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A Business Model: The Pleasure of The Palate (@victorpastries)



A Business Model: The Pleasure of The Palate (@victorpastries)

A Business Model

Two things you breathe in his kitchen are good discipline and vibrations. Phrases like “Let’s go with everything we got” and “Yes, we can” are constantly repeated among his teammates, which can be called the “Temple of His Creation“.

Victor Jaime Chuckrony Gomel is a pastry chef known as Victorpastries on social media, and as a child, he won local and international places, thanks to the high quality and beauty of his products.

He was born on October 18, 1995, in Caracas (Venezuela), the son of Abraham Chaucron and Esther Jamal. He described his childhood in a charming and harmonious way as an “unforgettable experience.” “I have known many places inside and outside Venezuela. “I like to believe I used to dream of a childhood of my dreams,” said Victor. “I enjoyed it a lot.”

It’s clear to see what his profession and passion are, but he admits that he has always been closely linked with the sports world, so he declares: “Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, LeBron James and Bob Abreux, were role models in my teenage years.”

The hot kitchen had much to do with intuition and good palate, but he didn’t give up on his academic training. Victor studied basic English and French, international cuisine, bakery, pastry, delicious food marketing and management.

It is safe to say that this knowledge helped collectively to build a successful business model with high-quality standards and flawless presence inside and outside the Venezuelan territories.

He studied at the gastronomy school of the Superior Institute Mariano Moreno (ISMM), based in Venezuela, Argentina and Miami, so his current products are similar to other types of food that allow them to offer offers of different flavors and directions.

In his childhood he liked to play guitar, soccer, tennis and practiced the latter a lot, says VictorPastries. Cooking is not only his profession and work, but also a hobby that he enjoys in his spare time. Also, he is a soccer fanatic.

Modern cuisine: the art and science of cooking is one of his favorite books, written by the famous chef Nathan Merfold, Chris Young and Maxim Pelet. They usually offer other cookbooks, especially the area books they love: sweets, says Victor.

The young chef represents an undeniable creative and creative Venezuelan generation who has achieved varying degrees of success thanks to their talents. In this regard, Victor clearly and concisely stated his interests: “I am eager to make sweets with the same effort.”

Victor Pastries is closely linked to social work like Gourmet, his brand Un Par Pour Un Sueo, which he dedicates to helping groups with special needs by donating products from the pastry shop and also donations from Allied Brands in Caracas, Venezuela.

This experience led him to create a space that satisfies him in several ways: “Given the urgent need to help children in my country, I have proudly built an institution called Fundaci Victor n Victor Pastries, and I am proud of them these days.”

His philosophy is to help others without expecting anything in return, which is why he is not expected to be rewarded or rewarded for his charitable activities.

Do it for the present and the future.

Referring to one of Walt Disney’s comments, he says, “What you’re doing today is asking you to direct what needs to happen tomorrow.” In this way, he is inspired to lay the foundations of the present and prepare for the future

Victor’s inspiration is his parents, who reveal that they “teach me your values ​​and that you can achieve everything that helps your mind, in spite of adversity, to give your best.”

But he founded his own values: honesty and respect. This is in line with their business model, their relationship to their team and positive results.

VictorPastries attest the unbeatable flavor of their creativity, not only with followers on their social networks, but also with candy lovers, satisfied customers, and candy lovers.

He currently lives in Caracas, where he runs his companies, VictorPastriesGourmet and VictorPastriesKookies.

Victor Chaucrony is a young man who focuses on his career, but never forgets what is happening in the world. He has clear opinions on issues such as racism: “We are currently in the case of racist, gender, religious, or political parties



Budget Blinds: Choosing the Best Alternatives



Budget Blinds: Choosing the Best Alternatives

Today we will talk about how to choose the right budget blinds and definitely not lose in quality. Atlantis Curtains — your reliable supplier of blinds and curtains in Dubai.

How does the price range differ from the type of blinds?

Vertical blinds are the cheapest option, followed by horizontal ones and open roller blinds in the same price range. The next are day-and-night blinds. Then the torch is passed to pleated attic blinds and closed-type roller shutters, and Blackouts are at the top of the price gradation.

Budget blinds: what should you attend to when choosing?

If you need cheap blinds for the kitchen, bathroom, or balcony, we recommend paying attention to blinds made of plastic or aluminum, paper ones are also suitable. Both provide excellent sun protection, are easy to clean, and do not absorb odors.

There is a huge variety of window decorations, but one of the most modern and practical types is fabric roller blinds. They have combined the convenience of blinds and the functionality of curtains, while there is no need to purchase a curtain rod. It is much easier to take care of them, which will save you money, time, and effort.

If you order window treatment at Atlantis Curtains, you will enjoy all the benefits of a quality product at an affordable price. Fabric roller blinds have proven themselves excellently during operation as they have increased reliability and practicality.

Customers often have doubts that cheap roller blinds are worse than expensive ones — this is not at all the case. In all the products presented in our catalog, only high-quality components and materials are used. All fabric roller blinds perfectly protect from the sun, only shade with varying degrees of illumination and are selected depending on individual design preferences. All roller shutter fabrics are processed with special means and acquire unique properties that are very difficult to make on your own or to find in other types of window decorations.

