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A Quick Style Guide for Men’s Jewelry



A Quick Style Guide for Men's Jewelry

The global jewelry market is expected to reach almost $519 billion by 2030, which shows how much people value it.

Men’s jewelry happens to be a rapidly growing industry, but many men still aren’t sure how to style jewelry. Because of this, men tend to stay away from certain pieces of jewelry that can dramatically change their outfits for the better.

In this guide, you’ll learn a few styling tips for the most common types of men’s jewelry, which will let you improve your wardrobe in no time.

Read on to find out how to style men’s jewelry!


The watch is one of the best men’s wardrobe accessories. Watches come in many different styles and can complement any outfit, so it’s best to have several.

Some of the classiest watches are metal, though leather watches are also attractive. If you’re looking for more of a casual look, you can stick with a leather watch or opt for a plastic one from well-known brands like Casio.


Bracelets can also complement any outfit, though many men prefer using watches because bracelets are harder to style.

If you decide to wear bracelets, avoid ones with charms or pendants. You should also avoid thin, metal bracelets.

Instead, go for a leather bracelet to spice up your outfit. For some extra pizzazz, you can get a Cuban link bracelet, which is much thicker than traditional metal bracelets.


Necklaces are similar to bracelets in that they can provide you with some charm, but you must be careful about the ones you wear. Thin necklaces, although affordable, don’t stand out enough to make a difference. However, they’re great options if you want a subtle change.

You can find a variety of necklaces to complete your outfit, so consider visiting a local jewelry shop to get a better idea of what’s out there. You can also click the following page to see several unique necklaces for the adventurous type.


The last pieces of jewelry we’ll go over are rings. In the world of men’s fashion, rings aren’t as popular as other types of jewelry. Many men only think of rings when it comes to engagement and marriage. Because of this, you’ll stand out from most when wearing them.

One of the best styling tips we can give you is to buy rings that don’t have large jewels on them. While women can pull them off, they don’t match the clothes that many men wear.

You’ll find that most men’s rings are simple bands without much design to them. Yet, if you want to customize them, you can get your rings engraved at most jewelry shops.

Wearing Men’s Jewelry Is That Easy

As you can see, wearing men’s jewelry isn’t a tricky process. Now that you know these simple fashion tips, start looking online for different types of jewelry.

Don’t forget to consider the clothing you’ll use your jewelry with. This will prevent you from wasting your money on a piece that doesn’t match anything.

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