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5 Tips For Maintaining Epoxy Resin Table Tops




5 Tips For Maintaining Epoxy Resin Table Tops

Epoxy Resin Table Tops

The pandemic has got us all restricted to our homes, and it would not be wrong to say it has transformed our lives with 180 degrees. Due to the new policies of working from home, there was a time we all thought of revamping our house and dedicate one room for the office space only.

However, shopping in a pandemic is one whole new headache, you cannot visit the store, and trusting online shopping for furniture, and other expensive items are too risky. When we do not have many options in our hands, we prefer to go out of ways and try our hands on some DIYs. With thousands of videos available on YouTube, you can always create something new with the on-hand supplies.

While you are at the mission of dedicating your storeroom to your office, you need some unique ideas to give your shabby looking room a new and alluring office-y look. The most important and basic office furniture that one has to invest in wholeheartedly is the office table and office chair. Today, the trend of the epoxy table top is pretty generic, and it has quickly become our go-to material for our table tops for all the good reasons.

The tables of this material are eye-catching; they give the room a whole new attractive look. Moreover, the overall substance is moisture, durable, flame-resistant, and is accepting of reactions and spills of different chemicals. The material is accurate for all the bleak lab’s settings that handle various potential fires and chemicals.

Nevertheless, to maintain its good health, it is important to take some necessary steps and be responsible since its a one-time investment, and you cannot afford to invest in it time and again. If you are clueless regarding how to go about its cleaning and maintenance, then I would advise you to keep reading the article or maybe look at the epoxy table top DIYs on the internet to have new and trouble-free maintenance ideas.

Let’s improve the life of your epoxy tabletop, by making sure you are taking good care of them and following the below-mentioned maintenance tips.

1.No Abrasives

Maintaining up your epoxy table is a tricky task; it is not a regular table where you need a piece of cloth and some cleaning liquid to remove the dirt off the table. Epoxy tables cleaning requires the owner to be little on their toes and be responsible. The first rule of the care is no abrasives, if you want to prolong your table’s life then do not think about using it.

All-purpose cleaners and scouring pads result in giving a dull look to your table, and you will be left with an ugly looking table in your office space that will take away all your motivation to work. Since you do not want to replace your desk every now and then, it is better to make informed decisions while maintaining it and stay away from all the abrasive materials. Moreover, do not use the polishing materials that consist of wax.

2.No Alcohols

Keep your alcohols for your parties only and do not try them on your tables. The use of alcohol will turn your gorgeous table into a scruffy and ugly table, and you do not want that. However, it is a common belief that alcohol does not only fix your emotional problems, but it fixes all the other external issues as well. People think it is the best disinfectant for everything. Nevertheless, sadly when it is about cleaning your epoxy table tops, it is not recommended.

3. Look For The Right Cleaner

You think you are not really left with any other cleaners when abrasives and alcohols are off the list. However, there are still tons of disinfectants that you can choose from for your epoxy tabletop; you only need to be vigilant when choosing the right one. The best thing about these tables’ maintenance is that you do not need to go out of your way to buy them as most of them are lying on your kitchen counter. Mix your mild dish soaps with the nonabrasive household cleaners and add a little water in it and voila! You are good to go now.

To keep your table in the best position, make sure you are using Murphy’s Oil and other materials for your occasional cleaning. Use it in a medium quantity as excessive use of it can cause it to go hazy and dull. In the case of big spills, I would recommend you to use the paint thinner and acetone to keep the upper surface of the table clean and shiny.

4.Recommended Cloth Type Only

When you buy an exceptional item, you have to put in extra effort to keep it unique. Such as, we do not recommend waiting until your soft drinks have soaked into your table and then you spare no effort to clean the table. We advise you to do some damage control beforehand and get on with your cleaning accessories the moment you spot any spill. Choose a towel or rag for gentle scrubbing as these kinds of fabrics are smooth and highly absorbent.

5.Steam Cleaning

The combination of water and steam makes it easier for you to remove the stain and then wipe it off. You can have an option to use various kinds of steam cleaners, it all depends on the size of the tabletop, and you can choose the cleaner accordingly. Steam cleaning is one of a type that you do not focus on while up keeping a table; however, it is quite effective when it comes to epoxy tabletop.


