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A Guide to Visiting Nigeria for New Travelers



A Guide to Visiting Nigeria for New Travelers

Nigeria is a growing nation that is perfect if you want to explore a new continent and learn about a new culture. Tourism is rising, with an estimated 6.7 million people expected to visit the country by 2026. Visiting Nigeria is an excellent idea if you want to break away from the stereotype that it’s a country filled with scammers.

Adding Nigeria to your travel plans could become a life-changing experience if you visit with an open mind and heart. You’ll immerse yourself in a vibrant nation filled with hard-working and vibrant people who want to share their culture with you.

Luckily, you’ve discovered this helpful guide to learn what to expect when visiting Nigeria as a traveler for the first time. Continue reading to check this stunning country off your places to visit list today!

Apply for a Visa

Applying for a visa before arriving in Nigeria is a wonderful way to enjoy a stress-free trip and your travel plans. Nigeria’s government instituted a Visa on Arrival program for eligible tourists and business travelers, allowing you to stay there for up to 90 days.

The application process starts online, and you can only apply 14 days before arrival. Consider working with a hotel or Airbnb host to work through the formalities of the visa to avoid unnecessary red tape when arriving in Nigeria.

Book a Short-Term Rental

Rather than staying in a hotel during your time in Nigeria, consider booking a short-term rental property for your stay. The goal is to immerse yourself in the culture and learn about daily life in Nigeria. The best way to do that is by living among the locals.

It’s quick and easy to find the best short-term rentals online before arriving in Nigeria. Airbnb and Booking are the best options when sorting through your options to find the perfect fit.

Pack Light Clothing

Nigeria has a hot climate, so ensuring you’ve packed the proper clothing for your trip to enjoy all the best places to go in-country is critical. It’s a tropical climate, so expect a mix of heat and humidity during your stay. The average temperatures range from 86 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

Expect to be sweaty most of the day, especially when exploring the cities and visiting markets. Light cotton is the best clothing material to wear during your stay to ensure you’re comfortable when traveling to Nigeria.

You must also consider when you plan to visit Nigeria since there is a rainy and dry season. The southern half of the country experiences more rain than the northern half. Ensure you bring plenty of sunscreen and drink plenty of water during your stay.

Prepare for Arrival in Lagos

One of the more difficult things you may experience when arriving in Nigeria is customs agents soliciting tips from travelers before allowing them into the country. It’s best to know someone from the area to assist you if you encounter issues at the airport and pass through immigration.

Most issues can get resolved with phone calls to people from the area. The best approach is politely declining and smiling when a customs official asks for a tip.

Negotiate Taxi Rates

Lagos is the most likely point of arrival for your journey to Nigeria. It’s a bustling city home to over 24 million people, and navigating your way to your Airbnb could quickly become a nightmare. There’s a reputation for things getting disorderly in Lagos, and having an experienced resident help you negotiate taxi rates is a wise move.

Expect your taxi experience when visiting Nigeria to resemble a Formula 1 race. There are few road signs and markings, making the roads a free-for-all. It’s a daunting experience if you’re used to the relative order of roads in the United States.

The best approach is to arrange for a resident to pick you up from the airport. You’ll skip the negotiations on taxi rates and get started on your Nigerian adventure. Use Business Blo to find work and progress your career during your time in Nigeria.

Expect Friendly People

You should also expect to encounter many friendly people when traveling to Nigeria for the first time. It’s an upbeat and happy culture that loves small talk and conversations. Your Airbnb host will walk you through what to expect with this ritual greeting so you can handle it throughout your trip.

Nothing is expected of you in return beyond a friendly smile and wave. It’s a typical greeting when exploring the best places in Nigeria.

Anticipate Worship Times

Nigerians have a lot of passion for their religions, and it’s a significant change from the US. Fridays are the most important day for prayers, with streets blocked off, leading to temporary traffic jams that could make getting to your favorite places a struggle.

Markets and small stores will also be closed during these prayer times. Sunday is another important day for religion in Nigeria for Christians. You’ll find them dressed in their most elegant clothes to celebrate their faith.

Maintain Your Health

You must prioritize your health when visiting Nigeria. It’s a developing nation, and the climate is a breeding ground for illnesses like Malaria. You can treat Malaria with medicines and injections, though it’s best to keep insect repellent with you.

Sticking to bottled water is another wise step when traveling to Nigeria. It’s a country with a small supply of clean, public water. Purchase bottled water from vendors if you feel yourself becoming dehydrated.

Get Excited About Visiting Nigeria Today

Knowing what to expect when visiting Nigeria is critical for a memorable, life-changing trip. You’ll get to indulge in a vibrant, beautiful culture that is welcoming and happy to share with you.

Pack the proper clothes for the hot and humid climate, and get a Malaria vaccine before making your travel plans. Short-term rentals are the best living accommodations to experience authentic Nigeria. Drink bottled water during your trip, and anticipate and respect religious traditions during your stay.

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