  • functionality 2 in 1, curtain and cornice in one product;
  • inexpensive price of fabric roller blinds for maximum convenience;
  • roller blinds system is very compact and does not take up much space;
  • UV protection – protects against fading in the sun;
  • antistatic – repels dust particles and does not allow it to collect;
  • fabric roller blinds are moisture resistant;
  • anti-allergenic – have antibacterial treatment;
  • durable – not susceptible to stretching and sagging by waves;
  • wear-resistant fabrics – withstand countless lifting and lowering;
  • fabric roller blinds do not require ironing – they do not wrinkle;
  • fabric blinds do not require washing – sometimes vacuuming is enough for a great appearance;
  • simple installation;
  • reliable mechanisms – service life over 10 years;
  • convenient control, automatically fixes the desired height;
  • versatility of installation of fabric roller blinds – on the sash of the window, on the whole window, on the opening, on the slope, on the wall, on the ceiling, there are almost no restrictions;
  • versatility in design – suitable both for salons and offices, and for home furnishings, used both independently and in combination with other types of decor;
  • protect against burnout – furniture, wallpaper, things and interior items;
  • protect the plants from the sultry rays of the sun;
  • protect the premises from prying eyes

The cost of fabric roller blinds does not affect the quality of the product. The price mainly depends on the characteristics listed below:

  • selected size (width from 40cm to 150cm)
  • opacity of fabric (shade from 25% to 65%)
  • density (from 170 g / m2 to 320 g / m2)
  • production complexity (smooth, structural, jacquard)

Budget blinds: where can you buy?

If you are looking for budget blinds, Atlantis Curtains has many options to choose from. High quality, fair prices, professional installation and measurements from the best specialists — you are welcome to be our client! If you have any difficulties with the choice, please do not hesitate to reach out to our consultants. We are always happy to help.

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DJ Stakz Has Become An International DJ Star



DJ Stakz Has Become An International DJ Star

DJ Stakz, aka the “International Club King,” is a Haitian American Brooklyn-born successful DJ. He gathered major influences from his father, who was also a musician, and his older brother. Stakz found his love for music through them and knew at the age of 13 he wanted to pursue a full-on career in music.

Growing up in the big apple and the concrete jungle of NYC, Stakz adapted the ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ winning attitude, and it has brought the artist a lot of success. He has put his name amongst celebrities like Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and Wyclef Jean just to name a few. The creativity is rooted in his Haitian culture, and he has developed a bridge between the urban demographic and the Haitian/Caribbean demographic.

He is very a very versatile talent for not only spinning all genres of music but also being able to control the crowd with the mic. His confidence, charm, talent, unbelievable gifts, and ability to connect with people are a few that separates him from the rest. His career is just being and he still has a lot to accomplish. Keep up with DJ Stakz at his Instagram below.

Follow DJ Stakz on Instagram: @djstakz

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Nakia Jenkins is now becoming the new social media influence real fast – OfficialNakia



Nakia Jenkins is now becoming the new social media influence real fast - OfficialNakia

Everyone wants to be known and recognized today. People love to interact and share their vibes with others unless it is not disturbing someone. We have witnessed a time when people have started socializing through the internet instead of through meeting others in person. Undoubtedly social media is a powerful tool for networking and socializing and some people know how to take the opportunity right. Social media has given many growth opportunities for people to establish themselves as brands.

Many young people are now taking advantage of social media networks to grow their popularity in the digital space. Similar has done Nakia Jenkins who is now becoming the famous young social media influence for his unique content producing skills.

About Nakia Jenkins:

Nakia Jenkins is a young social influencer who has gained immense popularity on Instagram and TikTok platforms. Nakia started his journey on social media out of his passion. Now, OfficialNakia has attained big success on social media with the use of savvy strategy, solid tactics, and creative vision. His creativity earned him 260K+  followers on Tik Tok in no time and not only that, he has grown fast on Instagram as well where he has more than 200K, active followers.

Nakia as a multi tasking person:

Nakia is an extremely present-minded and multi tasking person. Apart from his success as an influencer on social media, OfficialNakia has also established himself as an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a media strategist, and a content creator. The young influencer says it is important to make a social media strategy by keeping in mind the long-term goals.

Nakia’s vision of being a social media user:

Unlike anyone else, Nakia has a strong vision behind how to use social media these days. According to him: “A social media user must possess a creative vision to produce high-quality content for growing his brand in the digital world”. According to him, it is very crucial to create content by experimenting and taking calculated risks. Nakia keeps in mind the likings of his target community while creating his content. That could be the key to winning people’s hearts and attracting them to your content with your unique way of creativity.

The multi-talented personality has gained over 260,000 followers on his multiple TikTok accounts and he has got over 200,000 followers on Instagram. Officialnakia has always focused on creating unique & creative content to build his fan following on social media. He is going to keep creating amazing stuff for youngsters and his all social media fans.

How to get in touch with him?

The content creator posts his content consistently by optimizing it as per his long-term goals. Nakia lays his focus on using optimal strategy and tactics to meet his audience’s needs by producing quality content for it. Do follow him on his social media so that you can keep in touch with the latest feed he shares with his followers for amusement. His creativity will surely impress you all.

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