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6 tips to make an unforgettable first impression professionally



6 tips to make an unforgettable first impression professionally

It is said that the first impression is the last. How a person perceives you within the first seven seconds of a meeting creates a long-lasting mark.

Therefore, if you are meeting people in a professional setting, you must be prepared to make a great first impression.

This requires you to have the skills that will help you become unique and unforgettable in the other person’s mind. So, here are a few tips to help you with that.

1. Smile

Everyone wants to get associated with positive-minded people. Therefore, when people see your smiling face during the first meeting, you come across as a positive and mentally strong person. People feel more comfortable around you.

Studies show that, according to 48% of Americans, a smile is the most memorable feature when they meet someone for the first time.

However, be cautious that you don’t have an inauthentic or cheesy grin on you. This might make you look like you are an arrogant person or you are hiding nervousness.

The best way to ace this tip is to cultivate a positive, cheerful mind and let it reflect on your face.

2. The perfect firm handshake

This might come across as something obvious but let’s reiterate that how you shake hands creates a fine impression. A good handshake is an art, a globally accepted sign of professionalism, politeness, and confidence.

Understand that you must hold the other person’s hand firmly – not too strongly to hurt them or too lightly to make them feel you’re nervous.

Make sure your palms aren’t sweaty, or it’ll disgust them. You can also apply some antiperspirants on your hands if you have a sweating issue.

3. Make a fine introduction

Next, you must focus on introducing yourself, even if the other person knows your name. You can start with a basic salutation like “It’s nice to meet you” after a greeting, as it is a great way to break the ice.

It is always the best time to exchange business cards at this time. This way, you will have an extra edge because it will make remembering you more effortless.

4. Be Eloquent

You might have great insights to share, but if you don’t speak confidently, you can’t create a great impression. And you might get overlooked if many other people are trying to gain the other person’s attention.

You must express yourself clearly and with assertiveness so that you are perceived in a positive light.

Additionally, you should also talk calmly with a deeper voice. Research shows that such people are taken seriously rather than people who get loud.

5. Maintain Eye contact

When you look someone in the eye, they get the idea that you are confident. It also expresses that you are interested in what they have to express.

Eye contact also expresses that you respect the other person and are interested in the meeting.

On the other hand, if you look in different directions too much, it shows that you are not interested in the conversation and are distracted.

However, you must not stare at them constantly and take breaks occasionally. Otherwise, you might come across as a creep and make them uncomfortable, which will completely ruin your impression.

6. Use Body Language

Science says that the part of the brain that reads facial expressions and recognizes faces is affected by a neuron. This neuron creates the reaction of mirroring.

For instance, if one person in a group yawns, many people start yawning. Or, when you smile, the other person smiles back. This is because the neuron triggers a response as a reciprocal process.

So, if you observe and reflect on the non-verbal cues of the person you are conversing with, they get a hint that you are both on the same page.

It is also known that if two people feel the same emotions, they will better understand, connect, and trust.


With all these tips, you can move forward to create a great first impression. If you think you don’t have any of them, don’t worry and practice lots.

Like every soft skill, you can build them up in you. When you work on yourself, you will be prepared to make great first impressions.