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5 Restaurant Safety Tips for New Establishments



5 Restaurant Safety Tips for New Establishments

Restaurant Safety

Are you opening up a new restaurant or cafe? As an owner of a business, it is up to you to assess the safety of your establishment and ensure that your employees, as well as your customers, are as safe as possible.

If this is the first time you are opening an establishment, you may not be familiar with all of the potential dangers that could pose a threat to your customers or your employees.

But there is no need to worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are some tips for restaurant safety to ensure that your customers and your employees are not put at risk.

1. Train Your Employees

As a new restaurant owner, safety at the restaurant must be a top priority. Provide regular safety training to all employees. This may include food safety, best practices for preventing slips, trips, and falls, and proper use of PPE.

Additionally, ensure that all employees are familiar with current safety procedures and regulations. Apply an open-door policy to all employees, encouraging them to report any safety concerns they may have.

2. Create Safe Working Conditions

All staff should take the necessary precautions and safety measures to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. New restaurant owners and managers should follow all safety laws and regulations to reduce potential liabilities for their establishment.

Employers should conduct fire drills and provide appropriate fire extinguishers and emergency exit plans to employees. They should adhere to sanitation guidelines.

3. Keep the Floor Clean

On a daily basis, restaurants should sweep and mop the floors. Any spills should be promptly wiped up and monitors should be placed near all entryways and exits to prevent slips, trips, and falls. An all-purpose cleaner should be used to remove any tough residue or grease left behind by food.

Keep an eye on areas where kitchen personnel and servers may congregate. Enforce handwashing and the use of floor mats to reduce the amount of contaminants brought in from the outside.

4. Invest in a Fire Extinguisher

An emergency can strike any place at any time and it is important to be prepared for such a situation. One of the most important safety elements for businesses is an appropriate fire extinguisher system.

Cliff’s Fire Extinguishers can help restaurants get set up with the necessary tools to make sure their place is safe and secure. Fire extinguishers should be placed in easily accessible areas and inspected often for operational readiness.

Employees should be trained on the proper use of the extinguishers in case of emergency. Moreover, fire safety measures such as fire-resistant building materials and other safety protocols should be in place and strictly followed.

5. Provide Proper Attire

Proper attire can keep both employees and customers safe and comfortable. All employees should wear a clean, pressed uniform with closed-toe shoes that are easily slip-resistant. Hair should be pulled back or put up in a way that won’t interfere with their work.

The uniform should also include a hat and apron. Additionally, all employees should have a clear understanding and be able to convey the restaurant’s safety policies and protocols for insect, fire, and hygiene hazards, as well as an understanding of what are safe practices inside and outside the restaurant.

Tips on Restaurant Safety

New restaurants must take the necessary steps to ensure restaurant safety. This will avoid placing the restaurant into potentially costly situations and will create an enjoyable atmosphere for all.

Establishments should contact a professional consultant for their best options.

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