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5 Things to Ruin & Improve Look of Empire Zoysia sod in Atlanta



5 Things to Ruin & Improve Look of Empire Zoysia sod in Atlanta

Do you know which is the most difficult thing to do after you have installed something in your home or at work? It is to maintain the installed product; one mistake and you can ruin the whole process. But there are also ways by which you can well maintain and improve it.

Attributes of Empire Zoysia sod in Atlanta

The same condition can be applied to sod in Atlanta there are many mistakes that can ruin the growth of the sod. Never the less, you can improve the sod by planning everything in advance. In order to avoid blunders and improve the sod; you have to know the qualities of the Empire Zoysia sod.

  1. This type of Zoysia has the ability to cope in the hot weather easily. There are many regions where humidity is very high it can cultivate very well.
  2. This sod is one such that can do great under heavy shades of trees. It is the favorite grass for many landscapers because it can be put in the sun as well as the shade.
  3. The houses that have children and pets who love to stay outside for long periods then Empire Zoysia is the right one for your lawn. Whatever damages the foot traffic brings to the grass; it recovers quickly and on its own.
  4. The sod is manufactured in such a way that it is protected from diseases, fungus, insects, and weed. Although the weekly check of the sod is necessary because problems come out due to several reasons.

5 Mistakes that ruin

There is an abundance of ways by which you can ruin your sod in the garden. But these major 5 ways that give a heavy blow of injury to the sod. They can damage the look and appearance of your lawn because the grass is one thing which is plenty and most prominent.

  1. Sometimes the first layer of soil is prepared for the sod but there can be debris in the deeper ground and the roots have difficulty in gripping further in the soil. The soil is not properly checked for any deficiencies and then no amends are made to correct them.
  2. When you mow the lawn; the clippings of the sod keep scattered on the ground. It has been wrongly suggested that the clippings are not good for the sod. In reality, if you leave some of it on the ground then it can act as a natural fertilizer to the sod, but people pick it up which can reduce the speed of the growth if the sod.
  3. Many people consider that the instructions given by the sod installers like Atlanta Sod Farms are not important because this grass is manufactured will many qualities that need no other maintenance. This can ruin the beautiful look of the grass and the overall appearance of the garden.
  4. In an area of 1000 feet; you have to apply about 3 lbs of fertilizers per year. If you exceed the amount then disease can develop and you have to mow the grass more often.
  5. The blunt blades of the mower are very damaging for the leaves. The leaves of the grass get ripped not cut. This ultimately turns the grass brown and the height of the grass is uneven.

5 Improvement Plans

There are five ways by which you can beautify the look of your grass. These plans can be prepared for it in advance so that the sod grass growth exquisite.

Proper watering Technique

For the Empire Zoysia thorough watering is required when the sod is initially installed so that the roots are firmly gripped into the ground. But after it has reached the proper height weekly hydration is essential. The sod must be 1 inch soaked in water but not more than that.

Take care of Different Diseases

As mentioned above the sod is immune to various diseases, fungus and weeds but the soil may contain pests and insects that can damage the leaves. When you water the sod weekly; it is the best time to look for weeds and fungus that can grow on the grass. You can use different recommended chemicals to eliminate these problems.

Mow the sod but not short

The appropriate height of the sod which looks beautiful is 2 inches or 1 inch can also be maintained. But cutting it shorter can damage the base of the sod. The recommended length helps to recover from the heavy injury that comes from the walking ad running on it.

Apply the Fertilizer at the right time

You have to set a specific time for applying the fertilizer because the irregularity of the timing can develop weeds and fungus that can be difficult to eradicate. At many times the people forget to fertilize at all; so have maintenance planned.

Regular Inspection of the Soil

You have to carefully take out samples of soil from beneath the sod and test for different deficiencies. This inspection must be done once every two weeks. In this way, you will know what is required for the Empire Zoysia sod in Atlanta.


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