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8 Indoor Activities for When It’s Too Hot Outside



8 Indoor Activities for When It’s Too Hot Outside

Indoor Activities

Taking a stroll through the park with the kids and bathing in the sun are a couple of your favorite pastimes. But not during the summer.

Research shows that climate change has upended old rules for seasonal temperatures, causing more intense and frequent heat waves. For instance, Phoenix exceeded 115 degrees Fahrenheit in 2021, breaking records in this desert city.

Fortunately, on a hot day, you can still stay cool by embracing indoor fun in air conditioning. Here’s a rundown on eight indoor activities for when it’s too hot outside, as well as how an HVAC company can keep your home cool in the months ahead.

Let’s jump in!

1. Top Indoor Activities on a Hot Day Include Camping Inside

One of the best activities you can do when it’s hot outside is to bring your camping experience indoors. Do this by setting up a tent in the living room and sleeping in the tent as a family.

The benefit of camping inside? You don’t have to worry about being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes. Plus, you’ve got easy access to a bathroom and even a fridge (versus a cooler) of ice-cold drinks.

2. Bring Outdoor Flowers Inside

Another way to enjoy the outdoors inside is to make some beautiful flower arrangements from the comfort of your own home.

Nature is soothing, and flowers can cheer you up. So, ask a family member or friend to pick some of their favorite flowers and bring them to you. Or, if flowers are coming up near your back or front door, snip some of the stems from the inside.

Then, arrange your freshly picked flowers in a vase, and display them inside your home. Every time you look at it, you’ll feel like you’re being transported to your favorite garden — even if only for a few seconds.

3. Stay Cool While Painting Indoors

Painting is yet another indoor activity you can enjoy during the summer season.

Don’t have pieces of art lying around the house? Paint some yourself, then hang them on your walls. Give your home a cool, fresh vibe by using watery tones in your artwork.

You can also paint your furniture to add a splash of color to your living space. If you can use a cooling shade of blue, this will make your space even more inviting when it’s hot outside.

4. Eat in the Air Conditioning

If it’s too hot to enjoy a picnic outside, then create your own indoor picnic.

Don’t have enough groceries in the house? Use a grocery delivery service to bring you the ingredients you need for your favorite summer dishes, like snow crab legs, a shrimp boil, a cucumber salad, a potato salad, or even a no-bake oatmeal and chocolate cookie.

Feel free to also create some cooling desserts, like Italian ice and homemade milkshakes, or slice up some watermelon for a healthy, refreshing snack. You can even make some nutritious yet yummy ice blocks of sparkling water and juice, coconut milk, yogurt, or summer fruit, like strawberries.

Finally, top off your indoor mealtime with some homemade lemonade. You’re welcome.

If you prefer to go out and eat, consider going to an eatery that also features an indoor play area or arcade for the kids. That way they can keep busy on the slide or with the arcade games while you enjoy eating and relaxing in air conditioning.

5. Enjoy a Movie Marathon

Love movies? Create your own movie marathon to enjoy by yourself or with the kids.

Be sure to provide plenty of popcorn and soft drinks. You can even whip up some milkshakes for all of your excited movie-goers.

Alternatively, check out any summer $1 movie showings going on in your area. It’s an inexpensive way to keep your children entertained for a couple of hours while enjoying the cool air.

6. Bathe in Cool Water Until an HVAC Company Arrives

Has your HVAC system gone kaput? While you wait for a reliable HVAC company to save the day, keep cool while taking a cooling bath.

Simply fill your tub with lukewarm water to cool down your core temperature. And if you want to upgrade the experience, add some champagne, petals, and candles to the mix.

7. Read and Relax

While you’re waiting for an HVAVC technician to fix your air conditioning system during the summer, consider also sprawling out on your bed underneath your ceiling fan.

The fan will create a cooling breeze for your skin while also soothing you into sleep thanks to its rhythmic whirring. If you’re not sleepy, try reading a book while resting underneath the fan to stay cool and soak in some R&R.

If you like libraries, you can also take your children to your local library to enjoy special summertime events in the cold air. While there, they can also enjoy reading books or playing with Legos in the children’s section.

8. Have a Boardgame Marathon

Finally, enjoy playing multiple fun board games, like Monopoly and Scrabble, inside during the summer. If you want to make game time even more enjoyable, add beer, wine, and friends to the marathon.

Experience Comfortable Indoor Fun This Summer

On a hot day, you can stay cool by engaging in indoor activities like camping inside or even creating your own floral arrangements indoors. You can also whip up your favorite meals inside.

Waiting on an HVAC company to fix your air conditioning system? Feel free to take a cool bath and maximize your ceiling fan, too.

Beat the heat in a fun way this summer by engaging in these and the many other activities listed above.

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