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7 Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Boxes for Shipping



7 Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Boxes for Shipping

Shipping allows for rapid communication and the delivery of goods, with USPS handling over 23 million packages daily in the United States. The goods sent out for delivery take a long and arduous journey, and they require the best types of shipping boxes to arrive on the customer’s doorstep intact.

Cardboard boxes have long been the traditional choice for shipping boxes. Corrugated plastic boxes are changing the game. These boxes provide several benefits worth considering for your business’s shipping needs.

The peace of mind you enjoy and the happiness you provide your customers is the new normal with corrugated boxes. Luckily, you’ve come to the perfect spot to learn more about the benefits your business reaps when you explore plastic containers over cardboard. Continue reading to make the switch to corrugated boxes today!

1. Lightweight Containers

The first thing you’ll notice when handling corrugated plastic boxes for the first time is how light they are. Lightness is a valuable factor to have in your favor when shipping goods to your customers. More lightweight packages cost less to ship, helping you save money.

The delivery service can quickly ship, haul, or carry your goods, thanks to the corrugated plastic boxes you use. No mechanical tools are necessary to carry and deliver packages using plastic containers. It’s a path you must consider if you want to help your brand become an industry leader.

2. Durable and Strong

Another benefit worth noting when comparing cardboard vs. plastic boxes for your brand’s shipping needs is the durability of the plastic option. Cardboard softens and becomes weak when exposed to rain, jeopardizing your products inside the package.

You’re more likely to deliver damaged goods when using cardboard boxes for your shipping needs. It’s a risk that could push unhappy customers toward your competitors and harm your bottom line.

Corrugated plastic boxes use different materials designed to handle the elements with ease. The goods you’re shipping to customers will arrive in pristine condition when you explore other shipping options. Your plastic boxes also provide extra cushioning to protect and brace the items you’re shipping during transportation.

The tensile strength and durability make corrugated plastic boxes your best choice. They’re perfect for international and long-distance shipping. Consider this box option when you’re expanding your brand into new markets.

3. Cost-Effective

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs while improving quality. Corrugated plastic boxes are one of the best options for your company. They’ll help when you’re ready to improve your service while lowering expenses.

Buying your boxes in bulk is best to maintain a significant inventory. Buying in bulk also lowers the price per unit, helping you save money compared to using cardboard boxes for your shipping needs.

You’ll find plenty of places to purchase the boxes. There’s no reason not to consider switching from cardboard to plastic corrugated boxes. It’s impossible to beat affordable prices and unmatched durability for your packages.

4. Malleable

Your plastic containers have the additional benefit of malleability compared to cardboard boxes. You can hammer and reshape the boxes to meet your needs and house the products you’re shipping to happy customers. It’s also possible to cut the boxes with little effort.

The benefit of malleable shipping boxes is that you can find the perfect shape and size when preparing to ship an order to your customer. The size and shape options make delivering your goods a stress-free process. Work with a supplier to get corrugated carton boxes sold here.

The service will ensure you receive shipping boxes that look impressive and professional. You’ll keep up with your brand’s evolving needs. It’s the best investment to make for your business.

5. No Sharp Corners

Sharp corners pose an injury risk for homeowners and customers with small children. The traditional cardboard box used for shipping goods uses sharp corners. You can provide a safe environment by using plastic corrugated boxes when shipping products to customers.

The lack of sharp corners is beneficial for your employees and package handlers. Packages featuring sharp corners are likelier to pinch your workers when packing the truck with the goods you’re shipping.

Creating a pile of packages is also simple since you don’t need to worry about damaging the integrity of your boxes. It’s the go-to solution if you’re ready to upgrade your packages and shipping process.

6. Simple Labeling

An overlooked aspect of cardboard vs. plastic boxes is the ease of slapping a shipping label onto the box. The wrong material will struggle to work with the adhesive on the back of the shipping label. Smooth surfaces make preparing your packages and delivering them to the shipping service a straightforward process devoid of frustration.

7. Environmentally Friendly

Shoppers are more conscious than ever about the environmental impacts their favorite brands cause. Switching from cardboard shipping boxes to corrugated plastic boxes is a fantastic way to help the environment while improving your business operations.

The plastic used for corrugated boxes is recyclable, helping you deliver quality products to your customers without harming the environment. The customer can recycle the container and extend the plastic’s lifecycle.

You’ll take your business into the green economy by switching to plastic corrugated boxes. The materials used to create corrugated boxes are also organic. It’s the best way to run your business without harming the environment.

The ability to recycle the boxes is also beneficial since it keeps prices lower. It’s the obvious solution when taking your product shipping to new heights. Market your plastic containers by including information about how they’re helping the environment to build a stronger bond with your customers.

Choose Plastic Corrugated Boxes Today

Plastic corrugated boxes are the next step in the evolution of shipping boxes for businesses. They’re durable, recyclable, and eco-friendly.

You can trust your corrugated boxes to maintain their shape and protect the goods inside during the shipping process. They’ll stand up to the elements and help you save money. Their lighter weight and the perfect label surface make them the best option for your business’s shipping requirements.

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