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7 Tips for Choosing a Local Immigration Law Firm



7 Tips for Choosing a Local Immigration Law Firm

Immigration Law Firm

With nearly 13,500 immigration lawyers and attorneys in the US, it can feel difficult to choose an immigration law firm when you need one. Unfortunately, hiring an attorney who lacks the proper experience could hurt your case. It’s important to do your due diligence before hiring a lawyer.

Here are seven tips you can use before choosing a business lawyer or local immigration lawyer. With these tips, you can find someone capable of fighting with your goals in mind.

Find an immigration lawyer you can trust today.

1. Request Referrals

To simplify your search for an Turkish Citizenship Lawyer, begin by gathering referrals. Talk to friends and family members in the area to build a list of local immigration lawyers. If they can’t recommend an immigration lawyer, ask if they can point you to a local law firm.

Then, determine if that firm takes on immigration cases.

If you can, find a law firm and attorney that specializes in immigration law. These law firms will have resources that can strengthen your case. An attorney who specializes in immigration law can leverage their experience to your benefit.

If you manage to gather referrals, talk to your friends about their experience working with the attorney. Ask if the lawyer was:

  • Experienced
  • Friendly yet professional
  • On-time for meetings
  • Resourceful

Ask each client if they experienced any problems after hiring a lawyer, too. For example, maybe the lawyer didn’t communicate as the case progressed. Maybe they were unprofessional.

You can also build a list of local attorneys by visiting your local bar association website. Otherwise, check the Martindale-Hubbel law firm directory and look for immigration lawyers in the area.

Look for reviews from clients for each attorney on your list. You can find client reviews on the law firm’s website. Check the firm’s Google Business or BBB profiles as well.

Look for local lawyers who already have a glowing reputation. They’ll want to maintain that reputation by meeting the highest standards of service to their clients. Reading reviews can also help you feel confident you’re making the right choice.

If numerous people have complained about the lawyer in the past, remove them from your list.

Once you have a list of lawyers to choose from, use the rest of these tips to narrow down your choices.

2. Check Credentials

Before hiring an immigration lawyer, make sure they have the proper credentials. First, confirm they’re licensed to practice law in the state.

Laws and procedures vary based on where a case is filed. If the lawyer doesn’t have experience practicing locally, they might make mistakes with your case.

Visit the American Immigration Lawyers Association website to learn more about each attorney on your list. The database will provide you with a list of lawyers who practice and teach immigration law. You can confirm the attorneys on your list have the proper credentials to take on your case.

Determine if the attorneys on your list have any additional memberships or qualifications that speak to their experience and expertise.

Confirm the lawyer doesn’t have any complaints or malpractice suits against them.

3. Look for Experience

Determine how long each immigration attorney on your list has practiced in the state. Look for someone with years of local, hands-on case experience. If they’ve only handled a few immigration cases in the past year, remove them from your list.

Remember to look for attorneys who specialize in immigration cases. These lawyers will have knowledge relevant to your case. They might also have access to resources they can use for your benefit.

Consider the details surrounding your case. Are their special circumstances involved? If so, look for attorneys with experience handling cases like yours.

Their experience and expertise will ensure they’re capable of strengthening your case based on your goals. You can feel more confident hiring an attorney with relevant, recent experience.

4. Schedule Interviews

Start narrowing down your list of lawyers by meeting two or three in person. Before each meeting, prepare a list of questions you want to ask. Fill in any gaps in the research you gathered.

For example:

  • How long have you practiced
  • How long have you specialized in immigration law
  • What legal strategy would you recommend for my case
  • How often do you handle cases like mine
  • What was the outcome of the recent cases you handled
  • What fee structure do you follow

During the meeting, pay attention to how the lawyer acts and talks. Look for someone who is articulate and confident. They’ll speak on your behalf when handling your case.

Make sure to ask each attorney about the recent immigration cases they handled. Ask about the outcome of their three most recent cases. Determine if they were able to accomplish their clients’ goals.

Here are some tips you can use to find the best immigration lawyers in town.

5. Consider Skill Sets

Meeting each attorney in person can help you determine if they have the skill set necessary to handle your case.

First, look for lawyers with strong communication skills. Try to find attorneys who have an analytical mindset as well. They’ll need to use the information they gather to build a case on your behalf.

6. Compare Fees

Ask each attorney about their fee structure.

Some work on a contingency fee basis, hourly rate, or retainer. Ask at least three local immigration lawyers about their fees. Compare your options to determine the average locally.

If one lawyer’s pricing is higher than the rest, determine why that is.

7. Consider Priorities

Review your notes before making a decision.

Determine what qualities you want to prioritize. For example, perhaps you want to find a lawyer with a long track record of wins. Maybe you’re more concerned about finding someone with years of experience practicing immigration law.

Don’t choose the cheapest lawyer available. They might offer lower pricing to attract clients.

Instead, choose someone capable of winning your case.

Find the Best Local Immigration Law Firm Today

Don’t hire the first immigration lawyer you find online. Instead, use these tips to find the best immigration law firm in town. With these tips, you can find an attorney capable of winning your case.

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