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5 Remedies for Tennis Elbow



5 Remedies for Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Playing recreation and professional tennis might lead to elbow overuse, inflammation, pain, and weak grip strength. Although these symptoms may develop over time from continuous use of the elbow, they may worsen when left untreated. You should look for a Houston tennis elbow doctor who can treat the condition and guide you on the proper tennis-playing techniques to avoid future issues. These tennis elbow condition-management tips might improve your health outcome.


Most tennis players may get into the field without stretching; unfortunately, this predisposes them to tennis elbow. The condition develops when the forearm muscles tighten, increasing tension on the cartilages and bony attachment on the elbow joint. A few stretches will loosen the muscles and prepare the joint for strenuous activity in the field.

You may extend the arm forward with the palm, bend the wrist, and point the hand towards the floor. Then bend the wrist gently using the other hand until you feel it stretch. You may hold the hand in the position for a few seconds and release the arm, then repeat the procedure severally. Moreover, you may engage in other exercises which stretch the whole body muscle to improve the tennis-playing performance.

Brace Yourself

Sports injuries are common, and you may anticipate elbow joint injury in the field. Therefore it would be better to wear braces when playing tennis as it reduces the injuries to the elbow. The braces redistribute the elbow pressure, providing relief from tennis elbow diseases. Your doctor should customize elbow braces that provide enough support without exerting too much pressure on your arm.

Get Deep Tissue Massage

Since the tennis elbow causes pain and inflammation, a deep massage would relieve the symptoms. A deep massage may promote the blood flow to the elbow joint, improve the range of motion and promote the removal of toxins. However, you should not get a deep massage on the elbow without directions from your physical therapist. The therapist should inform you if the massage works for the elbow.

Use Topical Creams

Although over-the-counter topical creams work for the elbow; you may opt for prescription anti-inflammatory creams that reduce pain and redness. The topical creams work better for the elbow joint in most instances, and they may not have any side effects.

Avoid Steroid Injections

At first, you would think the cortisone steroid injections work, but the results don’t last. Therefore it may be better to avoid cortisone shots. Repeated injections may damage the tendons directly, and they don’t let your elbow heal properly. The injections block pain reception, and it may be a short-term solution when seeking further treatment. You may undergo X-ray exams if the bones are broken; thus, it is better to see a doctor when in pain.

Tennis elbow might reduce your performance in the field, and you should not overlook the pain as it leads to serious health complications. It is better to use cortisone injections only when blocking the pain as you seek further treatments. You can stretch before playing the tennis game, wear braces, use topical creams, apply heat and cold treatment on the area and get a deep massage. Good luck finding the proper remedy for tennis elbow.



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