchens is for increased storage. As you design your kitchen, carefully consider what needs to be stored there. For example, do you need space for five mixers? How much food storage do you require? Would you like a special area for Grandma’s china? If you can make a list of everything that needs to be stored and why, you can ensure that your design will include all the right elements.


Although an aesthetically pleasing kitchen is important, it is essential that the kitchen also functions well for your family’s lifestyle. If you entertain often, having extra space for guests to help prepare food or an open layout between the kitchen and adjacent room would be ideal. If your family typically eats meals in the kitchen, be sure to include seating and a place to set food. Additionally, keep items that you use on a regular basis within easy reach. This will prevent frustration if you have to search for something every time you need it. By taking note of how you currently use your kitchen space and what improvements could be made, you can design a functional and beautiful kitchen for your home.


You will often hear designers and architects talk about the “work triangle” when discussing kitchen layouts. The work triangle is the distance between your sink, refrigerator, and range. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has established guidelines for creating an efficient work triangle. Remember that you should keep these distances relatively short so you don’t have to walk too far when moving between them.


When planning a kitchen remodel, many people have a specific vision in mind of what they want their new kitchen to look like. However, not everyone knows exactly which style details will help to achieve their desired aesthetic. The style of cabinets can make a big impact. For example, if you want a more contemporary look, consider choosing slab or shaker style doors. If you prefer a more traditional appearance, raised panel doors may be the way to go. Additionally, color plays an important role in the overall atmosphere of the space – darker colors tend to feel more modern while light colors create a more country feel. Keep in mind that when making choices for your new kitchen, it is important to select items that will not look dated or outdated within a few years.


Cabinet hardware can be a great way to add style and personality to your cabinetry. It can also be a functional element that makes it easier to use your cabinets, especially for those with aging hands. When choosing cabinet hardware, it’s important to consider who will be using the kitchen on a regular basis and what works best for them. Keep in mind that cabinet hardware is not a requirement. If you want something that will stand the test of time, choose something classic and timeless.


There are many countertop options available, so be sure to choose one that best fits your needs. Consider the following factors when making your decision: how often you’ll need to seal the product, if it’s prone to scratching and how easy it is to clean.Manufacturers usually list this information on their websites, or you can ask a professional for guidance.Of course, budget is also a key consideration. For example, granite may be more expensive than a look-alike option, but it might be worth the investment.

Space requirements

Everyone loves having a ton of space in their kitchen – enough to fit everything they need and more. If you’re considering sacrificing space in adjoining rooms to make your dream kitchen a reality, ask yourself if it’s truly worth it. Changing the layout or installing cabinets that reach the ceiling are both viable options that can give you the extra storage you need without compromising other areas of the home.


When designing your new kitchen, there are many factors to consider beyond the basic layout and appliances. If you have the budget for it, additional features like crown molding,columns, or faux door panels on your island can really elevate the look of the space. Just be sure to carefully consider all your options before making any final decisions.

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