Buying and constructing an expensive table is an easy-going task; however, maintaining its premium quality for years requires the owner to be a little heedful. It is important to have eagle eyes to spot for all the spills and leaks to avoid potential damages to the table. Proper maintenance and cleaning are important for your table’s durability, and as long as you are applying the above-mentioned tips, you are good to go.

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What Do I Need To Know About Buying Second-Hand Equipment?




What Do I Need To Know About Buying Second-Hand Equipment?

You should know that any second-hand equipment bought for use at work might not be safe. Beware of the intended use of the equipment and get the operator’s handbook, especially for complex machines such as potato harvesters, telescopic handlers, and tractors.

Here is a checklist of what to look for when buying industrial parts. With this checklist, you should be able to identify any of the common defects on agricultural machines.

•           Are there any defective or missing guards for the dangerous parts such as chopping mechanisms, cutters, pulleys, belts, rotating shafts or sprockets?

•           Are there defective or missing stand-off guards for tines, pick-ups or blades?

•           Are the guard fastenings unsuitable or poorly maintained especially those covering power transmission parts such as PTO shafts?

•           Are the safety devices such as emergency stops damaged or working poorly?

•           Are the controls and their functions poorly labelled?

•           Is there lack of proper access to the operator’s position?

•           Are the instructions, decals and warning signs hard to read or poorly translated in foreign languages?

Some of the health and safety concerns on agricultural machinery include the following.

•           Tractors with damaged/missing cabs or those lacking rollover protective structures

•           Potato harvesters with poorly guarded haulm and cleaning rollers

•           Power harrows with damaged, inadequate or missing stand-off guards

•           Sprayers lacking chemical induction systems, protective clothing lockers or emergency clean water containers

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5 Effective Strategies to Get Your Music Noticed




5 Effective Strategies to Get Your Music Noticed

With so many talented and famous musicians around, it is not easy to make the name of oneself in the music industry. Writing lyrics, composing music, and giving a final touch to the song sounds like an easy task, but the real challenge comes when you need to promote it. The musicians begin each song is with the several questions in their mind, will I be able to make my music heard? Can my song track be the next hit in the music industry? Making music is an emotional and personal activity; therefore, sharing with others and promoting it seems like a foreign and forced concept. Unless you plan to keep it secret, it’s okay not to market it, but if you want to stand out in the music industry, then you have to sell it at any cost.

As much of a daunting task promotion appears to be internet has made it pretty easier. This, however, goes without saying your primary focus must be on creating terrific music. Even if your marketing is quintessential, if your music is not up to the mark, you will not be able to stick out. Marketing your music is essential, especially if you wish to get your name out there or you like getting recognized and famous. If you are one of those who loves attention and waiting for the time when your audience comes to you for a selfie, then it’s crucial to promote your work first. Doing nothing will not get you anywhere, and your music will stay with you only. So it’s time you take matters in your hand and follow these effective strategies of music promotion to get your music heard. Let’s make you famous!

1.Social Media Presence

As a music artist, all you want is the utmost spotlight on our work, and social media is the best source of promoting your work for free of cost. Your social media’s smart presence is undoubtedly the best way to nurture your audience and fill your gigs.  Make the best use of the pinned posts on your twitter account.

Your header is the first thing that your visitors notice when they stalk your profile, so why not take advantage of this free space? Put up a genteel and striking post to keep your visitors entertained and hooked on your profile. Apart from your gorgeous face, your Instagram stories and posts must cabaret your music talent as well. To enhance your post engagements, make sure you are making the right use of all the hashtags as they are the best source of attracting the audience. Take the full advantage of the sound cloud and other musical applications as well; put up your music videos and audios on your social media to attract the most audience.

2.Take advantage of radio

As basic and hoary the medium of communication radio is, consulting hip hop radio promotion companies like Caliboy Music is still one the best source of promoting your music. It is all about audio calls and music, and people always look for the radio jockey recommendations when they are in search of new music. Radio will help you reach a new wave of fans and maybe some fans can lead you to the sponsor of your next track as well.

