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A Guide to Umrah Ziyarat in Mecca and Medina



A Guide to Umrah Ziyarat in Mecca and Medina

Umrah, a sacred and serene spiritual experience and a sunnah which has facets of virtues and reward. Umrah itself consists of rituals and fundamental steps, additionally umrah ziyarat is referred as visiting sites during the performance of Umrah pilgrimage. Most sacred sites are present in the two renowned cities of KSA, Mecca and Medina and there are number of ziyarat places to be visited. These places are historical places with significance and some sort of relation with the life of Prophet Muhammad (P B U H). Rituals of Umrah already have the most significant ziyarat (holy places) such as Safa and Marwa, Holy Ka’ba and the well of Zamzam. Umrah ziyarat deepens the connection to the divine love and history of Islam, making the Umrah journey profound and spiritual. These sites can be explored through Umrah packages as well, Pilgrims from all over the world desire to enhance this journey by doing Ziyarat especially the pilgrims from USA as they desire to visit ziyarat places more, for them it’s like a once in a lifetime experience. Opting for Umrah packages from the USA can prove to be beneficial as they provide the pilgrims with all the amenities, guidance and accommodation along with transportation. Ramadan Umrah packages from Seattlecan, thus be easily availed through nearest travel agencies or online websites that offer umrah packages from Seattle at a reasonable price.

Ziyarat Places in Mecca

Masjid Ul Haram

In the vicinity of Masjid Ul Haram, lies Ka’ba. The umrah begins at this holiest site which involves the ritual of tawaf, in 7 circuits and then praying Nafil in Maqam e Ibrahim. The foundation of Ka’ba was laid by Prophet Ibrahim that is why it has a historical significance and Islamic Background. 

Cave of Hira

Located near Mecca, Cave of Hira is renowned historically as the first revelation was revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (P B U H) here in the heart of The Mount Hira, this is the place where he first Quranic verse was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (P B U H). Moreover, Prophet Muhammad (P B U H) used to spend most of His time in this cave in solitude in the remembrance of Allah (SWT).

Cave of Thawr

Cave of Thawr is also a significant place to visit according to Islamic history located in Mount Thawr. This is the cave where Prophet Muhammad (P B U H) and his companion Hazrat Abubakr SIDDIQUE (R A) hid from Quraysh and the incident of how a spider made its web Infront of the cave and a pigeon laid its nest and eggs, to illude the people of Quraysh that no one is in that cave as spiders don’t make a web where there is a sign of even a single human being existing.

Ziyarat Places in Medina

Masjid Ul Nabwi

Masjid Ul nabwi is the grand and sacred mosque where Prophet Muhammad

 (P B U H) is laid. Offering prayer here is a virtuous and pilgrims often visit this holy site, and they recite Salawat to Prophet Muhammad (P B U H) as they pass by his grave. A region of that mosque is called Rawdah or Garden of paradise, it is said that this region would be lifted back to heaven where it came from on the day of resurrection. 

Quba Mosque

The foundation of this mosque was laid by Prophet Muhammad (P B U H) himself when he migrated from Mecca to Medina. Laid in medina, this mosque is considered as the second largest mosque to exist, and it was completed fully by his (P B U H) companions. Visiting this mosque is highly rewarding and it adds to one’s knowledge about Islamic history

Masjid Ul Qiblatayn

This mosque is also renowned as the mosque of two Qiblas. This is the mosque where the revelation was revealed upon Prophet Muhammad (P B U H), while he was praying, to change the Qibla (direction in which Muslims face to pray) from Jerusalem to Mecca, towards Ka’ba, thus this mosque is known as the mosque of two Qiblas. It is said that Prophet Muhammad (P B U H) wanted the qibla to be towards Ka’ba and Allah (SWT) fulfilled his desire by doing so. 

We have discussed the Ziarats which a pilgrim must visit during his/her Umrah pilgrimage in the both prestigious cities i.e. Mecca and Madinah. In the Mecca you should visit Masjid Al Haram, Cave of Hira, and Cave of Thawr. Masjid al Haram is compulsory because you have perform some of the rites of Umrah in the masjid Al Haram. Hajj Umrah Hub’s Hotel Accommodation is nearer to the Masjid Al Haram for most of the times. Cave of Hira is famous because of First revelations of Quran and Cave of Thawr is famous because Holy Prophet PBUH took refuge during the days when Quryeshi troops were trying to Kill (Maaz Allah) him. 

In the Madinah you should visit Masjid An Nabawi, Masjid al Quba, and Masjid Al Qiblatayn. Masjid An Nabawi is also known as Prophet’s Mosque. It was the parliament for the first Islamic State of Madinah. Masjid Quba was the first mosque which was built by Holy Prophet PBUH after his migration from Mecca to Madinah. Masjid al Qiblatayn is famous because Qibla (direction of prayer) was changed during a prayer. These were few of the Ziarats which a pilgrim must visit.