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7 Rewarding Benefits of Hiring Remote Employees



7 Rewarding Benefits of Hiring Remote Employees

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdowns, only 3.4% of Americans worked from home. Two years later, 52% of global employees work from home once weekly. 

Most business owners know that many people work from home. The question is, should they hire employees specifically for remote jobs? For that matter, should they allow their current employees to work remotely? 

Business owners often have mixed feelings about hiring remote employees. However, current research shows several benefits of hiring remote workers. 

If you’re still on the fence, that’s okay! Check out this guide to discover seven benefits of hiring remote workers. By the end of this article, you can decide whether this option works best for your company. 

1. Foster a Remote Workplace with Technology

When 2020 pandemic measures arrived, many companies scrambled for ways to allow workers to continue working from home. At the time, the practice was less common. Connecting remote workers to their workplace networks and co-workers was much more inconvenient. 

After two years of practice, though, many businesses no longer find this to be a problem. Most offices can connect workers to the workplace with a company laptop or tablet. Employees can do most of their work if they have a Wi-Fi connection.  

You may worry that remote co-workers cannot connect with your workplace employees. However, some studies demonstrate that remote employees can navigate this challenge.

A ConnectSolutions study found that 42% of remote workers reported feeling equally connected to their co-workers as in-house workers. Others may say that they have a desirable connection, if not an equal one. 

2. Workers Feel Productive at Home

Many employers may fear that at-home workers would prove less productive. In reality, the opposite seems to hold. Remote workers are often more productive than their in-office peers. 

This fact may seem counterintuitive. But, think about what stresses an at-home worker can avoid. 

Remote workers don’t face stressful commutes, allowing them to get more sleep. They often evade workplace distractions that could hinder their productivity, such as lunch invitations or sudden meetings. 

Another factor contributing to remote employees’ productivity is their schedule’s flexibility. Not everybody works best with a 9-5 format. Many people may work best at night or early in the morning. 

3. Save Money with Remote Employees

Many employers implicitly feel they must spend more money to find the best employees. However, sometimes this idea doesn’t hold. 

For example, you can save significant amounts of money on overhead costs by hiring remote employees. When employees work from home, you can spend less on desks, chairs, office supplies, and electricity. 

Also, letting employees work from home reduces the amount of sick days employees take. Employees at home can still finish their work when they have a light sickness. 

4. Avoiding Commute Stress Makes Employees More Productive

We mentioned before that employees can avoid the stress of long commutes by working from home. However, many employers don’t realize how much of an asset that is. 

Long commutes take a heavy toll on your employees’ morale. Studies link lengthy commutes to weight gain, increased stress, and loneliness. In fact, reports that long-distance commuters are 40% more likely to divorce.  

When employees stay stressed and miserable, their productivity suffers. So, help them forego these challenges by letting them work remotely. 

5. Employees Save Money Working From Home

This year, many people’s hearts skip a beat when they see how much money they spent on a tank of gas. Currently, the national average cost of gas/gallon falls around $5.00. 

As a result, commuting has become a more expensive choice for many workers. Even public transportation costs have risen because of gas prices. 

Forcing your workers to commute in this climate could cause people to leave for financial reasons. So, why take that risk?

Instead, allow workers to remain closer to home. This way, they can provide top-quality work and avoid breaking the bank to stay employed. 

6. Gain Access to More Talent 

When you require workers to work in the office, you limit the people you can hire. Everybody must live within driving distance of your company. 

Of course, this approach has worked since the Industrial Revolution. But, think about all the talent you could be missing by limiting your geographical area. 

For example, let’s say you run a business in the heart of rural South Carolina. You may find many skilled employees in the area who can benefit your business.

However, you could also outsource other positions to workers outside your immediate vicinity. Read this article to learn more about how this works. 

Theoretically, you can also open your hiring pool to global workers. You can hire top-quality talent from outside the country by hiring remote workers. In many cases, this approach can save your business money. 

7. Reduce Employee Turnover

Think about how much it costs to replace a full-time employee. In addition to paying their replacement’s salary and benefits, you also suffer lower productivity in the meantime. That reduced productivity affects your profitability.

However, working from home has become the new American Dream for many people. Jobs that allow employees to work remotely are much more attractive to people. 

So, many businesses use this opportunity as a perk to encourage top talent to remain with their companies. You can do the same to ensure your best employees stay with you instead of moving to a competitor!

Consider Whether Remote Employees are Right for Your Business

As you can see, remote employees provide several benefits for your business. They can increase your productivity, save money, and reduce turnover. 

Moreover, you can likely provide employees with the necessary equipment to work from home. In many cases, all you need are company laptops and tablets.

So, consider whether remote workers can provide these benefits for your company. If so, consider hiring these employees as soon as possible!

We hope you enjoyed this article! Our website dedicates itself to finding the best information on several topics. So, check out our other content today for more business advice or hobby tips.

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