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A Guide to Obtaining Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen



A Guide to Obtaining Umbral Scouring in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is an action role-playing game developed by CI Games and released in 2014. As players progress through the game, they will come across various materials needed to craft armor, weapons, and upgrades. One such important material is Umbral Scouring. This guide will provide details on how players can obtain Umbral Scouring to progress in Lords of the Fallen.

Table of Contents

  • Defeating Bosses
  • Using Soul Flay on Stigmas
  • Farming in the Umbral Realm
  • Trading Umbral Scouring with Molhu
  • Additional Ways to Obtain Scouring

Defeating Bosses

  • LOTF Item features numerous boss enemies throughout its various zones and dungeons. Upon defeating a boss, players will receive a set amount of Umbral Scouring as a reward. Some bosses may drop more depending on the difficulty of the fight. Common bosses that drop Scouring include The Lightreaper, The Congregator of Flesh, and The Hushed Saint.

Using Soul Flay on Stigmas

  • After defeating a boss, players will find a Stigma essence left behind that can be “Soul Flayed” using the Umbral Lantern. This action rewards an additional 2 pieces of Umbral Scouring. There are also Stigmas hidden throughout the game world unrelated to boss fights that can be Soul Flayed in the same way. Some example Stigma locations include Skyrest Bridge and Forsaken Fen.

Farming in the Umbral Realm

  • A risky but rewarding way to obtain Scouring is by traveling to the dangerous Umbral Realm. Within this dark mirror world, elusive enemies called Scarlet Shadows can spawn. If players manage to knock these enemies off ledges, they have a high chance of dropping 2 pieces of Scouring. However, the Shadows are also very lethal. This method is best for advanced players.

Trading with Molhu

  • Once players have accumulated a sizable amount of Umbral Scouring, they can trade it to the NPC Molhu located at Skyrest Bridge. Molhu has a variety of powerful weapons, armor, and shields available for purchase with Scouring instead of in-game currency. Prices range from 5-40 Scouring depending on the item. This allows players to customize their build.

Additional Methods

  • A few other lesser methods exist to obtain smaller amounts of Umbral Scouring throughout a playthrough of Lords of the Fallen. Random enemy chests or loot drops in the Umbral Realm may contain 1-2 pieces. Completing certain side quests occasionally rewards Scouring as well. Players diligent about fully exploring zones and defeating all enemies will maximize their Scouring income over time.

By utilizing the various sources of Umbral Scouring detailed above, players of Lords of the Fallen will be equipped with the resources necessary to strengthen their character and prepare for the game’s many challenges. Return to this guide for locations of new Stigmas or bosses as you continue your journey in the dark world of Lords of the Fallen.

Strategies for Farming Umbral Scouring in the Umbral Realm

  • Farming Scouring from Scarlet Shadows in the Umbral Realm requires a methodical approach given their danger. Some effective strategies include:
  • – Only enter the Umbral Realm when your Vigor (health) is fully restored to survive encounters. Healing items are also recommended.
  • – Lead Scarlet Shadows to areas with ledges or cliffs they can fall from. Knocking them off is the surest way to get their drops.
  • – Use ranged attacks or magic from a safe distance to engage single Shadows without getting swarmed. Their melee attacks do high damage.
  • – Memorize the typical Shadow spawning spots so you’re prepared when the red tint appears. Check those locations first.
  • – Consider co-oping with a friend to have a backup. It’s safer with two players watching each other’s backs in the Umbral Realm.
  • – Only spend a limited time in the Umbral Realm per run until experienced. Too many wipes will minimize Scouring gains.
  • Farming in this manner requires patience but the consistent Scouring income can be invaluable for player progression. Take risks carefully.
  • With the right precautions and tactics, even cautious players can learn to reliably harvest Umbral Scouring from the dangerous Scarlet Shadows within Lords of the Fallen’s Umbral Realm.