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9 Tips for Proper Sports Eyewear Maintenance for Athletes



9 Tips for Proper Sports Eyewear Maintenance for Athletes

Whatever sport you love, having good vision throughout the game keeps you one step ahead of your opponent. As an athlete who takes great pleasure in wearing sports eyewear, it is a must to learn how to maintain them and do proper care for efficient protection. 

As you read through the following paragraphs, you will see some tips on how to appropriately handle your eyewear so as to give you the best assistance.

Tips for Maintaining Your Sports Eyewear

1. Cleaning is fundamental

Regular cleaning helps maintain the quality of your eyeglasses, and it is better to have a schedule especially when you use them often. Just make sure you are using the appropriate cleansers which should be mild and do not have any harsh ingredients to harm the coatings.

Avoid using hot or cold water as it can cause damage; instead, rinse the lenses, corners, and edges with lukewarm water.

2. Handle with care

Intentionally know the do’s and don’ts of proper handling of eyewear to prevent scratches or damage. Athletes consider it as a valuable piece and they must be aware of the meticulous handling and caring for it to last. 

Since our fingers are naturally oily, it’s best to hold eyeglasses by their frames to avoid leaving fingerprints on the lenses. Also, look for protective cases that are hard enough not to crush or break any parts.

3. Professional service

When there is a need for modifications, repairs, or adjustments, don’t think twice about going to a professional. At the end of the day, this will save you time and money rather than trying to figure it out on your own. 

If you notice any discomforts like blurry vision or any physical worries about your eyeglasses that make you inconvenient, visit an optician or eyewear expert to give the right advice.  You might need replacement prescription lenses or specific adjustments to certain parts.

4. Inspect for any impairment

Even a minor scratch, if left unnoticed or unattended, can lead to further damage. That is why it is always advisable to have diligent inspections to check in detail for any loose screws or cracks, or even twisted parts. Using your sports eyewear with scratches or even small chips may affect how clearly you see things. 

It’s best to have an eyewear professional handle the repairs, as these pieces require delicate fixing and reconditioning.

5. Appropriate storage options

When your sports eyeglasses are not in use, it is a must to keep them in a safe box or stock them in an appropriate place in your room or inside your car.  The frames and even the lenses can get easily deformed or deteriorated if you just leave them anywhere, especially in a hot location or where it is directly hit by sunlight. 

6. Be mindful of rough surfaces

Sharp surfaces can literally ruin your eyeglasses so always be mindful of where you lay them down. Also to avoid little scratches, make use of a microfiber cloth for wiping the lenses and the overall layout of the frames. There are also cleaning wipes available in stores that are made just for eyewear.

7. Don’t forget the straps

Many sports eyewear have individual straps or bands designed for added security.  If you see warning signs of stretching or tearing and deterioration, immediately change them to ensure your glasses are fitted as you use your eyeglasses. 

8. Watch out for chemical exposure

As sports and outdoor enthusiasts, we always apply sunscreens or repellants to safeguard our skin. But be careful that these will not contact your sports eyewear to not harm the coatings.

Be watchful not to expose your eyeglasses to chemicals for the possibility of a negative impact on any of the parts.

If accidentally exposed, check if there are special recommendations by the specific manufacturer, otherwise just follow the cleaning steps as discussed earlier.

9. Prescription lenses

If you are advised to use prescription lenses, be vigilant and be more attentive with your eyewear. Follow the instructions given by your optometrist on how to preserve and keep them functioning well. 

As much as possible do not skip any scheduled checkups to guarantee the quality of your eyewear and to address if there are any changes in your visual needs. Your optometrist may advise the replacement of prescription lenses if it does not suit already your appropriate visual concerns.

Learn More

1. Can we apply the same maintenance tips for sports eyewear to all kinds of sports? 

There are basic and primary handling tips for sports eyewear that are applicable to all different sports. But there are also special care requirements for specific outdoor adventures like water-based sports. You need to take extra precautions to lessen water damage especially to the lenses as it can bring blurry visual effects.

2. Is it OK to use household cleaning products if the standard cleaning solution is not available?

If the preferred cleaning solution is not available, you may use dish soap but you have to check it is free of additives or chemicals that may harm your eyewear. 

3. Normally, how soon do the lenses of sports eyewear need to be changed?

It will depend on how often you wear them, how long they may be exposed to harmful environments, and how you preserve and take good care of them. If you are mindful and strictly follow the guidelines, surely you will benefit from them longer.

In summary

Owning sports eyewear is somewhat of a privilege and that means you value and give great importance to them. As a treasured piece to keep it working long term, one must know how to care for and do the correct maintenance.

It is vital to follow the instructions of the manufacturer if there is any special handling on eyewear. Also take note that the nurturing you address to these items will make them function as intended to be, giving the utmost benefit on every occasion you wear them.

Go over the suggestions above and take by heart these guidelines and you will see how beneficial it will offer you and your beloved sports eyewear.