Pro tip: prior to sending your song for promotion, be sure you have attained the copyright of your song and get your music registered with the right performance organization. It will help you get paid gigs, what more do we want than getting paid for something we love to do? It’s like a dream come true.

3.Blog posts

Get your music featured in the top music blog posts. The blog post reviews of your music can get you a timely and massive range of the audience. Reach out to the famous bloggers for the music review by writing them a precise yet comprehensive email. Once you have gotten it reviewed, make sure you appreciate their help and thank them for their support, as you may need their service in the future as well.

On the other hand, you can start a blog post as well. Narrate your music journey and the scuffles that you faced up till now. It will not only help you grow, but you will be able to motivate a struggling artist as well. Or maybe some renowned music artist stumble upon your post and contact you for his next duet? 

4.Do not be a musician only

The key to excelling in this world is to be a multi-tasker; being a musician alone means you have to take third party help for your promotional activities. It is a costly procedure, and you have to rely entirely on someone else for your job, which is quite risky. If you want more exposure, be more than a musician, be a writer for your blog posts, and marketer for your promotion. Being a complete package today is what gets you to the highest stage of your career.

Do not just make music, but inspire others through your music journey. Talk more about social issues and how you, as a musician, can contribute to society’s betterment. As a musician, you have a huge social responsibility. So it is advisable to take advantage of your public presence and contribute to the CSR activities.

5.Share behind the screen stories

The best way to create a hype among your fans and get instant fame is to share your backstage pictures and videos. As creepy as it sounds, fans are more interested in their favorite celebrities’ personal life than their art. So make sure you share your own but not to private or controversial stories on your social media. The musicians must realize their fans will not think for a second before canceling them if they mess up so they should a little cautious.


Access to the audience has become much easier today. However, the competition out there is pretty fierce, so make sure you develop eye-catching strategies to move up in the world.

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PHOENIX – (November 2, 2020) – Ja-nice Johnson, Founder and CEO of Axis™ Hemp in A Cap, has launched the now leading Hemp Infused Beverage brand nationwide. The innovative patent stemmed from necessity as the CEO was in search of various Cannabinoid treatments to administer to her mother battling Stage 4 Cancer. After tedious efforts of mixing products to aid to her mother’s treatments, Ja-nice then acquired the license to the unique Vessl™ technology to incorporate into beverages and is now leading the market with her innovation.

Vessl™- the company who provides its unique patent, recently announced their partnership with GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, Miguel who also serves as a Corporate Ambassador and Advisor for the brand. The patented bottle closure provides instant and pressurized mixing of the beverage with alkaline water immediately prior to use. With this technology the premium quality 6oz Hemp beverage holds and protects 25mg of hemp extract and flavor to provide the best all-natural ready-to-drink Hemp cocktail. No sugars, no calories, packed with electrolytes, B & C Vitamins and Zinc to rehydrate and boost your immune system.

Axis™ has now developed a product line of four (4) Hemp infused beverages:  Triple Berry Daiquiri, Strawberry Daiquiri, Lemon Drop Daiquiri and Mighty Mango Daiquiri. 

Supporting medical studies continue to show the numerous benefits of a cannabinoid alleviating neuropathic pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. Furthermore, athletes have taken to this wave utilizing it post workout to alleviate sore muscles. No matter your preference of use, Johnson wants consumers to know, “Every sip is a tribute to those surviving, fighting, or anyone loss to this illness.”

A company committed to diversity with a model of inclusion, Axis is minority owned and operated in addition to being LGBTQ+ inclusive. Recent studies have shown that black women-owned businesses represented the highest rate of growth of any group over the last five years, deemed necessity entrepreneurs starting businesses out of necessity and innovation. Axis™ has been diligent in becoming a leading company, working to create and ease the burden for those battling cancer, post workout recovery, and health enthusiast who understand the health benefits of Cannabinoid use and with that Johnson is a reminder that these Black Female Entrepreneurs are changing the game.

Where to buy:

#TwisttoAxis #TwistToAxisABetterYou

For Press Inquires

[email protected]


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