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5 Ways To Use Marble Around Your Home



5 Ways To Use Marble Around Your Home

Does your home feel like a sanctuary, or do you walk in feeling drab or uninspired? Maybe it’s time for a facelift to reinvigorate your home and leave you craving to schedule your next fancy dinner party.

Timeless and modern, there’s something breathtaking about entering a home with stunning marble surfaces. The question sits before you, though, “where do I start”?

Read on for five ways to incorporate marble into the features of your home.

1. Modernize Your Kitchen

One of the most common uses of marble is within a home’s kitchen.

Think about how much time you spend in the kitchen: your morning coffee, evening wine-down, and everything in between. Your kitchen deserves some TLC to make it look important. If you decide to sell your home in the future, buyers typically look for an updated kitchen at the top of their priority list.

Consider adding marble counters or a marble island in your kitchen to modernize the whole feel of the room.

2. Bring Luxury to Your Bathrooms

Work to create a spa-like feel inside your master or guest bathrooms by adding marble features.

Opt for marble tops for your vanities, counters, and marble tiles surrounding your bathtub or in the shower. You will feel like you’re at a hotel each time you step into your upgraded bathroom.

3. Make Your Fireplace a Focal Point

As winter sets in and your family curls around a fireplace in the living room, make that fireplace stand out as a focal point in your home.

Upgrade the surrounds of your fireplace to marble. The bright and clean look will add depth and elegance to the room.

4. Choose Elegant Flooring

Are you tired of your old carpet or dingy vinyl? Take this time to update your flooring with marble.

As marble prices are soaring, you’ll want to complete this large project sooner rather than later to keep it affordable for you. The benefit of these price increases is that if you sell your home, the home value increases because of the top-dollar finishes you have added to your home.

Let the beautiful and durable marble flooring work to pay for itself by installing them before you place your home on the market.

5. Create an Accent Wall

If you’re unsure about committing to changing your flooring to marble, consider a simple accent wall for a pop of luxury.

Each marble slab is unique. Make it an art statement in your home by pairing a full or half wall with the other decor of your room. Let the beauty of the stone speak for itself.

Add Value to Your Home by Adding Marble Finishes

Whether you’re tired of your home’s design or you want to spruce things up, adding marble is a timeless investment in your home. Choose the features you most want to update and begin upgrading them from drab to luxury in marble.

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