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5 Reasons Why You Should Never Delay Car Maintenance



5 Reasons Why You Should Never Delay Car Maintenance

A car is an incredibly complex and intricate piece of machinery. If you’re the owner of a modern car, equipped with an onboard computer and scores of hidden sensors and gadgets, then there are plenty of things that can go wrong.

Stay on top of your maintenance, however, and you’ll minimise the chances of that happening. Nowadays, this is easy to do: you can book an MOT online, and look for a suitable ‘mechanic near me’.

Here, we’ll take a look at five distinct consequences of letting things slide.


Issues which might potentially cause a problem are often identified and remedied during the service, which means that they can’t go on to cause that problem on the road. Consequently, cars which are frequently serviced are less likely to suffer breakdowns, while neglected cars are more likely to suffer them.

Resale value

Private buyers and dealerships will tend to look for a full service and MOT history before they make a purchase. It’s a way of ensuring that the car has been reasonably well cared for. Where this history is found wanting, the price will tend to be driven down. By contrast, cars which are in excellent condition will tend to command an excellent price – and this price often offsets much of the cost of the maintenance itself.

If you think of your car as an investment (or a liability), then you might think of money and time spent on maintenance as a way of protecting that investment (or minimising the losses conferred by that liability).

Fuel economy

Many of the components and systems that are tuned during a service will directly lead to a loss of fuel efficiency. Tyres, brakes, and transmission all play a role in the clean and efficient operation of your vehicle; thus, when they are tuned and maintened, the vehicle as a whole will tend to run more efficiently.


As well as preventing a breakdown, regular maintenance can also help to prevent a collision. Sudden failures of the engine or brakes, even if they are marginal, can cause an accident to occur where one might have been prevented. As well as putting the driver and passengers in harm’s way, this kind of neglect may also jeopardise other road users and pedestrians.

Regular maintenance is therefore the socially responsible thing to do, as well as being sensible from a self-interested perspective.

Longevity and performance

The right maintenance will allow your vehicle to function optimally for longer. You’ll get superior power from your engines, superior grip, and a generally superior driving experience. In the long term, you’ll also save money that you might otherwise have to spend on more expensive replacements and repairs.