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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use a Steamroller Pipe Like a Pro



A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use a Steamroller Pipe Like a Pro

Steamroller pipes are a hassle-free, efficient way to smoke. They offer a powerful hit, unlike other smoking devices.

However, they can be harsh and are often recommended for more experienced smokers. This is because they do not have water to filter the hit, resulting in a more significant, more brutal hit.

Pack the Bowl

If you think you’ve mastered hitting a spoon or your favorite long-handled wizard bubbler, you might want to check out a steamroller pipe. These simple, portable smoking pieces pack a heavy punch with potent hits, making them ideal for one-hitter sessions or passing around during a group sesh.

A steamroller pipe is a straight tube with a bowl at one end and a carburetor at the other. Using this device is pretty straightforward, but it takes some practice to get the hang of it. The most crucial step is properly packing the bowl, which is tricky because you don’t want to pack it so tight that it restricts airflow or is too loose to fall out of the pipe.

The best way to do this is by positioning your fingers so that your thumb is behind the bowl and your pointing finger is right next to the carb hole. This will allow you to grab the carb hole with your pointing finger and cover it as you pack the bowl. Once the bowl is packed, you’re ready to light it up. When the flame is covered, inhale until you’ve smoked all the herb in the chamber, and then release the carb hole and inhale again to draw the smoke into your lungs.

Cover the Carb Hole

Steamrollers are different from your standard pipe. They’re elongated glass cylinders that offer a much harder hit than regular pipes. This is because they have no water filtration, and the bowl is closer to the mouthpiece, meaning smoke gets very hot very quickly when you inhale. It’s a very harsh hit that can be overwhelming for first-time users.

That’s why it’s essential to understand how a steamroller works before you start using one. To help with this, you’ll need to understand two primary components of a steamroller: the carb hole and the bowl piece.

To use a steamroller correctly, you must place your index finger or thumb over the carb hole (known as the “carb”) on the end of the pipe closest to the bowl. Next, you’ll need to inhale, pulling the air through the chamber until it’s full of smoke and then removing your finger from the carb.

This will cause the smoke to quickly be released into your lungs, providing a robust and instant high. It’s also a good idea to practice this on some dry herbs or wax to get comfortable feeling it in your lungs before you start smoking real herbs. Also, remember to keep the carb hole covered while you’re doing this. Otherwise, your hit will be less intense.


Because steamrollers produce powerful hits, they can be harsh for first-time users. Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate this issue. One of the most important things you can do is pack your pipe well. This will help to ensure consistent smoke and prevent your hits from being too harsh. It would enable you to use a grinder to finely grind your herb before packing it into your steamroller pipe. This will help to ensure that your spices burn evenly and give you a smoother high.

Another important tip is to cover the carb hole when smoking a steamroller pipe. This will allow you to control how much smoke you inhale and can significantly improve your experience. The longer you cover the carb hole, the more smoke-saturated your pipe will be and the more intense your hit will be. However, don’t forget to take small inhales instead of trying to simultaneously gulp down a huge impact. This can cause excessive coughing and irritation of your lungs.

Steamroller pipes are a great addition to any smoker’s arsenal. They offer a unique, powerful, and intense hit that is different from other types of pipes. By following the tips and guidelines outlined in this article, you’ll be able to get the most out of your steamroller and enjoy it like a pro!

Release the Carb Hole

Steamrollers aren’t for beginners because they take some finesse to use. However, the unconventional layout of this weed pipe results in massive hits that reach deep into your lungs. The large carb cap at the end of a steamroller allows for a resistance-free inhale that’s hard to replicate with a regular pipe.

To use a steamroller pipe, place your lips on the mouthpiece and cover the carb hole with your finger. When enough smoke fills the chamber, remove your finger and inhale sharply. The speed at which you hide and release the carb hole will determine how much smoke is inhaled and how intense the hit will be.

If you’re looking for a milder hit, cover the carb hole for longer and inhale less frequently. However, if you’re going for that big-hit-in-a-hurry effect, release the carb hole sooner and inhale more often.

Despite their primitive design, steamrollers have become a popular addition to the modern smoking world because of their unique and potent hits. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your rig or try something new, give this piece a go, and you’ll surely enjoy it. Just remember to pack the bowl carefully, practice covering and releasing the carb hole, and don’t forget to clean your steamroller after each use.