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5 Options for Indoor Signage: Helping Visitors Get Around



5 Options for Indoor Signage: Helping Visitors Get Around

Are you looking for a way to help visitors get around your office? Do you wonder what form of indoor signage will help your company? Do you have visitors who overlook key information?

While manual options for indoor business signs have their place, looking for more advanced solutions can help. To help you out, we’re going to walk you through the different types of solutions on the market. This way, you know what to look for.

Do you want to know the best signage option for small businesses? If so, keep reading to learn the answer!

Let’s get into it!

1. Directional Signage

Directional signage is important in helping visitors get around in larger buildings, especially indoors. There are many options for available which are dependent on the needs of the organization which include:

  • Wall mounted
  • Floor mounted
  • Suspended signs

All of these can provide visual information to direct visitors in the right direction. By prominently placing signs, directories, and other helpful information in strategic locations, visitors can be guided from one location to another with ease.

2. Digital Signage

 digital signage, like touchscreen in particular , offers a wealth of top options to help visitors get around. This type of signage can:

  • Display helpful diagrams
  • Vibrant visual
  • Be quickly updated as needed
  • LED signage walls
  • Mobile phone apps

In addition, videos or other printed materials can also be displayed using digital signage software. With this technology, visitors are always kept informed about the latest news, upcoming events, and directions to the desired location.

3. Door Designation Signage

Door designation signage is a top option for achieving this purpose. The signage should include clear and concise instructions for identifying the entrance or exit and any hideaway rooms.

It should also include labels and images that make it easily understandable. Color coding and directional symbols can also help to make it more identifiable to visitors.

Lastly, signage should be kept in the same location so that visitors can easily remember and identify it.

4. Health and Safety Signage

This type of signage provides a wide range of options for indoor signage to ensure that visitors stay safe and always have a clear route to where they need to go.

Additionally, posted signs with relevant safety information, should be found throughout the facility to remind visitors to adhere to safety guidelines. Finally, LED signs provide a high-tech solution to help people know where exits and dangerous areas are located.

5. Legal Signage

Legal signage is a great resource. They can provide options for any environment, offering compliant digital signage solutions as well as physical signage. It also helps visitors understand building regulations and feel secure. This includes:

  • Complaint signs
  • Interior banners
  • Dimensional signage

By having clear and up-to-date signs, people are more likely to easily find a way around. You may visit this signage company homepage for detailed information.

A Guide to Indoor Signage for Your Business Needs

Indoor signage is a great way to help visitors get around, as it is cost-effective and beneficial for businesses. Options such as wayfinding signs, informational signs, and banners can all be used to provide direction and information for visitors.

Try out indoor signage options today and see how they can help increase customer satisfaction and engagement!

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